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Child Protective Services False Allegations

Madame Vigee-Lebrun and Her Daughter, Jeanne-Lucie-Louise (1780-1819) 1789 - by Elisabeth Louise Vigee-LeBrun.
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Madame Vigee-Lebrun and Her Daughter, Jeanne-Lucie-Louise (1780-1819) 1789 - by Elisabeth Louise Vigee-LeBrun.

Why I Started the FightCPS Website

Every day in the USA families face false accusations of child abuse. Children are frequently unjustly ripped from their families and placed in foster homes.

These families suffer extreme trauma and depression in their attempts to be together again.

FightCPS is a family rights website that seeks to assist parents and others who are falsely accused of child abuse and neglect.


Image: Madame Vigee-Lebrun and Her Daughter, Available from AllPosters.Com

Why I Help Victims of False Child Abuse Allegations

Many people have asked why I would try to help people whose children were taken away from them by Child Protective Services. Here are a few of my reasons:

  1. Many accusations of abuse or neglect are false. False accusations can come from anonymous callers, doctors, nurses, neighbors, school teachers, or even the social workers themselves. People who are falsely accused and have their children taken are devastated, and need legal information and social support. Fight CPS helps with both those needs.
  2. A large percentage of the young parents falsely accused of child abuse or neglect are impoverished, and must rely on court appointed attorneys for representation in juvenile court settings. These court appointed attorneys are notorious for doing almost nothing to help their CPS clients. They seem like they're there to guide people through the court process, but don't provide any type of aggressive defense. So my site, Fight CPS, fills in the gap by showing people how to provide their own evidence and legal paperwork.
  3. When parents are sent to juvenile court they are denied constitutional rights such as the right to a jury trial, the right to a public trial, and the right to be confronted by their accusers. Yet they stand to lose their children, one of the saddest and most heartrending losses known to humankind. This lack of constitutional safeguards leaves child detention hearings open to gross injustices, the like of which few people believe could happen in America - unless they've been through it.
  4. Federal statistics show that children in foster homes are about ten times more likely to be abused sexually, physically, emotionally, and mentally than children in their natural family homes. They are even more likely to be killed. A recent study concluded that foster children are more likely to have teen pregnancies and to become juvenile delinquents. The study said that children are better off when left with their natural families, even if those families have severe problems.
  5. Social work should be a process of helping families resolve and recover from problems, not a process of tearing families apart forever and traumatizing children for life. This imbalance in the social work profession has been caused by federal legislation that gives financial incentives in the form of federal funding and social security reimbursements when children are torn from their homes and placed in foster homes.

Children are Abused in Foster Homes - Many Children Have Died While in the Custody of the Child Welfare System.

Children are Dying in Foster Homes
Children are Dying in Foster Homes

Children Killed Under the "Care" of Child "Protective" Services

Activism to Help Victims of False Allegations

Child protective services (CPS) often accuses people erroneously, or takes children for trivial reasons.

This page clarifies family rights issues and explains why I choose to help families who have been torn apart by CPS, something that's happening far too often these days.

CPS false accusations are a travesty of justice, one I cannot silently ignore because I've felt the sting of false accusations made by a CPS caseworker, and resolved to try to prevent this injustice from continuing.

I haven't been able to stop it, but I have helped many families to fight the CPS injustice system and get their children back.

Sir Edmund Burke, a British statesman, said, "Evil flourishes when good men do nothing."

I believe that if everyone would choose a social issue, this one or another, and devote their lives to it, many wrongs of this world could be made right again. I have devoted myself to the cause of helping to reunite families attacked by CPS false accusations.

If you've been targeted by a Child Protective Services agent, the best thing you can do is get a good lawyer.

Next, a positive step forward is to read my site, FightCPS, and others like it.

Learn as much as you can so you can help defend yourself and help your lawyer plan an effective defense.

Collection of documentary evidence in your favor is crucial.

You can find information that may help you develop a strategy for fighting your CPS case.

Where to start?

The most important pages on the FightCPS website

This article is a quick guide to the most important pages on the FightCPS website. Read this first.

Psychotropic Drugs are Given to Foster Children

Foster children are often forced to take multiple psychotropic drugs. Foster and adoptive parents get extra "special needs" money for damaged kids, so they rush to take children to doctors known for their willingness to prescribe medications regardless of whether the child actually needs them.

This is well-documented.

Many people are aware of this now, and it is a tragic practice that could affect a foster child's brain and nervous system for life. Some children have died because of it.

They are forcing foster children onto psychotropic medications after they're traumatized by being forced to leave their families.

Read more about it here: Drugging Foster Children, where you'll find multiple tragic case histories including the testimony of former foster children.

CPS Approves the Drugging of Foster Children - Here's the Proof

Grandparents Never Forget Children Lost to the System

Remember Cynthia Rose
See all 3 photos
Remember Cynthia Rose

The FightCPS Website

The FightCPS website provides support and information to families falsely accused of child abuse or neglect.
See all 3 photos
The FightCPS website provides support and information to families falsely accused of child abuse or neglect.
Source: FightCPS

History and Philosophy of Fight CPS

My fight against the injustices of the child welfare system has been ongoing since 1989 when my fourth child, a newborn infant, was taken from the hospital by a social worker because her father had battered me when I was pregnant. I found out first-hand what it felt like to show up at court to find a social worker's court report full of slander and lies.

In 1990 I started writing articles about CPS cases. Numerous parents came to me asking for my help in publicizing the cruelty and injustices they were enduring, including direct lies by social workers in court reports. My articles were published in The Enterprise News, a weekly newspaper in Central California owned by a kind Libertarian, Richard Palmquist, who also owned a Christian radio station. I also made a few public appearances including a call-in talk show on that radio station and a televised talk show in Fresno, California.

Next I got involved in exposing CPS using the FidoNet BBS network from 1991 through 1997. I was not as active in meeting people with open CPS cases at that time because I was busy raising my own children.

The Fight CPS website has been online since October 2000. I started it a month after starting the Child Protection Reform Yahoo Group - which I've since passed on to other owners so that I can spend more time improving Fight CPS.

I started Fight CPS because at the time, there weren't many sites on the internet that informed people about the topic of family rights. And some of the sites that already existed didn't seem to fulfill the needs of the people. For example, one large site had lots of good information, but forbade anyone from mentioning any other sites that might help. I felt this was too controlling - that the flow of information had to be free so that people could learn more from each other.

Therefore one of my main goals with Fight CPS, at the beginning, was to collect links to information, to encourage others to start sites, and to link to their sites, and promote them. To this day Fight CPS allows all family rights sites to be linked on the site.

The front page of Fight CPS is now a WordPress blog. It started out with no blog at all, on Geocities in 2000. It moved to its own domain name in 2002. In 2004 I put a Blogger.Com blog on the front page of the site. In 2007 I changed it to a WordPress blog for better search engine optimization.

The Fight CPS Message Forum support and legal information.

Families involved in CPS cases are welcome to participate in the Fight CPS Message Forum where there are other parents and grandparents who have been through the system and who want to help and counsel others.

The Fight CPS Message Forum is frequented by helpful advocates. When you register at the forum, there's a short wait until the forum administrator activates your account. The forum is closed to non-registered viewers and is not listed in Google search results, for the privacy of the participants.

We have an official FightCPS Facebook Group that gets lots of traffic and helps lots of people. This is a great place to find support from other parents.

Any Questions?

Questions about the goals and history of Fight CPS are welcome. Also, if you're going through a Child Protective Services case, you're welcome to tell us about it.

 Last updated on September 9, 2014

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Linda BookLady profile image

Linda BookLady 3 days ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA Hub Author

Good work, Mr. Booker... please keep fighting the injustice. We can't let this continue. Of course my best help ever comes from Jesus. I keep telling people we need someone with more clout and God is the most powerful ally we can appeal to. Nevertheless, please continue to do whatever you can to get legislators on board. Thanks!!

Mr. Booker 3 days ago

Goggle Adonis Booker. I've got a congressmen office involved

Linda BookLady profile image

Linda BookLady 7 days ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA Hub Author

I think it is right to let a teenager go when he or she wants to make false accusations that would hurt younger siblings. There's nothing worse than living with someone who doesn't like you or doesn't want to be there! You did the right thing... even with all that transpired afterwards, you heart was in the right place.

Back in 1990 I was writing newspaper articles to try to expose CPS injustices! How times have changed since then...

BarbRad profile image

BarbRad 7 days ago from Templeton, CA Level 3 Commenter

God bless you Linda, for taking up this cause. When we were falsely accused by our daughter, we were fortunate enough to hire a highly recommended lawyer, Jerry Crow, who helped us keep Jason. He could also have gotten Sarah back, but we let her go back into the system without a fight as long as we could keep Jason. The lawyer said if we brought her home she would probably just run again.

I wish there had been a resource like your website around for us back in 1990, but we didn't even have the Internet back then. I'm glad today's victims have this help.

Linda BookLady profile image

Linda BookLady 8 days ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA Hub Author

Here in the USA your case depends more on your worker's supervisor, who is really the person calling the shots. I don't know if that would apply in Canada as well.

Fuzz 8 days ago

Thank you for posting your stories and fighting for the truth. As for the person who commented that Ontario CAS does good, I ask others to look for the truth and not listen to such a load.. Cas rarely helps families, especially in Ontario. Recently there was an ombudsman appointed to be responsible for actions of the CAS, and this came only after petitions and outcries, so I believe that rather than blowig smoke, people should be looking for the truth, because it is out there amidst all this nonsense.. Cash works just like welfare does, your case depends on your worker, not so much based on the system in place as it should be..

Linda BookLady profile image

Linda BookLady 8 days ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA Hub Author

What you can do to help end the child welfare system injustices: pray.

I suggest that because nobody has been able to make a dent in their power.

We need divine help. We need a Higher Authority to end the torment of families. Someone with more power than they have.

rena-camargo 13 days ago

i am mother of nine children that cps manage to put them all in there care and wont let me have any information . im tire , so tired im driving my heart stressfully , what can i do to change this dawm system

daddio101 4 weeks ago

Hello. I have a bit of a dilemma. I was married to my now ex wife for 17 years. She began to cheat on me and I tried to stop her but she just wouldn't. So we divorced and I kept all 3 of our kids who are now 22, 18 and 12. The 22 year old was her daughter not mine but she wanted to stay with me. Long story short. I had became very close with the 22 year old because she was a trouble maker and extremely rebellious. So being her best friend was what I found out could keep her somewhat contained. My ex moved almost 800 miles away and barely communicates with the kids or me on anything. I decided I was getting lonely and wanted to start to date. This began to inferiorate the 22 year old because she was now the woman of the home. She tried to break me and my girl friend up several times. She ended up getting pregnant and having my grand baby. Things seamed to iron out a little bit untill I announced I was getting married. The 22 year old got very angry and went against everything we have taught her and moved out with her now lesbian lover. We had problems with it but I decided keeping my now best friend as a friend would be better to guide her than become her enemy. But I was blocked at every angle by the new lesbian girlfriend. After months of attempts I was threatened by the girlfriend that if I didnt leave them alone and leave there child alone she would call the police and have me arrested for raping my daughter since she was 14.

I backed down because that is some serious threats, but had lunch a few times and breakfast once with her and my grand baby. The girl friend found out and after that, I haven't heard anything since from my daughter, its been 6 months. Then CPS shows up at my door with the allegations and they took 60 days but did there investigation and after it they found no reason to proceeded. The agent told us that it was my ex who called them and made the complaint. She then told us that she had talked to the 22 year old "victim" and she stated to cps that it happened but wasnt going to press any charges because she dont want to deal with it. Duhh, she knows she cant lie in front of the court. So cps says they have to call my ex to inform her that they are dismissing the case and they do just that. My ex tells cps that she isnt backing down she wants me hung and she will get her kids back.

Through the course of all this we find out that my ex called right when she got her 2 week visitation in her home state. We believe it was specifically done then so I would be arrested and convicted and she would never have to return the kids to me. It was stated to my 18 year old when she asked why would the 22 year old say this and do this and the statement was " because he got married and she has no use for him"

So I have hired a very expensive criminal defense lawyer as insurance just in case this goes any further. My understanding and belief is the 22 year old is over it, dont want to file charges and have to be accountable for her actions. But my ex does without a doubt.

So my question is does anyone have any experience in this or advice for me. This has devastated my family and taken so much away from the kids because of the stress, fear and financial burden. If my ex keeps pressing the issue what can I do. I guess also can my ex who lives 800 miles away and dont have a job or a way to come to my state do anything or am I just living in fear?

Thank you

laurateames 6 weeks ago

Hi, my name is Laura. In 2011, my ex-husband came in my home, pulled two guns on me and said he was going to kill me and then himself. I had my 14 year old daughter in the house along with friends which he pulled a gun on them as well. I was shot twice and had to retrieve my own weapon in order to live. about 30 cops witnessed this as they would not come in and continued breaking my windows to get a shot at him before I got my weapon. I divorced my ex in 2000 and 11 years later he did this out of the blue. He had never been violent and I did not fear him. While in the hospital having sugery, CPS went and took MY kids out of school, in front of their peers after surviving this traumatic event and begin to question them. Never in the past was CPS ever called or any issues of violence. They harassed me the whole time for months as they found no evidence of wrong doing of me, yet would not close out the case. 8 months later, the CPS worker told me they were closing the case , yet told me I would be attending abuse classes for 8 weeks which put me in shock!!!! This guy came in my home, shot me, attacked my friends and child and tried to kill me and now CPS treats me like the criminal??? I told her " She would need a court order to get me into those classes" and I began to contact the attorneys in my family for help. Cps ended up not getting a court order, yet I later received a paper stating my ex was guilty and I was "in question" of endangerment, etc. I couldnt believe it! The city police dept was also in shock along with the D.A. SInce then, I have signed up with legal shield, began to speak to government officials on "Stand your ground" issues, etc. I have began speaking and informing all I can on the evils of CPS. They had victimize me no different than the criminal that shot me! I am an Occupational Therapist, two B. S. degrees, I come from a social and well known family here, a good family which I never was exposed to any abuse until that of Ruben Teames, my ex invaded my home and almost killed me. The experience has made me start to write books along with articles hoping to inform the public of not only CPS , but the government themselves and our rights that are being taken away more and more each day.

devotedmommy 7 weeks ago

My family was a victim of the cruelties of Cps in 2013. We live in Kansas City, Missouri. I was 24 at the time. My ex husband did not like the fact that my children loved my boyfriend more than him. My boyfriend had moved in with my two children and I. My son was 4 yrs. My daughter was 2 yrs. They loved him and he treated them like his own. He's the one for me and we wish to be married. But my biggest mistake Was allowing him to spank my children. Words can not express how much regret I have for that one single decision. I no longer use corporal punishment anymore because I do not believe it's beneficial and even when I did it was never extreme or in anger, just a quick smack on the bum but no longer do that even as I am scared to death of CPS being involved in my life again. We used time outs 75% of the time. My ex husband called CPS with allegations my boyfriend was physically abusing my children.( I know the in formant is "confidential" but I KNOW he made the call). He said there were bruises on their bodies. Yes there were bruises...on their legs, elbows, and some others that were from them being kids and playing outside. We were outside a lot as a family and we are outdoor enthusiasts. He also claimed I was a drug abuser, which when I met my ex husband he and I both smoked marijuana together. I do not believe smoking marijuana makes you a bad parent, I have severe anxiety issues due to my ex and family past and I do use it and I see it as medicine. I do not abuse any other drugs. I try and live a healthy lifestyle. The only reason I knew he told them that about the drugs was because I requested a copy of all the paperwork regarding the case once the case closed. They never drug tested me, I assume because at the home visit my house was clean, food stocked fridge, a normal family home. We were watching Mickey Mouse together when the worker arrived. I received a call from a social worker, very nice in the beginning but she was a wolf in sheep's clothing., but I had no idea why I was under suspicions of child abuse. She wanted a home visit so I complied like I said previously, nice clean home, goos environment for kids. I had nothing to hide. My kids were happy, taken care of, talkative, I answered all their questions. She left, I was assured my children seemed healthy happy and I was in no danger of an investigation. Two days later same worker called and told me that I had to give them to their father immediately for my children's "safety". Give my angels to an emotional abuser with anger problems who is not good for my children and who my son has hated since birth and had a very hard time having a relationship with. My ex has threatened to kill me, stalked me, brought a gun to my home after a threat and to this day I have a restraining order against him and had one at the time. I complied, trying to do the right thing. THIS WAS MY NEXT MISTAKE. DO NOT ALLOW CPS INTO YOUR HOME. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY INFO, DO NOT GIVE YOUR CHILDREN TO THEM BECAUSE YOU ARE TRYING TO DO WHAT CPS IS TELLING YOU IT WILL HELP THE PROCESS PASS OVER QUICKER. They will use anything you say to them and twist it to what they want it to mean. I was threatened with law enforcement involvement so again, I complied. IF CPS CONTACTS YOU, CONTACT A GOOD ATTORNEY IMMEDIATELY. I mean IMMEDIATELY. I contacted one after my children were put in their fathers care. Once they were removed I had no physical contact with them for two months, I was not allowed to even have a supervised visit on my daughter's 3rd birthday. It was cruel and torturous. I called my children religiously every day to speak to them and assure them that mommy will be back with them. Eventually after a month of being in my ex husband's care my children started saying things such as "I hate you, I don't like you anymore". Before that started all they would ask me was when they could come home, how much they missed me, they were tired of staying with daddy, etc. We had never used negative words like hate in our home, their father had manipulated them to say and feel this way towards me. My children were also young and didn't understand the situation. I don't even understand why I was under investigation when the allegations were made against my boyfriend. After two LONG absolutely torturous months they were back in my care but under the condition my boyfriend move out of the home and he have no contact. I cried all day, every night my babies were gone, developed severe depression, anxiety sky rocketed. My BF saved my sanity through that time, it was the worst experience of my life and those feelings will never be erased from my heart. At the end of the investigation it was concluded that no abuse Occurred BUT they filed a POE against my Bf (preponderance of evidence. Basically meaning they believed he abused them but couldn't prove it. My son has severe anxiety and ptsd from being ripped from a loving and doting mother. He has also since been diagnosed also with autism. His behavior, once I received my children back worsened which is why I sought medical help for him. CPS TOOK MY HIGH FUNCTIONING AUTISTIC SON AWAY FROM THE ONLY PERSON PROTECTING HIS RIGHTS AND SHIELDING HIM FROM HARMFUL EMOTIONAL ABUSE! I understand there are parents out there with worse circumstances than mine was and my heart goes out to you. Fight them, document everything, if you cannot afford an attorney then you must do everything in your power to be your own and that means doing hours of research, it's a lot of work . BUT IT IS FOR YOUR CHILDREN, the single most important thing in your life. Do what it takes, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Make sure you have people supporting you through it. To the woman who made this website....thank you. You are fighting against a corrupt system and doing a wonderful thing. Please never stop. The pain of having your family ripped apart is literally unbearable. You inspired me to share my story online for the first time with others. (this was only the shortened version believe it or not). Stay strong parents, and get those wonderful children who you love and are your life back to you!

dougeg 7 weeks ago

hi i wanted to be a parent or a new daddy but i as a child had alot of child history with my parents abuse so on but then when i got older i moved out on my own and i lived with some freinds at the time they where good people but i did not know the family had a lot of records for child abuse what i am asking is i am a new father i want to have kids but will i be flag in someway because i live in some bad homes with bad people i dont want to have a kid then find out we have to get it taken away probly kill some people so is there a way of finding out if i am clear i am from calgary ab canada

26busterkyle 8 weeks ago

both myself and my partner now feel its time to fight back against the cps, my 2 young boys are aged 8, and 9, both have been placed on child protection for allegations of child abuse, not sexualy, but physically, there is no evidence from doctor's, hospitals, school, reports to back this up. it started with playground chit chat between pupils at school lunch brake. when a teacher overheard the wrong conversation, and thought that the boy's may be being abused. no evidence of this either, it seem's that as i grew up in a care home, that we are being targeted because of my past, they strongly do accept this to be untrue, although i beg to differ. i have had confrontations with them in my own home, and told them to leave, and not to come to my address any moor. the fight will continue, and will keep you all up dated to help others with the stress, emotional abuse, that the cps can case to your family.

kimora21 8 weeks ago

CPS has done great work. Some people on this message board honestly should not have the right to have complete care of children, are you serious...your on drugs but you want a child, your homeless, but you still want your child??? children cost money they need love and affection and FOOD. Some mistakes have been made by the CPS but its not them that needs evaluation you need to fight against the foster homes and the places they go to so they can take better care of them when they are "ripped" away from there families. You want your children?? sober up and make sure no harm comes there way smh

Echo Phoenix profile image

Echo Phoenix 2 months ago

A very worthy fight & cause... I have been following the devastating plight of the Lakota people who are especially targeted for unwarranted "neglect" as they continuously rip these poor little Native children from their homes, families and culture. There must be a way to stop this assault on the Lakota tribe, perhaps as simple as an after school program to keep watch over them while their parents finish their work days. It is so heartbreaking what is being done to our children.

4smiles 2 months ago

My baby was 2 months old when I reported that my husband had brought her home to me bruised from there visit together while seperated. I had waited 5 days to notify them till I had a restraining order on him keeping him away from me and my baby . I was scared to notify them right away because I thought they would think it was me so I took pictures of my baby's bruises and waited 5 days till I had a restrain in order . He was a marine and I had a past .I thought no matter what I said they would think it was me and I was so scared of him but I knew I had to report it.

I trusted them and my family and I did all the right things and said the right things . I was the only one taking care of her I had my own place and kept my place clean I was trying to keep my head up and take care of my baby and do everything they say . One day they asked me to go to the doctor look her over and I did . The doctor had picked her up and patted her back a little bit to hard and my baby was screaming a terrible torturous scream I was so upset of how she patted her back and seeing her cry like that it made me so sad and scared for her I told her to give her to me right then .

She reported that I was unstable suffering from postpartum depression and that I should not have her with me.

I was married to my babys dad for three years while I suffered from abuse and got pregnant and then was left 1 month after I had her but I was on anti depression medication.

Anyone would be sad but I was not a danger to my child .

14 months ago my 2 month old baby girl was taking from me and never given back . She was put up for adoption and now calls my stepmother mommy and my dad daddy

I am happy she is with family no matter what . I spend every day and night feeling a way I can not explain I miss my baby's touch and her smell and her smile.

I am now 6 weeks 3 days pregnant with twins alone and I want so baby to keep them and raise them and I am so afraid of what could happen if I don't decide to hide my pregnancy.

RobertConnorIII profile image

RobertConnorIII 2 months ago from Michigan

This lens brings out the bad side of CPS workers being human and making the wrong decisions. Being a parent this job would be hard for me.

lilman2012 2 months ago

i used to be on drugs and cps took my kids they didnt try to help me get help just gave me a packet and said thats what i had to do my baby was born addicted my brother reported me to cps when i went to have my baby at the hospital . my own mother showed me how to use drugs me my mom n my stepdad did drugs together .my brother told me he was moving to dallas to better his self his girlfriend and her family lives here in dallas so her mom let us stay in her house she had for rent . little did i know i was gonna become more addicted to the drug world. my brother knew the drug of my choice so he decides to start selling the drug and of course sell to me .... what a disgrace instead of helping me he made me worse ... well i got pregnant and smoked my whole pregnacy i then got my own place alot took place im cutting it short my baby boy who born addicted til this day doesnt know who i am all 5 of my kids were taken from me. when they terminated my rights i lost it i got more hooked in and out of jail .i was stabbed i was pistol whooped . they did a home invasion on me i almost died that day. there was this much older man who i was seeing but to me it was only to support my habit . i didnt know he caught feelings for me. cutting it short after my home invasion he moved me out of there and moved me to arlington to his apartment he kept telling me to clean up my act he started going to get on my nerves always in my face trying to tell me stop using drugs you are too pretty you need to fight for your kids . well i started to go to church with him and finally i just said enough was enough my body was tired i was tired i quit cold turkey from one day to the next i was done i have been clean since 2010 have not relapsed at all the taste is gone from my mouth . im glad to say the man up above helped me he redeemed me he gave me a second chance in life he has also blessed me with 2 beautiful kids my daughter who is 3 and my baby boy who will turn 2 in dec. since then my oldest daughter came home when she was 16 . then my 13 yr old got a hold of me on fb and told me about the abuse he was going thru with his dad its a shame cps placed him with his father who served 3 yrs in prison for almost killing me he has over 30 cases of domestic violence with all the females hes been involved with . and still cps sent my son to sanantonio to his abusive father well put it this way his dad went to jail my son sitting in an empty parking lot i paid for a ticket for him to come to dallas my sister in law picked him up and took him to the bus station n i waited for him here in dallas i had to put myself on cps to fight for him his father gave up his rights to me because he knew i had a lawyer and he was going to prison for physically and mentally abusing our son . then my 16 yr old son came home left cps care and came back home now my other 3 have been adopted since then the adopted mother has gave me visits with them but she cut me off because my kids were telling her if they can stay with me they were crying wanting to come back home. oh and the older man who helped me out stuck with me and we got married feb11 ,2014 yessss we got married lol hes the father of my 2 youngest babies.......we have a 3 bedroom house own 2 cars all to the man up above but theres 3 people missing which are my babies .... my rights were terminated with all 5 of my kids but i got custody of my 13 yr old there has to be a way for me to get my 3 kids back they are 13,12,5 someone please give me some advise..................

auntsony7 2 months ago

I was extremely happy when I stumbled on this site doing more investigating. We had a "friend" of 13 years, 2 children for the weekend soxshe could "visit family" we were told, as we have done numerous times, since we first meet them when moved to our town. After a week and no answer or call from her and the principal asking why they were still staying with there aunt and uncle and when mom would be home. The principle who also has been very familiar with the kids and mom through CPS over the years, contacted them to inform with me again and no contact in 2 1\2 weeks at that point. We again went through the all to familiar routine along with the kids aunt. After a few months and back into routine there mother popped back in state and was incarcerated, CPS began termination of rights and we process of kinship foster and adoption. Enough was enough, while gone we had found again she had stolen from our home, her brother and others homes, to support her meth addiction. We were not leaving kids and CPS seemed to actually finally understand we are family and all they have. After a few months in jail mom was released. Kids both were scared as were we of what she would try. 2 days later, I receive a call CPS and several officers are at our house. When I arrived it was like pulling up to a horror film, the kids, my 1 yr old and my nephew were scared and lost then told taken next door when I got there. Was told they knew we had drugs in the house and where they would be. I told them to search house we gave nothing to hide. After 2 hours they found a back pack in my basement. Our foster girl when the kids were all asked if ever seen bag immediately began sobbing it was her moms and she was told to put it there the day before while we were at work. Officer said follow upon that, and CPS lady took bag out with cop to cawr, cane back in said all kids were being taken and we coiukd call family to get ours but not the foster kids they would be placed in new home. After 14 long days our kids cane home and CPS still this day 8 months ago can not tell me who cane to get the from our home that night and have not once followed up with us at all on anything involving drugs.

In the e past 8 months we finally after 6 months of me and there aunt non stop calling and protesting we were approved for supervised visits, there mom has left state again on warrents and probation transfer. We found out our foster girl is 2 months pregnant. After I argued and demanded she be out on it knowing her past, when they were taken the other foster mother took her off the, for no reason. We are facing felony charges for her drugs in many house even after she testified was her CPS has stated. Nothing has been done to her, we can not get a straight answer on anything about kids, visits have been canceled last minute, communication through the girls cell I bought her has been taken away by foster mom,. Case worker has quit answering mine or aunts call or text, will not be available when we try to catch at office. The kids have been sending messages through mutal people. We are and will continue to fight to bring them home again!

CPS sat with us when me and my husband promised kids and told case workers that no matter wh mlat we have been and always will be family, will take more than red tape and whatever else they through at us to keep us from them. The case worker told them as we were pulling them off of us to get in car they would be home when other kids cane home be a week to investigate and be back she was so convincing to them, CPS has continuef to lie to them about our visits, when could see us or aunt.

We go talk to new lawyer and yes sounds more promising to be able to help us to show CPS everything we have documented they have not complied with along with all the bogus allegations.



A bogus felony charge because of there mothes actions, is the new factor they say they can't come home.... Keep trying to find things , because we will walk right through that to get our family back again.

Linda BookLady profile image

Linda BookLady 2 months ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA Hub Author

@heart4truth: I don't do case reviews; I'm not a lawyer and don't have clients. If you want feedback on your case, visit our message board: ...

heart4truth 2 months ago

@annestroh: Hello,

I'm thankful to find someone like you. My case has gone south and I do need a review.. Where are you located?

heart4truth 2 months ago

@annestroh: Hello annestroh,

I'm coming to the end of my case. And I don't have much time. I may cruelly need your help as my Atterney was talking to me about having my case reviewed my an out side social worker. As there has been many false allegations and word twisting to make me look unfit after I was the one that went to them for help to protect me and my daughter from DV had sexual abuse.. Now they are trying to make me say it never happened and place my daughter with her abuser her father. It's been a nightmare. I hope you can help. Thank you

14145202 2 months ago

During the  months that we had to deal with Child Protective Services, my son ran away from his placement twice; the agency fraudulently obtained funds from Social Security from my sons account; my daughter felt she was being pressured to tell the GAL "what she wanted to hear", essentially lying; neither of my children were allowed to speak with the judge in our case despite repeated requests; my niece and nephew were given drugs not rated for children their age; and my husband and I were considered "guilty" despite having the department non-suit our case and return my children, despite having no charges filed; my son's social worker actually told authorities at the juvenile facility she wanted him kept longer, rather than actively working to get him released.

In no way do I support the Department of child and Family Services. Their practices are inefficient and wasteful - No criminal charges could be filed. If they spent as much as I did fighting the accusations, then it was about $12,000 down the drain, plus the cost of services required by both myself and my children, and the cost of their housing during that time. We complained but were directed to a department of the agency them selves, who of course upheld their own finding. 

To this day, my children (now 19 and 21) display symptoms of PTSD from the time spent in the states care (and in my son's case, on the street and in a juvenile facility). 

children are up to 11 times more likely to be abused and/or molested while in foster care than with their own families. And the agency put my children in that environment. My niece and nephew went to a woman who put them back in the hands of their biological mother who lost them to the state in the first place. 

Abolish the agency in it's current incarnation. If the charge cannot be substantiated in a criminal court, DCF has no place in the families life without their request. The only thing that should be presented are voluntary services for making life easier for the family - yes counseling, but also parenting classes and so forth. The theme song should be "in the best interest of the family" as children will always do better when at home with their family

if this sunset committee would like Evidence of wrong doing , we have recordings of their lies and decent in both interview clients and black mailing people, we have tapes of their so called appeals process which is a sham and false in there so called produce of evidence,  we have records of  their drugging of children under the age of six till they convulse and their sexual abuse while in care. if you want any of these records please contact ME 

Anne -

jackie-masson3 2 months ago

my daughter is going through a voluntary care agreement with cps right now she left her daughter my grandaughterthats twenty months old in my care .For three weeks i didnt hear from any worker as to what was going on finally my dauyghter came to my house to have a family meeting to let me know what was going to happen . the worker told me that she was going to do a in family care agreement with me but had to do a criminal record check on every one over the age of nineteen i have a boyfriend that does not live with me but is in my life there was a red flag on his criminal record check and the worker emmediatly removed my grandaughter from my home she kept reasurreing me that it wasnt because of my check but because of my boyfriends .she didnt even give us a chance to explain the circumstances to the allegationshe removed my grand daughter its been over a week she hasnt contacted me as to where she placed my grandaughter i have called her many times and left messages still waiting for her responsei would like to know is there anyway i can fight her desition i have been involved in my grandaughters life since she was borne and am wanting her in my care while my daughter does her work to get her back with her what should i do

Linda BookLady profile image

Linda BookLady 2 months ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA Hub Author

@amandapotter: Amanda, you need an attorney; I am not an attorney and not allowed to have clients. If the kids are with their mother and social workers know what's going on, please stop worrying about the kids. The mother has a right to be a mother to her children. Why don't you work, instead, on finding ways to get along good with the mom so you can be part of the lives of your grandchildren?

Linda BookLady profile image

Linda BookLady 2 months ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA Hub Author

@dcortes77: That's the kind of question you should be asking a lawyer. I don't know if it will affect you. I don't know your judges or your state law. I hope you can get some kind of written verification regarding why you are being denied the police report.

amandapotter 2 months ago

I had my grandson and my step granddaughter in my care bye social work as there mum gave them up voulantraly and she had weekend visits and then on her 4 visit she did not return them so I phoned standby social work and they phoned me back and told me that the kids were to stay in there mothers care and I have tried everything in my power for answer and I keep phoning social work and keep getting told someone will call me back and I have had nothing I am concerned about my grandchildren and getting worried because I don't know if they are on ok could you please could u help me??

dcortes77 2 months ago

I was so happy to find this site. I separated from my ex-husband about eight months ago and we got joint custody which I now regret. About 2-3 months ago he had my permission to take my son for an extra day (wish i hadn't done that) he never showed with my son when i called the cops in turned out he beat me to it. He was trying to accuse me of child abuse against my 4 year old son. The police after several hours quickly realized it was a false report because he changed his story several times.

I now want primary custody due to several other situations and tried getting the police report at the Police Station. It turns out i can not get a copy due to the fact that it was turned into CPS. I was not aware at all about this. I was wondering if anyone could help. Could this affect me in any way if I try to get primary custody of my son??

nicci-griffitts 3 months ago

@annestroh: Hi I could really use some MAJOR help before cps takes ny other 3 kids for good they already got me to sign my oldest away. I need help. Plz

jen09 writes profile image

jen09 writes 3 months ago Level 3 Commenter

I was so excited when I saw you here on Squidoo! I found your site several months ago when I was looking for ways to protect myself from CPS. They have not been called yet, but in my area they are showing up at neighbor's doors almost daily it seems. I really started looking for ways to protect myself and my family as a result of something my friend went through. I'll post a short version here for others to see how wrong CPS allegations can be:

My friend ("Alice" for this site's sake) left her 3 year old ("Erica") and 14 month old ("Angel") with two trusted friends for ten minutes so she could run to the convenience store to buy milk. When Alice returned her friends told her that they had gotten a little rough with the baby right after Alice left and the baby had cried for a couple minutes but then seemed fine. Alice thought nothing of it and went about her day. She went to work and dropped the kids off at Grandma's house. Alice picked them up, took them home, put them to bed. The next morning, the baby's leg was swollen and so Alice took Angel to the ER. The baby's leg was broken and so CPS was called and both Alice and Grandma were allowed no contact with either child for almost 2 years. They also both faced criminal charges of neglect for not taking the baby to the hospital (although she appeared totally fine, walking, running, playing, laughing, etc).

taraloveslillys 3 months ago

@RozlynSmith: My attorney told me not to be scared. That they might try funny stuff like that or bring up my criminal record. Dont let them scare you because they are there to handle whats IN THE BEST INTEREST OF THE CHILDREN. Make them stick to the best interest of the kids not of themselves.

taraloveslillys 3 months ago

@annestroh: I need advice please! CPS told me they were taking my daughter into protective custody because I was going to jail. Not only did I not go to jail but I was never and am not being charged with anything. My home was raided by federal agents and and the swat team and everything in it literally thrown around and I bet you could guess that My house was not given the same appearance it had before my home was invaded. It looked as if a tornado ran through it immediately followed by cps.f I wet my pants because an agent wouldn't let me use the bathroom right away. (They scared me so much I had never been raided before) My husband was arrested. He is step-dad. Also, I provided a UA in which they had me pee in a plastic hat. It was clean of course. I did not sign anything the day they took her and at the shelter care hearing I requested placement back with me. Denied. I've been depressed since the day they took her and I feel My rights have been violated. Most importantly my daughter was already in counseling because I had a three year cps case that was previously closed just exactly two months earlier. My daughter has already been through so much and throughout all of this she has had no voice or choice. This is traumatizing her is such a bad way. I feel cps is fighting against me because in the three years i was involved before I was assigned four different cps workers. This time its been 8 months and I'm already assigned my fifth one. I just dont know how or where to start but I know that I need to do something soon. I appreciate any advice. Thank You

Linda BookLady profile image

Linda BookLady 3 months ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA Hub Author

@brandon-weig: Brandon, yes, they can coerce people to do things like separate from loved ones, by threatening to take their children. And yes, they probably will follow through on the threat if there's a reconciliation.

brandon-weig 3 months ago

@annestroh: I have a question my girls daughter was sexually abused and they did a rape kid abd no dna came back I have ni criminal record with anything that has to do with childern. They decided that they wanna think its me but there aint anything proof and there telling my girl that if she continues to talk to me that there taking our unborn child and she wont get her other two kids back. Can they do that. There Iis no restraining orders either.

Linda BookLady profile image

Linda BookLady 3 months ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA Hub Author

@moverm: Moverm, I don't like to give out my email address for two reasons. First, because I'm not legally allowed to help people individually or give advice on a case-by-case basis. Second - because I get way too much email and can't handle it all. So I put everything I know on the FightCPS site: ... and there's a message board there for people who want to discuss their situations with other parents who have experienced the child welfare system. A lot of parents also get help through our Facebook group.... but keep in mind, none of us are lawyers, and a good lawyer in your home area is still considered the best source of information and assistance.

Linda BookLady profile image

Linda BookLady 3 months ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA Hub Author

@nikkitucker23: I created my website to help people learn to help themselves during a CPS case. I'm not allowed to help people individually as I'm not a lawyer.

moverm 3 months ago

@annestroh: I could use your advice. Do you have an email or do I have to put info here? And I thank you for doing the right thing at personal cost (loss of job) to you.

nikkitucker23 3 months ago

Hello, my name is Stephanie Nicole(Nikki) Tucker. My son Daniel MoonWolf Oekawa(Tucker as DCFS calls him) was taken from me at birth by DCFS under false allegations made against me based only on the fact that i was homeless at the time of his birth and had a dog that no one wanted the whole time while i was pregnant. These false allegations state as follows:

"The child, Daniel Tucker's mother, Stephanie Tucker, has mental and emotional problems, including incoherence and confusion, which render the mother incapable of providing regular care for the child. The mother failed to obtain necessary mental health treatment. Such mental and emotional problems on the part of the mother endangers the child's physical health and safety and places the child at risk of physical harm, damage, and danger."

"The reporting parting stated the the child, Daniel, was born in an alley in the Venice CA area. According to the reporting party, When Daniel arrived at the hospital he was still wrapped in his amniotic sac." (Which is another lie. My son was born inside the ambulance on the way to the hospital onto which the EMT pinched the amniotic sac while my son's head started to come out)

"Further, the hospital reported that the mother did not have any apparent support network to assist her with the child's care and did not report to having any stable housing, as she was currently homeless. Further, the hospital staff advised DCFS that the mother was resistant to any housing plan or supportive living arrangement that the staff were attempting to arrange for the mother and the child" (Which is a lie because they never offered me and my son any help what so ever... if they would have then i would have said yes)

Homelessness is NOT a crime.

Homelessness alone is NOT a reason to take a child away from their parents.

Taking a child from their guardian/parents because they are Homeless/Low-income is Illegal.

I do not have a criminal record and i do not have a mental health record that states i have any sort of mental health problems..... i do however, have a mental health record that actually states that i do NOT have any sort of mental health or emotional problems, that i am perfectly sane and normal, that i am very intelligent and should go to college.... this is what two phsycologists told me and wrote in their report a few years tell me, who is in fact the mentally and emotionally ill person here?

i know for a fact that it isnt me.

if anyone could help me in any sort of way, to get my son back and to fight these false allegations, that would be great. thank you

amanda-rivera-5682 3 months ago

Cps has ruined my life thinks to my grandpa telling his worthless lies he said to cps that my dad melested and beat me and my sister and my dad has court ruling paper's saying that my dad is inacent of all the charges well i got to go back to my parents but because my sister is mildly mentally retarded she didn't get to go back home and i have not been able to live with my sister since i was nine now I'm 31 and my sister is 33 and the state of Texas still has her and won't give her back since cps don't lesson to court paper's singed by a judge i still ask my self then what's the use of a judge and sadly that's no the end me not knowing that i was not allowed to have my own kids around my parents my grandpa called cps and told cps that i was at my parents house with my kids and cps took my kids away when i had visets my daughters Foster parents rubbed it in my face saying now we have a reason to go to toys r us and my sons Foster parents took my son to my visit in a car seat without seat belts and he was always dressed in pj's and when I told the judge about it yes it changed but they also put my kids up for adoption and i have my younger kids with me think god even tho cps is like bee's on honey with me they haven't succeeded yet think you jesus christ

portera36 3 months ago

@annestroh: I am in need of advice. I am so lost right now. I am a mother and a grandma. My daughter has lost her son to CPS. CPS refuses to let me have my grandson because of a CPS case filed many years ago by my daughter against me and my husband. Nothing was ever found and CPS even said my daughters story kept changing. She has a habit of hurting those around her when she does not get her way. she has also told her CPS worker many lies about us. The CPS worker refuses to even talk to my about my grandson. I am so lost and don't know what to do for my grandson. We are more then capable of providing for him and giving him a stable and safe place to live. We love him so much and are so hurt by my daughters actions. She uses him against us and it is so unfair to him.

saddgurl23 3 months ago

I need help to get my sons name cleared from all this madness. My 7yr old niece (now she's 8) I would babysit her and my nephew. She had a lying issue, I caught her lying so many times. She would always complain how her parents wouldn't pay much attention to her. That she wishes that they would listen to her. Yet my sister would let her wear short shorts, skirts, and even a two piece bathing suit. She's a husky set. My sister would never teach her to sit like a little lady she was always flashing her underwear. Couple of times I had to remind her to cover up. Anyways, there were multiple occasions that both her and my other niece 5yr old(now 6) would follow my 10yr old son (now 11) to the bathroom, I could hear my son telling her "what are you doing? I have to go the restroom move so I can close the door." That's when I would step in I had to tell them to wait and to take a seat in the living room. One evening too, she wanted to lay down close to my son, since we were guests well we would sleep on the floor. She was getting mad, because she wanted to sleep close to my son. I was outside by the door and I could hear their conversation. My son told her if she didn't stop that he was going to come and tell me. So he came to tell me that she wanted to sleep next to him. I said "no, I am the one that's going to sleep next to him." As soon as I went to go lay down I threw my arm and part of my leg over him to protect him. Something told me that something was going to happen. Couple of weeks later, sure enough she accused my son of sexual abuse. I know my son I've never leave him abandoned, he always was with me. I've never had the luck of anybody to do me the favor on babysitting him. I was hardly going out because of school that I was going at the time. My 5yr old niece(now 6), I took care of her since she was 6mos. old, because my sister had leukemia. Nobody ever came to volunteer to help in anyway possible to assist with her. Ever since my sister was in and out of the hospital. CPS ended up taking her too placing her with my sister of the 7yr old. She would miss treat her curse at her especially the 7yr old would bully her too. It would break my heart because she would cry and hug me tight saying to me that she wanted to come back home. This all turned out to be lies, betrayal, and deceiving plan of CPS, my so called sister, coke head cousin, and an interrogator of a niece. Yet CPS lied to us and said she was going to come back home. They are full of shit if you ask me. My sons case got closed, but the hurt, pain, and tears that those people put us through can never be erased.

Linda BookLady profile image

Linda BookLady 4 months ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA Hub Author

@momree: Please send me an article about this that I can post on FightCPS.... something unique that has never been posted on the internet before... at least 500 words. I would love to use my site to tell people about what you're doing in Kentucky. You can send the article to me by posting a comment on my site, on any page.... - I read all of the comments before posting them. I'm hoping for an article I can use on the front page of the site. This sounds like an important step forward in the fight against CPS injustice.

Linda BookLady profile image

Linda BookLady 4 months ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA Hub Author

@annestroh: Hi there... we could really benefit from your help at my site, to answer comments there on the blog and the message board. Thanks for offering!!

annestroh 4 months ago

I was a CPS worker for over 15 years and resigned my job at the point I was asked to do harm to families. I felt so stongly about it I went on all the local media and have continued to do so the last 2 years. I am happy to review any case and give advice to those who feel this system is failing our children. There is a reason for CPS and I have seen first hand why we need some sort of system to protect the innocent but the one we have in place is failing and greatly in need of change.

momree 4 months ago

A grassroots movement in KENTUCKY is starting. Our first official meeting is in Lexington, KY 1st Saturday in June 2014. Our objectives: 1). Restructuring the current âmodelsâ used by CPS, Group Homes, Foster Care, focused more on holistic mind/body approachs in recovery. 2). Programs and Resources for families BEFORE a crisis. 3). Public awareness 4). Reporting abuses in the system (how to) 5). Parent advocacys and legal advice (currently not available to parents or pro-bono attorneys). And much more. For more information, pm on facebook ⦠Val Williams, Nashville, TN, picture of electric and vibrant floral artwork. Kentucky is a large state. So far 'county representatives' include only five counties. If you have a a realiable vehicle (or a friend) we need car-pooling support. I'd like to see one hundred people at a minimum.

26nezzerz 4 months ago

@sue-cps: Omg thank you I will fight til the end for my baby

26nezzerz 4 months ago

@Heather87: I'm so sorry this is happening please don't give up we are in this together keep word out

26nezzerz 4 months ago

@DeborahDian: It is I'm going threw it with my son

26nezzerz 4 months ago

@OUTFOXprevention1: A little more studying of cps can help thanks for awareness

26nezzerz 4 months ago

@tazzytamar: Thanks for contributing

26nezzerz 4 months ago

@amy-l-davies-754: Your right I hate cps too

26nezzerz 4 months ago

I have a five year old in a foster home he was taken from at six months old he was taken because I did drugs I made alot of mistakes but never had anything this devastating happen to me before. I feel like I been stuck with a knife into my heart I dream about my son every night he is on my heart the most I cry and have it hard at night I can't get over this but you know what every time I wake up crying after a dream of him I feel like I can do anything I put my mind to. Clear your mind from I can't I tend to take this sang up

amy-l-davies-754 4 months ago

i hate cps they have stolen my children for money and made false allegations against me and they also sat in court and lied to a judge. i know what cps are like and not all children that have been adopted have a good life and i know this myself as i was adopted at the age of 5 because of sexual abuse but the cps took me from that hell whole and put me in another as i was further sexuallly abused by my adopted father and my adopted mother didnt do anything about it instead she blames me for what he done and for ruining her marriage. i have never had a mother or father figure in my life and ive had to learn things the hard way growing up and because of my traumatic childhood the cps have accused me of wantiing to physically harm my children just because of my traumatic childhood. ive been told i have to do therapy before im able to have my children all because theyve never had a case like mine with what ive been through in my life and im only 27 now and for 27 years ive been put through hell the only good things that have happened in my life are my children and theyve been taken from me and now have to suffer without their mother. cps do not protect children any more they steal them for money. if they really put the childrens needs first then they would actually do their job right and get proper evidence instead of all the bullshit they say and the slander of parents as they DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DO THEIR JOBS PROPERLY!!!!!

anonymous 4 months ago

I'm Turkish and we do not have a CPS. I used to think we have a lot of ground to cover as a community, but after reading this lens I can see that every culture has its own set of horrible demons to fight. Good luck to all parents and kids over there. My heart goes out to all of them.

2envelopparadox 4 months ago

nice lens

tazzytamar profile image

tazzytamar 5 months ago from chichester Level 6 Commenter

Extremely interesting topic, and also heartbreaking to think so many families are split unnessecarily. The first step in the fight against cps is surely raising awareness - which is exactly what this lens does.

2envelopparadox 5 months ago

nice lens

oxpschautz 6 months ago

I'm thinking of trying to help. I'm a grandfather and they are grown now also. I moved lost one of mine , but my youngest child's mother works aat a woman's shelter, and is a avocet and goes to court with men and woman. She says they jump though all the hoops and still lose. I told her I just was listening to a interview of a mich man that beat d.c.s. By bring about 30 people to the hearing with him. That the answer make it more a poblic hearing instead of the privet hearings the courts and d.c.s. Want invite all your friend and family to hearing . I'm looking for help to fight would like to hear how . I told my douthgers mother I would go to court with. Them in future and take name and #'s if it ok to pos my email it

OUTFOXprevention1 profile image

OUTFOXprevention1 6 months ago Level 1 Commenter

Very interesting topic. Thanks for sharing.

sandy-squire 6 months ago

@Linda BookLady: 10 years ago my lawyer fctd me . The lawyer has a case for a year if you are found guilty. Just do not talk to them.Every word you say or your children will be twisted in a court of law.AMEN


sandy-squire 6 months ago

@l-michelle84: I'm in the same NOT talk to them. Everything you say gets twisted in a court of law.

RozlynSmith 6 months ago

This site has helped me survive. My case was dismissed after 5 months because of my hard work. Since I did not file a lawsuit against social services this is what they are still doing to me. I am a single mother an upstanding moral person. I know this is going to sound paranoid but the following is true and I am very good at keeping record with strong testimony and documentation proof. After I won all of my kids back 3 months later Social Services came back in my life for no reason. All of a sudden I have cops at my door trying to implicate me in criminal report. I do not have one thing on my record. Social Services convinced and helped my 2 ex-husbands to lie to get a bogas restraining order against me to gain custody and move out of the county. It was only active for 3 months. They actually told my oldest child to lie and make up some police report claiming I beet her. SS had now a lot instore for a street nieve sad Mom. They have been stalking me ever since, to a serious degree to make sure they can prove I am a bad mom after the fact. I am a liability now. Drugs are planted in my car, no joke, drugs thrown and given to me wherever I go. I throw that Shiz out! I have been drugged some how because I do not do drugs or drink. I was then sold gang rapped or forced to have sex and beaten. That was a set up many times with new people coming into my life! The cops or FBI would not do anything for me, meaning they would not take one darn rape report, even for my stolen car. They also had people tell me that my daughter was rapped when I had her by the same people after the restraining order was in place. Now that the restraining order was in place I was forced to break it to tell the Dad. I am not joking not one social worker or one Sheriff office, police officer or the FBI would look into it and take a report. I had to get justice for my child any one would have done the same. Now the legal system had something on me. I was manipulated into a charge the layers tricked me. I have a very good reputation and a Federal License handling money. Six month later I then gave my children to their Dads because of the shame from all of the rapes, at least 30. My lawyer verbally abused me, convincing me I was a low life. Someone called him all the time saying I was spreading romors or that he was sexually harrising me or trading sex for work. Three years later now. My best friend and my now new husbands brother were helping us in family court. They were murdered/suicide about 7 months ago. My life has been in danger. I am asked if I am a whore everyday in Orange County, as if I look any different! They had to prove I am not a fit person so I can not sue. I do not even have my kids. I now have no one, moving from place to place trying to hide with my husband who is supporting us on disability because, he had an attempt murder of his life right after I met him. Thank God for him or I would be dead! No JoKE! The county tried to set me up on a sting drug operation and they failed. I was forced to sleep with some guy though. The county also has tried to set me up on a shoplifting lie. I have to represent myself because the public Defender was in on it. I am going to get it dismissed and then I will sue that store. If they get something on my record they destroy my way to make money. Every time I start working I am let go for a mysterious reason, having someone false allegation before the 3 months so I can not get unemployment. I have had a 10k psyc evaluation to prove I am not nuts but they tried that too. I donât tell anyone this but I have a 6th sense, I donât want to sound strange but I know what is going to happen before it happens to a degree. This is how I win, and the county is getting pissed they can not get me. I think it is time I get a lawyer to sue the county. I have so much ridiculous Proof of all of this messed up crap. I have copies of everything even Proof in writing my daughter was raped, she is afraid though. I have so many people too that I have been collecting for the future justice, if there are still alive or not in prison for not complying. My oldest is almost 18 so they are really ramping the it up. This is not a joke, I have no money, I need a lawyer that is willing To take this on a contingency. I am not afraid, but I am afraid for anyone that I talk too so I keep to myself. I am most afraid for my oldest. They only have a few months until my child turns 18 and starts telling her real story.

yoursfoolie profile image

yoursfoolie 6 months ago Level 2 Commenter

I am sending the link to your lense to a valuable friend who has done much good work in this world (ironically, much of it with abused and underpriveledged children) and who lost ten years of his life and everything that made him happy behind the hysterics of an adopted teenage daughter. Way to turn your sufferring into liberation for others, sister ~ you go! Please accept my tearful condolences for the heartache I know you go through every single day.

DeborahDian profile image

DeborahDian 7 months ago from Orange County, California Level 5 Commenter

This is such a scary situation! It must be terrifying for the children who get caught up in the situation, too!

three michi profile image

three michi 8 months ago

What a wonderful cause and a horrifying thought.

Heather87 8 months ago

I'm going threw this now! Please read my story! My children were ripped from my arms three weeks ago! My husbands ex wife did this to us because 12 days prior we won full custody of his two children! Now his two children are with the grandmother while mine sit in foster care!! My daughter who is 10months old has bruises on her legs has lost atleast 10 lbs since her time in foster care and has the worse diaper rash imaginable! I'm afraid for her life! Look me up on Facebook or send me am email for the full story!!

Titus2Homemaker profile image

Titus2Homemaker 8 months ago

The system is so broken. We've been on both sides (my parents were foster parents, so we've seen the needs of some TRULY abused/neglected children, as well as the after-effects of neglectful/abusive foster parenting - not my parents' but other foster homes the kids were in before coming to our home - AND we've been improperly and illegally "assessed.") Clearly, the system exists for a reason. However, it operates completely outside of all Constitutional bounds.

Parents are assumed guilty until proven innocent. They're deprived of due process in general. And they are not permitted to face their accusers (whose anonymity is protected, while the ridiculous claim is made that it's CPS itself that is legally/officially the "accuser").

ChalhoubCassidy profile image

ChalhoubCassidy 9 months ago

This is a very informative article on child abuse and I think it's great that you're spreading awareness and working to help these children. Good work

jesslynn1990 profile image

jesslynn1990 9 months ago

It is truly said that this happens in the states. I live in Canada and I actually work within the child and youth mental health sector. In Ontario we have something called Child's Aid Society (CAS) which I am guessing is similar to what you are referring to. In Ontario, CAS tries it's best to keep families together. The only time they will take a child out of their home is if they are in immediate risk of safety, health and/or life or there is serious amount of evidence providing the parents and guardians are neglecting, abusing, etc. Typically families will stick together and undergo therapy and counseling with Social Workers or Child and Youth Workers within their home. If the child ends up being diagnosed with behavioural or mental health issues (which is common for abuse victims) then they may be placed in a residential setting such as a group home to get additional individual treatment. Though away from the family they typically will get a lot of contact with family members, visits and even home passes depending on the type of program. I honestly think how Ontario has it set up is efficient, fair and beneficial. Obviously I have some sort of a bias opinion as I work with agencies so closely connected to CAS. I can say I have worked with a decent amount of youth who are involved with CAS and all have been allowed some contact (either be a lot or minimal) with their parents and families.

Linda BookLady profile image

Linda BookLady 9 months ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA Hub Author

I have no idea who you are... I keep getting this message, but don't know how to contact you.

victim2 9 months ago

Hello, I am googling everything to find out what I can do about my ex and his false allegations against me and what my rights are. He called a second time and my daughter was interviewed without my knowledge. She is in a mental health hospital for her depression, which is exacerbated by her dad bullying me and doing these things. She is a mess. The case worker told my daughter that she will talk to me on Tuesday. She talked to my daughter 2 days ago and the caseworker still never called me. I called CPS and warned them that my ex is abusing their system to get custody so he doesn't have to pay child support. He called CPS 2 months ago and that was the finding of the officer at that time and denied the case. I am finding that when they are called, they must investigate. I am accused of being a drug addict and that I smoke pot. I am going to an urgent care to take a 10 panel drug test today and hand the CPS worker a copy of it when I see her. I have zero drugs in my system. I was told by CPS when I called them that a false accusation is a criminal offence in Michigan. I am going to the Department of Human Services and in writing requesting the file. I am then going to the police and pressing charges. In the meantime, my daughter said that she will live with him to protect me from all of this drama. She has decided to do this and I can't do anything to stop her. She has guidelines for him that she sees me every weekend, every holiday and all summer. Well, off to prove I'm not a drug addict. If anyone has advice, I'm all ears.

michelle-leonard-77715 10 months ago

Thank you thank you DR ABULU for what you have just done, for helping me geting my husband who left me with two kids april last year to me i thank you so much the great DR ABULU of for bringing back my family i am greatfull and will always be if you also need his help his email . or his website,

TexasQueenMama 10 months ago

To Whom It May Concern:

CPS in my state (Texas) has taken my husband and I's 10 year old daughter and temporarily (or so they say, and hopefully, it is true) placed her with a relative. Someone that used to be in our lives coached our daughter and told her all the wonderful things that would happen to her if she accused my husband of molesting her (because those things happened to this person when she did the same thing) and so my daughter told her school counselor my husband did those things, and as a mandated reporter, the school counselor had to call CPS. They came and talked to her at school a few days later, and by this time, our daughter came to us in tears (which happened the next day) and said that she did not mean to do what she did and she knew it never happened, and she even told the CPS caseworker that when she came to see her at school. About two weeks later, last Tuesday, the CPS caseworker called me and I called her back, and she told me that she needed to meet with my husband and I's daughter at her office and then walk to the Children's Advocacy Center and that she hoped to have our case wrapped up and closed by the end of the week. That was the first lie. The next day my husband and I's daughter went with the caseworker from her office to the advocacy center which is in walking distance of the CPS office. There, one of the advocacy centers worker took my daughter into a room to talk without me. Then, while she was in there, another advocacy worker tried to give me a book about how to help child abuse victims and tried to give it to me twice but I refused it and I told her that my daughter is not a child abuse victim. She asked me if she is a witness and I said no and told her that my husband and I's daughters school counselor accused my husband of doing something to my daughter that he did not do and she just said "Oh Okay" and walked away. Then a little while later, my daughter came out by herself. Then, a bit later, the Caseworker came out and got me. She told me that my daughter would have to go live somewhere else temporarily and I had like 2 minutes to figure out where (though she did not give me a time limit) but she was rushing me and I truly felt like she was pushing to be really fast about it. So, I had to call my sister-in-law Angie and tell her while she was in the bathroom at work. Later, my husband and I went to her work to tell her more of what was going on and she said she would call me when she gets off of work. During our meeting, the caseworker said the case should be wrapped up at the end of this week. Three times since then I have talked to her supervisor and, though he is a very not nice person, he is a bit more honest. He told us that they had contacted a police detective over a week ago, and that was the next stop in this process and that it will not be wrapped up soon. I was like, hello, your caseworker said differently. So, that was lie number 2 from her. What he did not tell was they do not contact the police department themselves, but they send the information through the CPS office in Austin, Texas to go to the Police Department. I found that out today when I talked to a police detective from our local police department. I got the number from my sister-in-law who got the number from our caseworker. I called the Austin, Texas office yesterday and they said they are unsure what paperwork they need to send and to who and that I need to contact my caseworker. I called her last night and today. She has not called me back. I called her supervisor and he made it sound like I was an inconvenience to his day and that he would have my caseworker call her back as soon as possible. She has not called me back. I called the local office and got the name and number of his supervisor and left her a message. For almost three weeks now, I have gotten the run around while my husband and I's daughter is out of our home and is wanting to come home. I also got written proof from my daughter saying nothing happened and she told the caseworker and the advocacy center worker that nothing happened and that she does not understand why she is not at home. If anyone can help my husband and I, we would really appreciate it and so would our daughter.

jmchaconne profile image

jmchaconne 10 months ago Level 3 Commenter

I've used your very informative your lens as a featured lens on one I've written on the subject. If you'd check it out, any ideas or suggestions you have to improve it would be much appreciated.

Thank you!

sunshine_smiles73 11 months ago

@bestseoblog: I have a new email address. For my new contact information, please send me a private message via my Facebook.

bestseoblog 11 months ago



The kids that really are being abused and need saved (molested, physical / emotional abuse) usually don't get caught! War against the child molesters or the sick people out there. Nope it's a war against young people, poor people, a parent that used to smoked marijuana, whatever the reason is. The real abuse never gets stopped! The reason for that is it's a lot harder to catch somebody molesting their child then it is to walk up to a young parents house and demand a Urine Analysis and if not yank the kid.

They know they intimidate people, and they know who has the money / family to fight it. They go after the people who don't have pot to piss in.

I know it sounds sick, but I actually had a plan when my son got took. I was going to take 2 loaded pistols into court with me, after writing a lengthy, emotional letter about why I did what I did. Then I was going to unloan on all DHS CPS Judge, lawyers, and the whole court room until I was to be shot to death by police.

Yea I was really close to doing this and I wanted the world to read my letter about how CPS ruined my life for not giving me a chance with my son, yanking him out of my arms with no plans what so ever about giving him back.

But then I decided if I did that it would just prove them all right, but I still hope they burn in hell.

bestseoblog 11 months ago

@l-michelle84: Good luck god bless you

bestseoblog 11 months ago

@Pat Goltz: You said it all. Some people don't understand it until they see it first hand that it is the most crooked evil thing. Take our kids give me a break

bestseoblog 11 months ago

man I can't believe I found this lens. This hits home with me big time because I had my child taken or as cps would like to put it, "another child saved" . I fought for a long time and I was young but eventually I gave in to the impossible task at hand. Nothing was ever good enough, couldn't even get an hour visit without some lady with a clipboard telling me how I'm not a good person.

Anyway I ended up signing my rights over because there was this foster family who took them because they always wanted a boy. My family thought it was the thing to do so I did it and the foster family agreed that I can still be in his life and see him.

Only sad thing now is the Foster Parents split up and the Foster dad moved out. So now my son has to deal with the fact that I lost him (even though I wanted him so bad) and I was broke and young and didn't have a pot to piss in. Now he's got to deal with that and the fact that his other parents are split up.

Rough road ahead. Can't wait to check out your page. Thank God for you making this lens because this lens is speaking for me as well. CPS has too much power, because I could of been a great Father.

Thank you so much.

Colin323 profile image

Colin323 12 months ago from Ilkley, Yorkshire Level 6 Commenter

We have an organisation in Britain: FACT (Falsely Accused Carers and Teachers) who are a support group for all, including parents and guardians, falsely accused of sexual and other abuse. It is more common than you think, and causes untold damage to the accused and their families. A relative, a primary school teacher, was falsely accused of sexually inappropriate behaviour, which led to over a year of anguish until he was cleared and reinstated. I wrote a novel based on his experiences: 'Millstone' to illustrate how damaging these accusations are: easily made, hard to disprove - and a millstone for ever around the accused innocent person's neck.

Pat Goltz profile image

Pat Goltz 15 months ago Level 2 Commenter

@giacombs-ramirez: Hopefully, by now you have dealt with this problem. Here's what I did. I was part of a carpool to take kids to school and one mother told me that her son wouldn't wear a seat belt. I said, don't worry, he will. The first day, I told everyone to fasten seat belts. After a short time, someone said he had unfastened his seat belt, so I pulled over to the side of the road and I said, we aren't going anywhere until your seat belt is fastened. He fastened it, and I had no further trouble.

Pat Goltz profile image

Pat Goltz 15 months ago Level 2 Commenter

@mrducksmrnot: A boy was taken from his parents because they homeschooled him, in SWEDEN. They had actually decided to move to India, and were on the plane to fly out, and authorities came on the plane and seized their son. They have had him for several years, and do not plan to return him. They've been to the European court and everything. It has destroyed all three of them.

Pat Goltz profile image

Pat Goltz 15 months ago Level 2 Commenter

By the way, psychotropics cause children to commit deadly violence. I have seen evidence that the vast majority of school shootings, and other kinds of violence, were committed by people on psychotropics or who had been on psychotropics in the recent past. They are basically poison.

Pat Goltz profile image

Pat Goltz 15 months ago Level 2 Commenter

Lawyers will almost NEVER do a good job on behalf of a family, so it is nearly impossible to get a "good" lawyer. I know about several cases where CPS should have kept their nose out, and it was very destructive that they didn't. They go after easy marks, people they can intimidate, so the best defense is to confront them calmly but strongly, and refuse to answer ANY AND ALL questions. They should be required to give you a Miranda warning. Anything you say will be used against you. They are in the business of stealing children. While I have known of a couple of exceptions, the vast majority are tragic. The government has no business intruding on the family in that way, no matter how egregious the situation. If there is physical abuse, let the police handle it. Otherwise, butt out. These entities have done more to destroy the family than just about any other influence, because people are afraid to discipline their kids, and an undisciplined kid is a prime target. Eventually the parents lose control, and that's when there is abuse. Just don't let your kids go anywhere where they can be taken and you can't protect them. This includes public school, because when you send your child to public school, you have just given them permission to take your child whenever they feel like it.

hntrssthmpsn profile image

hntrssthmpsn 18 months ago

When my son was just a few months old, someone called the police and told them he was being abused. Through the grapevine, we later learned that the report had been filed anonymously by some neighbors who disliked us for unrelated lifestyle differences. Admittedly, we were the kind of neighbors who can be hard for some people to like! I was just 18 at the time, myself, and working full time and raising a baby... well, we were poor and short on time, prone to jovial loudness at odd hours and keeping a messy yard. Our friends were goodhearted but... colorful. Add it all up, and you had an offensive looking household, to some. It was also a very loving household, and Patrick, my son, was the apple of every eye in the house. I was so shocked when the police arrived at the door, and so generally timid by nature, that I fell all over myself inviting him in when he told me why he was there. Lucky for me, the policeman was a kindly fellow who took a look around, met Patrick, and announced within minutes that it was obvious the claims that had been made were baseless. Over the years, I gradually learned, from the horror stories of others, how lucky we were that night! My heart aches for anyone who winds up falsely accused of a crime against a child. Even just those few minutes that night were so frightening and shameful that I'll remember them for the rest of my life!

ohhlindsey 18 months ago

To Whom It May Concern:

I realize this is an incredibly long email, but please read it. This information needs to be known. My name Is Lindsey Brown. On January 1, 2013, my boyfriend and I had a beautiful baby boy-Jericco Alexander Bennett.

At 3:45 a.m. on the morning of February 11th, while I was sleeping, my boyfriend (Lyle) was feeding Jericco. Jericco was trying to put his hand on the bottle, but was inadvertently blocking the bottle from his mouth. Lyle attempted to hold his arm down and hold between Jericco's body and his own. In the process of trying to do this, Lyle heard a popping sound come from Jericco's arm. He immediately ran up to our bedroom, hysterical, and woke me up crying and saying "Baby I need you. I think I hurt him, I think I broke his arm. Oh my God I think I hurt my son." After trying to calm Lyle down and getting our things together (diaper bag, etc) we immediately headed to the emergency room. I called my mom on the way to the ER, and my parents met us there. They arrived around 4:30 in the morning.

Once there, I noticed a medium length, thin bruise on the bottom of his left thigh. I later noticed that the bruise had a small smiley face at the top of it. After a set of x-rays and a physical look-over by the doctor on call, the doctor told us that it looked like what was called nurse-maid's elbow- where the joint or the tendon in the elbow becomes loose, and it often fixes itself. He also mentioned to us that often in cases like ours, because of the combination of what happened to his arm and the bruise, that a nurse or the on-call doctor would contact CPS to start a formal child abuse case. He assured, though, that it was obvious how much Jericco is loved and he would make sure all the nurses knew that it was not necessary to contact CPS. Shortly after this conversation, we discharged by one of nurses and told to just make sure Jericco see's his regular physician and have her send a report to the hospital. We left, and got home around 6:30 that morning.

About two and a half hours later, my boyfriend and I received a phone call from the hospital asking to come back in. They said they had tried to reach us before we left but were unable to get a hold of us. We though that was strange considering we had been completely discharged by the nurse, and my mom and had stayed behind to get the baby ready to go and make sure we hadn't forgotten anything. The woman who called said that the pediatrician at the hospital wanted to take a look at Jericco and could we come in immediately. We were hesitant, and asked the woman if we couldn't just take him to his regular physician like they told us to this morning. She was adamant that we had to come in right away. So we got Jericco in his car seat, packed up the diaper bag, and headed to the hospital.

When we got to the hospital, we were immediately placed in an "interview room" with a two-way mirror and a camera. Although were assured that the camera was off and no one was behind the mirror, it was still rather intimidating. We waited for about half an hour before a nurse came in and began asking us questions. She asked us to tell her what happened when Lyle heard the pop in his arm, which we did, and she also asked us to show her the bruise on his leg. We answered all of her questions, show her the bruise, and continued answering her questions for about an hour and a half to two hours. After we were done answering her questions, we met the social worker that would be working the case. She explained to us why she was there, and told us a little bit about what was going to happen. She also mentioned that there are times when the local authorities get involved, but she didn't see why that would be necessary.

After meeting with the social worker, we saw the pediatrician who looked over Jericco. The nurse took pictures of the bruise on his leg, and the social worker observed the two of them. After we were done with the pediatrician, we were taken back to the interview room, where we sat for another half an hour before the social worker came back and told us she would be following us home to check out our house and make sure Jericco had somewhere to sleep and had a room of his own. When we arrived at our house, there was a detective waiting for use in the street, and our neighbor informed us she had been there for about twenty minutes. The detective introduced herself and followed us inside along with the social worker. They promptly sat down and began asking us questions again.

We sat in the house for hours while they asked us questions, and eventually the social worker informed us that for the time being we would no longer be allowed to be alone with Jericco, and would have to have twenty-four hour supervision. After explaining repeatedly that Lyle's parents live too far away, that my father works nights and sleeps days, and my mother works a job that requires her to go in anywhere from 7:30 in the morning to 9 in the morning, and often times does not get home until 6 o'clock at night or later. The social worker called her supervisor, and they agreed to let Jericco go into daycare in the mornings until either someone can take him home, or someone could come home with us. We eventually settled on one of my best friends coming to stay the night with us during the week, and my mother would keep him at her house on the weekends. This went on for approximately three weeks.

Two days after the initial incident, my boyfriend and I went to another interview with the social worker and the police detective. The detective called me the morning of to remind us of the meeting. I had mentioned to her that we were advised to seek legal counsel before we went in for this interview. I was about to ask her if we could reschedule, when she promptly cut me off and told me that us seeking legal counsel answers all questions they have and that we are guilty and promptly hung up on me. I called my mother to tell her what happened, she went down to the detective station and met us there before our interview. When we arrived there, the detective and social worker immediately separated us and took me upstairs to interview me.

When they took me upstairs, I mentioned to them that I had brought the pacifier that we believed and caused the bruise (as I mentioned before, there was a smiley face at the very top of it that Lyle, my mother, my friend Rachel, and I all believe matched the Winnie the Pooh pacifier with a raised Winnie the Pooh face on the front) and the remotes we believed caused the pinch that caused the bruise. The began asking me questions while the detective typed up everything I said, and the social worker wrote it down. When they were done asking me questions they immediately stood up and were ready to go back downstairs. I asked them to please sit down and let me show them the smiley face on the bruise (they each had pictures) and show them where I believe it all cam from. They agreed to do so and let me show them what I was talking about. When we were done, they had me sign my copy of my statement and had Lyle go upstairs to do the same thing.

After the first three weeks of the arrangement agreed upon by CPS where Rachel would stay with us during the week and Jericco would stay with my mother on the weekends, we were asked to return to the hospital's pediatrician again with Jericco for another set of x-rays. At this point Jericco had already had two prior sets of x-rays, a CT scan, and an eye exam to rule out ocular hemorrhaging. My mother and I took Jericco to the pediatrician for his the x-rays, where they x-rayed his right arm and elbow (where the original injury occurred). We left after the x-rays were done and were told they would call us with the results. A few hours later, the nurse assigned to our case called me and informed that the doctor and the radiologist said that Jericco had a fracture in his arm. They immediately called us back for more x-rays to check his legs and make sure there were no other fractures.

Once we arrived at the hospital for the second time that day, we were met by the pediatrician and the nurse on the case. They informed us th

tankkiller1 18 months ago

I am going through a Dhs case and trying to get my grandkids back home. They were taken for a simple fix. A dirty house it has been cleaned up and now passes Dhs inspection. They are saying that my daughter she lives with us and her brother and sister. I have 2 grandkids a 5yr. old grandson and a 2yr. old granddaughter they miss their mother and don't understand why they can't come home. All they say is what we have to do is my daughter parenting classes and family counceling. Which is a stupid thing to have to do. They want you to talk about why the kids are not in the house and how you feel about it. My family doesn't talk much at all. We are quite people and keep to our selfs. My daughter is also the same they say she has to pertisipate in all activitys and talk how do you do that when you are not very social to other people. They still have not given back my grandkids back yet. They say it will be up to 3 months to get them back. My family is on ssdi how do you make trips to the next town once a week for 16 weeks and only have about 1100.00 in income and bills come to 1400.00 you tell me where gas for a vehicle comes from with that. I have no budget for gas . They say if she doesn't do what is on the treatment plan. She will have her rights terminated and they will be given up for adoption. I will not let that happen to my daughter or grandkids I love them both with all of my heart to let that happen. What places can I turn to get help to do all of this? No one where I live helps with any of this. And to top it all off is all they give my daughter is 2 hours a month visitation all together. Their excuse is they are short handed and have no extra help for visits. My sister has my grandkids it is called kinship. The bad thing about that is my sister thinks she does no wrong and is perfect. I am afraid she will give them the same attitude as hers. My sister is a snob to everyone. There is no one that is perfect in this world. I just need help on what to do to get my grandkids back home where they belong. Please help with ideals on a family that is strapped with money problems. I don't know what to do anymore I am willing to do anything to get them back home!!!!!!!!

linsm76 18 months ago

The public needs to wake up, and realize that CPS no longer protects abused children, they are vultures out to steal children for more funding, and then get PTR so they can adopt the babies out which gives them more funding. I have added this to my FB pages. One false report can have your children taken away, and then the H...... begins. If anybody thinks it can't happen to them, yes it can, and for no reason at all.

crystal-howe-90 19 months ago

I am a Mother of 2 young children currently being abused and victimized by DCS in the state of Tennessee. My children were taken from my home Feb 24th 2012. I spent 10 months in jail for false alligations,which was horrible, but the worst part of all of this is that my 9 yr old daughter (who origionally made the alligations, but later told the truth,that she said those things because I put her in time out in her room and made her go to bed early on a friday night) has attempted suicide and when ask why she did it, she said "because I want to go home with my Momma." DCS KIDNAPPED my children!!! They also removed my son (13 months old at the time) and kept them together for a few months, but because one of the foster parents wants to adopt my son, but didnt want to deal with my daughters issues have seperated them. My baby girl has had her world ripped apart by these people that sre suppose to protect children!!! DCS done a forinsic interview with my daughter which she changed her story by then,but the interviewer would change the subject when my daughter would try to tell the truth, or redirect her and remind her of her previous story (the lies). We had a two day trial where the judge was falling asleep while watching the video taken of my daughter. The second day things were going in our favor because of the lack of evidence from DCS, but the judge says "I have plans with my son tonight, so I want to get this over and get out of here." The judge agreed to allow visitation with my kids, even while I was in jail. DCS still wouldnt let me see my children! The judge again brought up that he wanted to get out of the courtroom and go spend time with his son and ruled against me. HOW CAN THESE PEOPLE DISTROY FAMILIES LIKE THIS AND GET AWAY WITH IT??? I am out of jail now and ready to fight with everything I have to bring my children home and begin the process of healing and rebuilding our lives and move forward. PLEASE if there is anyone that can help us it would mean the world to me and my kids. Thank you and GOD bless.

tennineeight1 profile image

tennineeight1 19 months ago

LindaJM apologies for my error - this page is awesome!

KImJolie LM profile image

KImJolie LM 20 months ago

A beautiful lens with full of information. :)

sue-cps 20 months ago

My family has been victimized by the state of Texas CPS in Dallas county for a year now. We will soon be filing a lawsuit, and are seeking those individuals and families who will ralley behind us in our fight. Please read the whole story here

Deadicated LM profile image

Deadicated LM 20 months ago

In my neighborhood we had a family that was keeping their kids in a dog crate in the backyard. We had to threaten to put the story (and a video of it) in the newspaper to get them to do their jobs here in the Bronx. A happy and fair medium would be nice; I commend you for taking on this very tough topic. In this day and age all you need is one person to lie and the other to swear by it; and God help you if you don't have the money to hire a good lawyer.

healthimage 21 months ago

This is a really emotive subject and as a father of a young daughter, the stories I read about sicken me to my stomach. How did we ever allowed our society to get to this point?

There were plenty of flaws in the pre-CPS way of bringing up kids, as I remember from first hand experience. But while I got a smack if I was naughty, my parents were not bad and never physically abused me. The short sharp shock of a smacked backside was good enough to let me know I had done wrong and it certainly didn't affect the way I grew up. If anything it made me a better person with a lot of respect for other people and the world around me.

The do-gooders who want smacking outlawed need to be put over someone's knee for helping to bring up generations of disrespectful people who disregard society's laws. I see kids telling cops to go f*** themselves with no fear. Jeez if I'd dared to do that as a kid (which I would not have) I would have been given a tidy clip around the ear from said policeman and probably another one from my dad for being so insolent!

So yeah, the CPS is a system gone very wrong and it has been allowed to happen by well meaning parents who overreacted to what they saw as a bad childhood.

I also get that there are people on both sides of this argument who won't see it my way. It's the way of the world and everyone's entitled to their opinion. At the same time I can totally understand people getting really mad about this whole subject.

Linda BookLady profile image

Linda BookLady 22 months ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA Hub Author

@theonlycook: Apparently she impressed them favorably, so they decided not to proceed. Before you call CPS again, you should read the lens about child custody and CPS.

theonlycook 22 months ago

heres one for you, CPS not doing their jobs, period, here it goes, when my ex and i first split she took my daughter and lived with a guy for 2 months, before she came back to the house after i moved out. When i got court order visitation my daughter was acting really strange, wouldn't take a bath (she was 3 at the time) thought it was weird considering i couldn't keep this kid from taking baths. so i took her to the doctor, Dr said i believe she was sexually abused, they called cps, and CPS went to my ex's and determined "clean house case closed" umm how does that have anything to do with sexual abuse? next i was cut by my ex in front of my child when she was 4 because i was following court orders on when to return my child. called sherriffs and they did nothing, but contact CPS they made my ex sign a paper promising she wouldn't attack me again. gave my child back...then when my daughter was 5 or 6 my ex shot herself in the arm, cps wasn't conntacted by police so i did, they determined clean house case closed. and she also had a 4th time they came out but i dunno who contacted them then but still same story clean house. how does having a clean house mean your immune to laws, or even that a child is safe there?

randyg217 22 months ago

well...LAWANDORDER hasn't had the opportunity to visit youtube and type in CPS in the searchbar. but I give lawandorder credit for knowing it all and answering for everyone... especially for those whom have admitted to the fabrication of evidence. keep in mind the "required to by law" part, for a system that has no accountability nor any checks and balances to keep things honest >>wink<

lawandorder 22 months ago

CPS investigators don't make allegations. Your neighbors, family members, counselors, etc. do. Investigators just investigate the allegations brought to them as they are required to by law. If you have a case open it's for one of two reasons: you either are abusing or neglecting your kids or you're associating with people that hate you.

LornsA178 profile image

LornsA178 23 months ago Level 2 Commenter

It's so sad that these things are happening to these kids. Your lens educate me in this matter. I never thought that CPS can just take your kids away even in false allegations. Thanks for this very informative lens. May God bless you and your family.

l-michelle84 23 months ago

I am currently in a court battle with texas cps. They falsified affidavits and made their own false allegations on top of the ones my bitter apartment manager already made. I am a good mommy to 3 awesome boys and would never put them in harm. I am trying to raise money for administrative and legal fees to protect them from this corrupted system. Any donations would be greatly appreciated. Please share and tweet my link! Thanks.

randyg217 23 months ago

it isn't a secret that our tax dollars pay the people in these agencies. judges, investigators, caseworkers and those behind the keyboards and brooms. which leads me to beleive that more than just any of these up front... are involved in cover ups because they heard, seen and even laughed at how gullable "we th people" are. those in authoritive positions have carried this country, state, county and cities to embarrassment from their inexplicable ways. we pay taxes and there had better be someone to answer for why this country has ended up in the situation. if anyone is to lead me to believe that it is the parents fault in any way... got news for you !!! I am not the parernt of those in high places. it seems to me that either the parents raised their children to lay blame on the innocent, lie about there involvement, dodge their responsibilities and quickly find a scape goat,or they are doing this on their own. our country has had problems like this when my grandparents were just babies so if it is a parenting problem... step up and get ready to resign your positions because it was your upbringing that has compromised the system. if it is not a parenting problem... step up and get ready to resign because you have compromised the system. unfortunately... it happens to be the reality that nothing like this will happen. the families don't have the money to fight back. we are taxed and the people receiving the taxes need to be our protectors. HAH !! what a group of suckers we turned out to be.we are punched, slapped, kicked, bit, jerked around and pushed. NO we don't like it and I haven't met anyone who does. we are slandered, labeled or called names for standing up for ourselves. if these people are having a feild day in their position... can we trade sides with them just for a little while so they can feel the effects of these outrageous actions ?? after all, the police are expected to be zapped by a tazer before they use one. oh.. nevermind.... the effects of that is temporary. what is being done to us is PERMANENT !!! our money needs to be spent carefully.. not haphazzardly !!

Linda BookLady profile image

Linda BookLady 23 months ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA Hub Author

@randyg217: What a terrible situation! Why would you want to stay with a woman who lied about you that way? That's my first question. Of course, there are the children to consider. Whenever CPS gets involved, most people I talk to say that everything gets worse because the CPS agents demand things that nobody wants. If you want feedback on your case you can join our message board at ...

randyg217 23 months ago

@AmericanCitizen: it is extremely hard to accept the fact that a majority of assult cases are based on false allegations.. but it is true. Our socirty has labeled the male figure as the aggressor in any assult case, that even my wife has made a claim of such. The neighbors had a party one night and invited us to join. she went and I stayed home to finish up on household duties and to get things ready for the kids fishing trip. After an hour or so she comes to the house and gets the kids to play air hocky and play pool too. I am not much of a party person and she was aggrivated that I wouldn't come next door to enjoy the evening. About 20 min. later as I go out to put the tackle and poles in the van, she was coming back cussing and calling me names. needless to say, she had a bit too much to drink. I turned to retrieve more supplies from the house and got to the top of the stairs on the porch and turned to her and told her to get the kids and come home.. she needed to sleep it off. she turned around in the gravel driveway to flip me off and she slid in the gravel and fell. scraped her arm up and continued to go back to the neighbors. 15 min. later there was a knock at the door.. sheriff there to ask me questions about me pushing my wife down. because she was drunk, couldn't keep her balance, no witnesses, etc..., the female officer didn't believe I did anuthing and told my wife that she needed to get the kids and return to yhe house. Officer then left and no charges were filed. now the kids believe that I did just because mom said so and CPS beleive the children witnessed it. Even the neighbors said the children were inside the house and could not have witnessed anything. the fact that a woman can take advantage of a cry of abuse, just shows how our society has left the man to be a victim of assult allegations and it be upheld without any kind of proof whatsoever. I am greatly suffering at the hands of stereotyping and prejudice !!

randyg217 23 months ago

CPS workers and investigators from across the country have misrepresented facts, excluded or omitted evidence and submitted fabricated evidence to the courts which have destroyed families. As if we have no right to exist. our families have made the ultimate sacrifice to protect the country from outside threats. Yet the threat comes from inside the country. To what cause is the ultimate sacrifice made to the country... if the country is allowed (predestined) to destroy itself ??

JillY88 profile image

JillY88 23 months ago

Interesting to read your lens. I have been seriously thinking about fostering children now for nearly a year, but my husband doesn't think I will be able to give them up when the time comes. Reading your lens has put doubts in my mind, I adore children, I have one of my own that is 24yrs, could not have more, would have gladly had many more but not to be.

I understand that it must be difficult to cope with being accused of abusing your child when you haven't, but I think of all those children out there that are being abused, someone perhaps has seen something or heard something but does not report it, then you hear that the child is found dead.

I am sorry to all of you who is going through this, but if I did not report something that I thought was suspicious and something happened to that child, I could never forgive myself.

Amendments 23 months ago

Always Remember your Amendments ESPECIALLY the 4th!!!! These people think they can run every ones lives, and we as Americans cannot let this continue!!!!! DO NOT LET THEM IN YOUR HOME!!!!!!! No matter what they say, no matter how scared they make you, NO MATTER WHAT!!!!! Please TRUST Me! NEVER allow them to convince you that they have your or your child/childrens best interest, that is the biggest load of crap you will ever be told, please be QUICK to LISTEN and SLOW to SPEAK, they want nothing more then to see/hear you fail......they will twist every word that comes out of your mouth so please be smart about what you say, better yet HOW you say what you say......its a mind manipulation game, BEWARE.....when you're done, sue the crap out of them, not the agencies per say but each individual.....agencies have a board of attorneys but chances are the individuals themselves DONT! I was ridiculed for 3 years for a woman I didnt know making a comment about my child, I referred to my child as a baby, and this monster held that over my head for not using my childs name.....I didnt know this person (monster) and would never disclose personal info like that to just anyone, but see what I mean, they CAN and WILL flip your words ANY and EVERY chance they get......4th AMENDMENT

erica-isaacs2 2 years ago

@Linda BookLady: So they basically gave me one day to prepare for myy case with an attouny seeing as they kept me in the sheriffs office until after five on friday and then I have had to wait through the whole weekend. We have been doing a lot of research on what to do such as testimonies again needing shelter care being written to be presented to the court along with having the witnesses attend court to support me. I have also wrote down all of the missing peices in their case against us as well as the inconsistancies. My biggest worry is that if I cannot find a lawyer on my own that the court appointed attouny may actually play against me. I live in a very small town, population about 4,500 and it sadly is very well known for having the "good ol' boys." Do you have any advice for my hearing on Tuuesday, its a shelter care hearing.

erica-isaacs2 2 years ago

@Linda BookLady: I just joined the FightCPS message board I thankyou for your support. I am lucky that they placed my children in my mothers custody, and the more I look into all of this, I cannot believe they think they had gounds for taking my children. Their case is weak and their investigation was not thorough at all I just hope i can get this over with soon and once I do I plan to sue my county and CPS.

Linda BookLady profile image

Linda BookLady 2 years ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA Hub Author

@erica-isaacs2: I'm so sorry. This is typical of how false accusations happen. I hope you stand strong and get a good lawyer to help you with this case. Please join us on the FightCPS message board where there are other parents to support you thought this.

erica-isaacs2 2 years ago

Today I was woke up to a deputy sheriff and a CPS worker at my front door wanting to check on my children because an annonymous caller reported they thought either my boyfriend or I had been abusing my two year old son. About three days ago we were walking down the road, (my boyfriend, me, my daughter and son) when our hyperactive nine month old puppy came blasting by and tok my sons legs out from uner him and the sid eof his face planted on the pavment. My son and I both have extremely fair skin and bruis badly or bruises show bad because of our skin tone. Someone saw the bruise on my son and reported me. CPS asked me to tke him to the doctor and have him checked out. When I got there CPS had already spoken to the doctor saying that they thought there were finger print marke on the sid eof his head. The doctor walked in nd first thing she said was, "We have an eyewitness that saw what happened so you are better off just telling the truth." Mind you this is before I had even said one word to her. I felt like I was being set up from the start. They then looked at y son and said while there is no evidence consistent with him having been slapped refering to injuries inside the mouth, ear and nose, it looks like there are fingerprints. They proceeded to take my son from my custody and took me to the courthouse where they interogated me for over an hour saying that my boyfriend had to have hit him and that i was lieing to them. Then they brought my boyfriend in and interogated him saying he hated my children and that if he admitts he made a mistake the courts will be more leinent. I told them to ask my fouryear old daughter what happened several times because she saw it nd tells everyone, they ignored me. What they say are fingerprints are veins on my suns head which also suffered bruising from the fall. They have treated us guilty from the start and have done nothing in the sorts of a real investigation. They say my boyfriend hit him, well why ddnt they take a print or measurment of his hand to compare or even look at his hand for any markings consistent with slapping a child hard enough to leave a massive bruise. I feel they had no ground to take my son seeing i have never been in any trouble with the law or so much as even had a traffic ticket, not to mention this is my first run in with cps ever and I gave them my full cooperation. I am beside myself and dont know what to do. I have a hearing on tuesday to see what they will decide, but I already know they are against me and out to say I am either abusing or letting them abuse my son.

mmoorelarson 2 years ago

@AnotherAnnie: i think it wrong they did that to the children

mmoorelarson 2 years ago

@mmp1120: hey i know how u feel about this. they never gave me a chance to be with my daughter. my daughter is with my mom but she refusing to let me and my boyfriend see her right now. she thinks it for best she with her at home at all times. i think it stupied that she done that to you. some people our skinny but that doesnt mean they are doing drugs i have family members our skinny then me but they are not using drugs at all. i am sorry u have to go through this. i hope u do get your children back. did she go to jail for interference of your children?

mmoorelarson 2 years ago

i am 26 years and a mother of a little girl. my baby girl was born on September 23, 2011. i had her at a hospital two days later cps came to my hospital room. cps casework has questions about that did u see your boyfriend get mad a baby i told no but they took my baby girl gave her to my mom for temproy custody of her . they are afaird of my boyfriend hurting or yelling around our baby while she is at home with us. my mom want me to put my baby in for adoption at first while i was pregnant but i refuse to. she told me a disblilty person or have mood swigs cant raise a baby she afraird that i go off on the baby but that not true at all. i been babysitting kids before i was pregnant. i help a girl out so why the consume something that i never did. cps people our wrong doing that. they should let me go with they baby and do a investigation at our house at the same time while baby is with us. i cant raise her i have problems but everyone does. i am praying everyday she be home with us the first time. this will be her first time being home with us. i never got chance to be a mother and he never got a chance to be a father to a sweet little girl. i want everyone to know that.

AmericanCitizen 2 years ago

@mmp1120: You've been railroaded by your own mother! She may have meant well but does she have all the facts? Clean drug tests? Good doctor's report? You should try to get a doctor on your side. If there's a hearing in court, don't sign any guilty pleas or stipulations or you'll be giving up your opportunity for a real TRIAL. Register at the FightCPS message board forum for feedback on your case... from advocates and other parents who have been through this.

mmp1120 2 years ago

I am 26 yo and a mother of 2 children. I let my children go to Vacation Bible School with my grandparents, and my son left on Friday June 1, 2012, and my daughter left on Sunday, June 3, 2012. My grandparents came and picked them up. The following Monday, June 11, 2012, my family had an "Intervention" , even though I kept telling them that I wasnt on drugs. Because I was skinny they said I was doing 'meth'. They also told me that it wasnt a 'drug-rehab' that it was just for some 'me time'! I went because my mother told me that she would get CPS involved if I didnt and that "the consequences would be great" if I didnt go. After a few days of continous drug and AA classes that I didnt need, and missing my family terribly, I left and came back home. Upon my return, my family wouldnt tell me where my children were, and every time I went to their house, they werent there. I finally got the police involved and filed a felony warrant on my mother for interference with custody. Then I recieved a phone call stating that I needed to come 'talk about this situation' with a CPS worker. It ended up that my mother said that I abandoned my children and that my whereabouts were unknown and that my children had been living with her since June 1. I ended up going into a pre-trial that I was totally unprepared for, and my mother had obviously been planning for. The judge ruled in her favor, and gave her temporary custdy. Ive passed my drug test and I didnt abandon my children, they came and picked them up from my house!! If anyone has any advise, it would be greatly appreciated! I feel so helpless and alone! I love both of my children and miss them terribly and want them back with me asap! How can they do this based all upon an assumption?! Just because my mother is older doesnt mean she knows whats best for my children, shes had her chance with hers, and all I want is that same chance! I feel like its 'guilty until roven innocent in a court of law' is a more true statement in this day and age! Please keep me and my two beautiful children in your thoughts and prayers, we really need it right now! They are only 7 and 4!!

AmericanCitizen 2 years ago

@sweetmama84xoxo: If you can afford an attorney you need one who takes family law and juvenile law cases. If you can't afford one they will probably appoint an attorney who won't want to do much for you.

You will need to learn as much as possible to create legal documents and develop a defense strategy for your case. You may want to request a full trial if they take you to court. If you sign a guilty plea or stipulation in court you are giving up your only opportunity for a trial. Keep notes. Get more information from my site: ... try to make your attorney work with you... court appointed attorneys often want to do as little as possible because they don't get paid much by the county.

Fight the requirement for drug assessments because if you agree to do them it makes people assume you were guilty.

sweetmama84xoxo 2 years ago

I have also had false accusations of child abuse.. My mother got mad at me and called the Dept. of Children Services... They came out to my house and administered a drug test too...I had nothing in my system but the lady told me that she was marking down that I had thc in my system just because my husband did!!! I do not think this is right at all!!! I am going to do everything I can to fight it....this worker is also telling me that I have to go do an alchohol and drug assesment even though there was nothing in my system...i'm also going to try to press charges on my mother for making false allegations..I need to know what type of attorney I should get! Thank you for all your info.

amandajbh 2 years ago

About 2 weeks ago a call was placed to CPS about comments that our four year daughter said to the neighbor kids, that were inappropriate. The comments were regarding sex that she had heard from her fourteen year old sister. Caseworkers came out to our home and questioned our children scared us to death and would not tell us what was going on until they demanded us to find a neutral third party to take our four daughters over night. Our oldest three are from a my previous marriage and I have sole custody of them because of my abusive marriage with their father. Our youngest daughter is mine and my current husbands. While being questioned our oldest two daughters made claims that they were being abused and scared to stay in our home. They in fact had just been caught sneaking a boyfriend in and just received failing grades from school. They were scared of being grounded. While the caseworker was at our home she screamed at us on the our front lawn and was continuously attempted to rile us up and twisted our answers to her questions. The next day they placed our oldest daughters in the home of my ex husband and interviewed us further. The entire time accusing us of unfounded claims, presenting no evidence of the claims and found us safe enough to return our youngest daughter that evening. It was my ex husbands normal scheduled visit per our parenting plan so the older girls went to his house for their usual visit. The caseworker claimed they would be returned to our home on that Monday evening after the weekend visit. Keep in mind there wasn't and still isn't a court order in place regarding any of her decisions in our case. Monday she called late into the day stating that she wouldn't be returning the older girls home because they were still scared to come home and that there was going to be a meeting on Wednesday to discuss a plan so that I wouldn't injure my daughters. We met on Wednesday with the caseworker and her supervisor. The first five minutes of the meeting the caseworker began to be very accusatory to my husband and I not attempting to resolve anything. The supervisor asked her why she was asking the questions she was and took over the rest of the meeting until he had to leave. After he left the meeting she began in again with her accusatory line of questioning. She had read her notes of her interview with our eight year old daughter and they sounded like something somebody else had written, not the words of our child. I asked to speak with the supervisor again (he had offered to see us again after his other meeting) and she was very uptight and irritable about the request. Throughout this entire process I have not been able to find anything outlining our rights as parents or any advocacy. We live in Oregon and it seems like we are in the dark ages. I have been attempting to find the procedure to submit a formal complaint to the DHS department in our county and the state of Oregon but have not found anything pertaining to a complaint of a CPS caseworker. I have consulted an attorney who's case load is about 70% CPS cases, but doesn't want me to retain him in case this becomes a court case and he can be court appointed. He has told me that this caseworker has a reputation of being unreasonable, verbally abusive and emotional rather than logical. Pleas if anyone has any information that may help us it would be greatly appreciated. We are becoming to shake of the shamefulness and are getting angry as we feel that we are victims of a broken and abused system. There are many many children who need to be saved from there horrific situations. Our children however need to come home to the parents who work hard everyday and love them very much!

AnotherAnnie 2 years ago

When adopted our two oldest daugthers out of the foster care system, and the older of the two was definitely over medicated when we first meet her. In fact, she was on Depakote, Concerta, Zyprexa, and several others - nine in all. The day we first met, she was like a zombie who could not respond to simple questions and zoned off into space. She couldn't seem to follow a conversation, and her mouth just hung open like she was catching flies. We didn't know about all of the drugs at the time (we were not foster parents, just prospective adoptive parents) and we believed she had severe mental handicaps. We even decided we weren't perpared to adopt someone so severely handicapped. Then, a few months later, our case worker came to see us and tell us that CPS found out the girls were in a foster home with a woman who was deliberately trying to raise their level of care so she could make more money. For this reason, the foster mother was reporting all sorts of crazy behaviors about the kids (there were four of them in her care at the time), and she even had three of the four hospitalized on a suicide watch. CPS never was suspicious of this woman though until one day when the children's case worker showed up and the kids BEGGED her to take them to the store and buy them new underwear because what they had was far too small for them. Also, they were wearing discarded adult clothing that their foster mom took out of a clothing donation box - the clothes were ill fitting and adjusted with safety pins. The case worker did take them shopping, but she was curious about why she needed to when the woman was getting a clothing voucher for the children each month. After some basic investigation, she found that the woman was using the clothing vouchers to buy clothes for her own granddaughter and not the foster children. Upon further investigation, though the woman was taking in over $4000/month in subsidies for the four children (three of which were classified as high level special needs during their stay with her - even though they all went to her as basic care kids), the only food she was feeding them was Hot Pockets three meals a day. On top of that, her home was filthy - full of roaches, and the kids had lice. Anyway, they removed the kids from this woman's home, and supposedly, they shut her home down to keep her from ever being a foster parent again (though I understand she went on to take in elderly people after she was banned from caring for kids). The girls' new foster mother was alarmed at all the meds the oldest was on, and she started weaning her off of them one at a time. By the time we were meeting with our case worker about it, the oldest was down to just 4 medications, and the youngest 2. We met the kids again, and it was like they were completely different people! You really would be shocked at the difference. We did (obviously) move forward with the adoption once we found all of this out. It's not like the kids don't have issues - they do, but they are not schizophrenic or bipolar, or anything detrimental like that. I think this type of incident is much more common for kids in CPS care than most realize. During the three years we searched for our forever children, there was not one single child we ever considered that wasn't on at least one or two meds, and often it was many more than that. A very worthy topic indeed.

mariahh 2 years ago

Please Help... Butts County unjustly removed my children b/c the land lord said she was going to evict me even though the eviction had not been filed. They removed my children while detaining me at the office for three hours and when I asked to see the signed warrant they admitted that one had not yet been signed. Now b/c of this I have lost my home and my job.... Please Help

brookeland28 2 years ago

Time for a update my kids were taken on Jan 26 2012 because my daughter told her teacher my husband beat me this did not happen they did not talk to my husband or myself if i was beaten wouldnt they want to take pictures speak to me find out my side of the story the answer is NO since that date my kids have been in 5 foster homes on of them my oldest daughter was beaten by the foster dad my kids health is declining they are unhappy not eating and very depressed we have jumped thew hoops of fire and more to please these people to no avail i have hope that my kids will come home soon we have court on June 18 2012 i have wrote the judge appealed the chins and also had a internal investigation on cps set into place that have stated that it has been done but i believe this is another lie why would they want to admit that what they did was wrong we have a public defender and she doesnt seem to care we need help and i don't know were to get it my kids need to come home we need them just as much as they need us if anyone on here is a lawyer or would be willing to take up or case to save our kids i would be grateful i still have hope but i fear my kids hope is fading i see it in there eyes

AmericanCitizen 2 years ago

@ryan-alcantara-9: Ryan, you would need to check your state's mandated reporter law - it is slightly different in every state. In general teachers are protected from prosecution unless you can prove your statement. The most important thing is to get CPS to leave your family alone. Hopefully your daughter will verify that you didn't threaten to kill her, and the CPS worker will realize it was a false accusation. Apparently the teacher didn't like you. After all this is over you might want to consider a private school or homeschooling. Take the money away from the public school system and they will definitely be less threatening in the future!

ryan-alcantara-9 2 years ago

I need some help and possibly just secondary assurement. So I being the step-father, came into a woman's life who has two lovely girls. The older one age 12 is in middle school. She knows how important I believe schooling is and how it is important to do your best. Once I found out she wasn't being productive in the classroom, I scheduled a meeting with the teacher. As we met with the teacher, I was being informed of the lack of effort that went into her work. More than I was ever aware of. I sit down with the kids every night after long hours and help with homework, but if it's not being brought home, how are we to know? Anyways, after getting all the details from the teacher, I looked at the daughter and told her she was gonna get it when we get home.

About a month later I get a phone call from my spouse saying that I was reported to CPS for stating I was gonna "kill" her when we got home. First off, that's not what I said, and now I have a CPS agent coming to my home to interview me, then my spouse and daughter.

So let's recap, a concerned parent takes time out of his day to meet with you in about how to make sure the work is being done, and done well, and She calls CPS. Is anyone in agreement with abusing the system? Do I have grounds to retaliate such as a lawsuit of false accusations, or defamation of character, not to mention the personal issues and frustration the family has undergone so far. Can someone please offer advice on what to do and how to handle this situation? The kids live well, eat well, smarter than they ever were, and live now in a home in a safe community instead of an apartment in a crime filled community.

becca-boo 2 years ago

i am in serious help my year and half old son was taking from me he is in foster care due to that the neighbors called the cops and said that my husband beat me and our child he has never done such thing and my son had bruises on him and bite mark . at which they are from when i take him over to play dates at my friends he likes to bee domanate then the other child and my friend willing to stand up and testify on our behalf along with otheres my husband is being wrongfully charged with domestic violence and i think child abuse . this is all crazy. im putting applications in for housing and in cousaling and i work and trying to find other services to do to make me get my son lawyer hasent been returning my calls and i want ansewrs please help...

HeartBroken62 profile image

HeartBroken62 2 years ago

@kjdawson: Bless young and dealing with such emotional trauma. I cannot give you any legal advice...I am not a legal professional. I can tell you to keep your head up...Pray! Pray! Pray! Know the Truth, pray it will come out! Pray it will be heard! Pray it will be heard by the right people who will make a difference for you and help you fight and know how to! Pray that your child will be returned safely to your arms! Don't allow yourself to sink into can affect clear thinking and cause others to think you are unstable. Keep Your Head Up & Know The Truth Will Be Revealed! May You & Yours Stay Safe In The Arms Of An Angel! MY PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU...AND THE MANY OTHERS WHO SUFFER BECAUSE OF A SYSTEM GONE WRONG!

stunnedandmad 2 years ago

My son was born last year in the state of california and cps got involved claiming i was addicted to marijuana and my son had tested positive,along with a week before that at the same hospital i was seen by the trauma ward for being abused by the father. they alleged i failed to protect my son before he was ever born even though i was a victim of domestic violence and had the man removed from our home leaving me to deal with being a new mom alone. they came into my hospital room BANNED ME FROM BREASTFEEDING! told me not to get to attached because the odds of keeping my own son were slim and i had to begin drug testing the day i got out(mind you i had a c-section and could barely walk) before i had ever seen a courtroom. Lie upon lie was built and my case plan was outrageous and had me out of home EVERY SINGLE DAY for some pointless class including a "victim" class, even though they stated i Was a "co-abuser to the father". All I wanted to do was be a good mother, they started calling me a bad one and tried breaking my maternal bond before I Ever got the chance!! I chose to move before their petition for dependency could go threw, now I have a stranger calling me saying he can hunt me down and I have to surrender my son. I'M PROTECTING HIM FROM EVER BEING IN THEIR DISGUSTING BABY SELLING RING OF ABUSE!! How can they ever ask a mother to "surrender" her child on will, NO MOTHER OR FATHER EVER WOULD! If that was my choice I would have signed their bs adoption papers from day one. Why should I live my life scared and threatened over incidences that happened prior to me giving birth to my son and scared they'll kick my door in and take him from me. Can't anyone help me or is this black market court really allowed to do as they please, get district attorneys involved off the record to snatch parents and children up and ruin our lives. I'm a good mother and I love my son more then anything in the world, he will not go to sleep without me(and loves to hear a bedtime story and giggles and coos threw it) as it should be with a newborn and wakes up with the biggest smile on his face to see his mom and we play ALL DAY!!,He is smarter then the average child at his age along with incredible cognitive,physical and concentration skills. FAR FROM AN ABUSED CHILD!! And they're actually threatening a foster home for this little boy, babies end up dead,molested,medicated and abused in these places! Not to mention messed up emotionally for life, think about the grief a child experiences from losing a parent to death and these people are inflicting this pain on them knowing that's how these children feel, leaving parents who have done nothing wrong to suffer for the rest of their lives while some disgusting foster parent is getting paid to let these kids suffer. I am very sorry to be an American citizen,

suzanna-bullock 2 years ago

my grandkids where taken by cps. cps said i could not get them because i have a old case.i know of people that has had a cps case and has custody of there grandkids. if anyone can tell me anything would appreciate it

anonymous 2 years ago

CPS falsely accuses family members of child abuse and then puts them into foster homes,though the children are rigid to go to foster homes.And do they even care to go see how they are treated in the foster homes.Parents should take legal assistance and try to find out the cropped up allegations.Are the allegations true? Are the children really forced to take psychotropic drugs?

anonymous 2 years ago

CPS falsely accuses family members of child abuse and then puts them into foster homes,though the children are rigid to go to foster homes.And do they even care to go see how they are treated in the foster homes.Parents should take legal assistance and try to find out the cropped up allegations.Are the allegations true? Are the children really forced to take psychotropic drugs?

TTMall profile image

TTMall 2 years ago

Very informative lens. Well done!

jerry-stewart 2 years ago

They are NOT above the law,read and sign petition and let's fight together!!

jerry-stewart 2 years ago

They are NOT above the law,read and sign petition and let's fight together!!

melaney-cooper 2 years ago

Our situation is I live in Texas and have an old case that was not founded and was suppose to have been completely removed where it would never show up at all. Well this past Sept. my grand children were taken by CPS and I tried to have them placed in my home till the parents could get them back and low and behold that case showed up so they would not let me have them. Can anyone tell me if there is anyway to get it removed completely? I love in Texas if that helps.

dosmaster5000 profile image

dosmaster5000 2 years ago

@dosmaster5000: Here is a new news story about false allegations of child abuse from McMinnville Oregon:

brookeland28 2 years ago

Please help us our kids were taken away with no investigation they talked to my daughter at school and called us and said to bring our other daughter to the school once she was off the bus when we got there they said they had a verbal court order to take them away there was nothing else done they took the kids did not talk to us or come to our home what my daughter said was untrue she said her father beat me please help me get my babies back home

brookeland28 2 years ago

Please help us our kids were taken away with no investigation they talked to my daughter at school and called us and said to bring our other daughter to the school once she was off the bus when we got there they said they had a verbal court order to take them away there was nothing else done they took the kids did not talk to us or come to our home what my daughter said was untrue she said her father beat me please help me get my babies back home please im begging anyone to help

AmericanCitizen 2 years ago

kjdawson and dosmaster, you can get feedback on your cases at ... and kj, that is normal that they will not let you reunite with a man who abused the child, so you must deal not only with trying to get your child back but also with breaking up with your b/f. If you have a service plan from the court do everything requested, and do not ever use any drugs or alcohol even if you're extremely depressed about what's going on. Do whatever you can to make a stable home for your child to return to. It would help if your parents would give you and your child a home. That's what usually works best for very young parents with CPS problems. Good luck!!

CPDInteractive 2 years ago

I like your article, very useful and inspiring. thank you.

dosmaster5000 profile image

dosmaster5000 2 years ago

I am currently facing the wrath of CPS. My wife and I have been falsely accuse of hurting our son. We even have a medical diagnosis to explain his injuries. But they still seem to have control. I have started my own blog at I appreciate any support and site like yours are very helpful.

kjdawson 2 years ago

DSS recently took my one month old son into a foster home. I had taken him into the doctor because of swelling in his leg. After they did some x-rays they found that he had fractures in his legs that were "highly suspicious" of non-accidental trauma. After being interrogated by the police for 5 days, my sons father finally admitted that he didn't mean to hurt him, but was afraid of him being taken away so he didn't say anything. The following Monday, DSS took my son into custody until I complete a "treatment" plan. I didn't do anything to hurt my son, and the person that did is in jail pending trial. They didn't have any reason to take my son away from me. They have also informed me that if I have any contact with the father that I will "never get my son back". I feel like they are taking advantage of me because I am a teenage mother and "not a lot of teenagers have babies" which we all know is not true. I am afraid that there is nothing I can do to fight them. I am being torn from two different sides and I feel absolutely helpless. If anyone can give me advice I would really appreciate it.

juliepruitt 2 years ago

Thank you for your inspirational and informative post. I've often thought the same thing, that each person should choose a cause they deeply believe in and then dedicate h/her life to do what they can (even if only in their "spare" time) to help end the suffering and misery related to that issue. If only. Now that I know at least one person agrees, I have more confidence that I'm not the only one who thinks that, and will more openly encourage others from now on. Your post, your information, and your dedication have inspired and encouraged me. Thanks!!

sunshine_smiles73 2 years ago

@sunshine_smiles73: Latest update... I received the report from WA State DSHS (they are the ones who sent someone to my home for a home study). I was in complete shock when I read what she had to say. She reported, when the children (ages 3 & 22 mos) came into the room, the mother's voice got louder. This caused the children to go to their father. #1 - I am Italian! I am always "loud". My entire family is "loud". That's just our nature! #2 - my children have always gone to daddy when strangers are in their presence. They are shy little girls and daddy is their protector.

After her loud comment, she proceeded to write, "It will be detrimental to the children's safety and well-being to be with their mother. Therefore, home placement is not granted". Is she F#$%EN kidding?!?! Because my voice went up, it's detrimental???? Later in the report, she included our home is on the smaller side. (I would like to know how ANYBODY on planet earth has the mental ability to say, "hmmm...I better make sure the house in which I live, can accommodate my entire family just in case my ex-husband/ex-wife decides to beat & molest my children which ultimately ends with a home study checking to see if I have adequate space for my children to be returned"). She reported, I live in a 1 garage, 2 bedroom home with a living room/kitchen combined room and a loft with no closet space or door from the hall. I sent a copy of our county's public housing record with our home's information. The county's records show: 2 car garage, 3 bedrooms, living room, kitchen, dining area, 2 1/2 baths. Our rental agreement listed the exact same info. I told this to my case worker and get this...she told me to inform my landlord that his description of HIS property is wrong. She told me since she was not the one who did the home study, she is unable to know exactly what my property looks like!

So, a long story short, I was issued a court order to see one of their psychologists (one who works with CPS...uh-huh) and have a complete psychiatric evaluation with proper medical counseling. The issue with CPS just gets better and better! First, it was an issue with the bastard in question - my ex-husband who admitted he beat and molested my children. Then, it was an issue with my fiance because he was arrested 3 years prior under CA domestic violence law for arguing with me. Now, it's an issue with me because they think I am mentally unstable. What's next...I live in the Seattle area and it's too wet and rainy? My kids health will be in jeopardy because they might catch a cold!

I will say, when there is a true, a real true issue, where a child's life is seriously in danger, I applaud CPS for making sure those children are safe. But, CPS treat each case the same without looking at the gray matter in between. It because of that, so many innocent parents and their children are torn apart. All of us need to keep fighting for what's right. Keep fighting for your children. Most of all, never give up!

Chey1997 LM profile image

Chey1997 LM 2 years ago from Houston

I applaud your sites very much! As a child until the age of Ten i grew up in foster care, I was adopted through the Foster care system. As an Adult CPS took my kids and labeled me as the same things they did my birth mother. Stating that I would do the same thing she did. I was 20 and had no way to fight them! if i'd known then what I know now I'd have my babies.... God Bless y'all!

HotRodDreamin 2 years ago

ok... so my situation... I previously was a resident of a County in Ca. that has alot of corruption in the entire judicial and law enforcement system due to the small town it revolves around... after My daughter's mother left me of her own accord and because she had started an affair with another individual... she left my daughter with me and saw her once a week for only a few hours for the first month... then out of no where she filed for custody... we have been to court several time and she continues to try to get full custody of our daughter which i will not give her... i have been the primary care provider for my daughter since a month after birth due to a very bad accident i was involved in 3 1/2 months before my daughter was born... that is a lil back ground... I moved out of the small town and county where we had resided and into a larger more city atmosphere about 2 hours away... since then she has called the sheriff's office and falsely alleged i was on drugs and wanted a welfare check, they came out... UNFOUNDED! I had a restrainig order against her for six months until they decided, even though she violated the order a minimum of 6 times, that there was not enogh to keep it in place... july 4th my daughter feel while we were at a swimming hole... scraped her face up... LOTS OF WITNESSES! and Oct 9th the day after my best friend got married my daughter fell off of a chair and split her eye brow open... i was not in the room because i was getting her a tissue to blow her nose since she was sick, not sick last time i dropped her off with her mother but sick everytime she would come back... She was sitting on the chair talking to my Mother and Grandparents via Skype and reached for her sippy cup and fell... 3 witnesses, as well as the slough of other people that heard the THUD and her start to cry as i was grabbing a wipe from her diaper bag... i informed her mother immediately of both events, this woman has proceeded to Call CPS and file allegations of Drug Use, Physical as wel as SEXUAL abuse...these are the biggest of maybe 20 some ott allegations she has reported... they came out investigated and feel that she is not stable and she hates me... they found all alegations to be UNFOUNDED!... Dec 29th.. i dropped my daughter off, she threw a fit started hitting and trying to bite me due to me telling her no in regards to having some chips... she is 2 1/2 keep in mind... so i told her she cannot do that and cannot talk to adults that way... she proceeded to throw a tantrum to which i turned her around and lighlty swatted her on the butt, through a diaper and thick snow pants as it is cold in the the area we live... she knows this to be when she is uber trouble and i rarely have to resort to this but more so as of late and her tantrums have been increasing in frequency as well as trying to get her back into routine for potty training after she comes back from her mothers... at this point we have a 50/50 custody arrangement and swap every 3 days... i drive an hour to the swap spot every three days due the mediator in that small county being very biased... ok so i put up with what i have to because i love my daughter... that day when i dropped her off her mother accused me of not only beating my daughter but now beating my current significant other... which has NEVER happened... as well as now supposedly trying to hit her with my car... these allegations were reported to CPS as well as the Local PD... once again CPS called me... notified me that they were flaggin her for repeatedly filing false allegation and closed the case as Unfounded and in assesment due to unresolved custody issues, the PD also investigated said allegations and found them all to be UNFOUNDED! I went to pick up my daughter the next time i was to have Custody, call for a Civil Standby with the same officer who took her report, they brought 2 cars... what does that tell you... SHE NEVER SHOWED UP! The county our case is in... The DA gave her some sort of Good Faith order... and allowed her to withhold my daughter based on everything that has already been investigated... the DA's office also will not produce a copy of this order due to it being Confidential... so confidential they dont even give it to the judge unless he actually requests it... apparently 297.8 or 298.7 of the PC... this all i was given as well as now the Judge in that county has granted a temporary restraining order keeping me 100 yards away from my daughter... all based on the allegations already investigated and closed as UNFOUNDED! i have not seen my daughter since... none of the allegations she brought to the DA, even when they have a copy of the report from the PD where our swap takes place, were investigated... i was never notified, i had to call for a week to finally start getting some sort of answers... when notified of the restraining order, oh yeah... i had gone to the DA's office to have them call the sheriff's office and release the VERBAL order, with no paper work to back it,so i could see my daughter... since i had informed them of when i was coming they had an ambush of 2 sheriff's and this DA assistant waiting to notify as well as harrass and try to rile me up and push me to do something... they were very rude to me and my current signifcant other ... very unprofessional and could not produce anything but a print out... nonetheless i have no idea what to do... everyone, including, CPS in the county where i live, my lawyers and the PD of the town where the swap takes place... are baffled and have never heard of anything like this... they all feel a huge civil injustice is being done... oh yeah... for got to mention her father is a lawyer in that county... as well as being the campaign manager for the current DA... this town has not one but 2 officers who have been caught having sex with under age girls from the local high school... one of which is now married to and has a child with... no arrests or charges ever filed... there are judges in this county with several DUI's and even have handed out sentences and judgements while wearing an ankle monitor due to house arrest after i believe their 5th DUI! these are just a few of the things that i know... it is a Good Ol' Boy town and due to this i am afraid i am going to lose my daughter... plz help... i just wanna see my daughter again! almost a month of torment and anguish as well as the stress and lack of sleep...

jimmyworldstar 2 years ago

I think you're fighting a good cause, I don't think that lies and abuse are widespread in the CPS but someone needs to call out issues like these to the forefront. I also believe that oftentimes CPS is too ineffective in preventing real abuse.

AmericanCitizen 2 years ago

@WPGdad: I'd move away from that area, if at all possible. It sounds like the caseworkers have a vendetta going on and are waiting to find your weak spots. Good luck.. that's a long time to have the CFS breathing down your back! Congratulations on getting your child back!

WPGdad 2 years ago

i am not a citizen of the united states of america. i am however a citizen of canada. i live in manitoba. in dec of 2008, my biological son (after DNA testing) was placed in my home at my request after he had been abandoned at 1 1/2 yrs of age by his mother. immediately after his placement with me i noticed he was very apprehensive and nervous; constantly pinching and pulling on his buttocks, groin, thighs, and pulling his hair. he would do this at just about every point of the day....even in his sleep. i'd stay up all night every night just so i could keep removing his hands from these actions. roughly 2 months after placement and talking with my daycare about his behaviors, i was accused of abuse due to bruising (which was due to said behaviors) and my son was kept from me for almost 2 yrs. he was returned to me in 2010 and has been with me since. however we have not been left alone and are constantly hounded by the system with claims of concern for my child and asking how they can help us. even though the still to this day refuse to believe that the bruises were self-inflicted and show no evidence of outside abuse....only self abuse. my son is not going to have a decent chance at overcoming his anxieties until CFS (as it's called here) leaves he and i alone. any ideas?

WPGdad 2 years ago

i am not a citizen of the united states of america. i am however a citizen of canada. i live in manitoba. in dec of 2008, my biological son (after DNA testing) was placed in my home at my request after he had been abandoned at 1 1/2 yrs of age by his mother. immediately after his placement with me i noticed he was very apprehensive and nervous; constantly pinching and pulling on his buttocks, groin, thighs, and pulling his hair. he would do this at just about every point of the day....even in his sleep. i'd stay up all night every night just so i could keep removing his hands from these actions. roughly 2 months after placement and talking with my daycare about his behaviors, i was accused of abuse due to bruising (which was due to said behaviors) and my son was kept from me for almost 2 yrs. he was returned to me in 2010 and has been with me since. however we have not been left alone and are constantly hounded by the system with claims of concern for my child and asking how they can help us. even though the still to this day refuse to believe that the bruises were self-inflicted and show no evidence of outside abuse....only self abuse. my son is not going to have a decent chance at overcoming his anxieties until CFS (as it's called here) leaves he and i alone. any ideas?

anonymous 2 years ago

gr8 lens...... i must say....

tomskids 2 years ago

@sunshine_smiles73: Whatever you do fight. Fight, fight and then fight somemore. Do not let these commies tell you what to do with your own children. I wish you the best of luck.

AmericanCitizen 2 years ago

@sunshine_smiles73: Sunshine, see the legal document library at - to have your side heard during court hearings, write your own legal declaration and 'objections and corrections to the report of the caseworker'. Also collect documentary evidence to prove your side of the case. Letters from doctors help! Taking an expert witness or two to your trial, if you have one, would also help. Good luck!

sunshine_smiles73 2 years ago

@Traceeshobbies: You sound like you are in the middle of my case. I sent a message to my "case worker" similar to what you said. Funny thing, first my kids were taken by my ex-husband, then CPS took my kids from him for abuse and molestation. Now, CPS is making ME prove that I am fit to be a mother and am able to raise my own kids. I have been "raising" my children for 14 years - ALONE! About 18 years ago, I was diagnosed with depression. My doctors were able to determine it was genetically passed on by my biological father (in other words, I was born that way). I have been on anti-depressants and see my doctor regularly. I feel wonderful! Now CPS wants proof that I am mentally able to do what's right for my kids. I had to get a letter from my medical doctors! CPS tells I am to seek professional counseling to deal with the "stress" in my life?!? I have been doing great for 18 years and now I need counseling? I need to prove I have the mental ability to raise my children? I have never been arrested. I have never done drugs and will have a glass of wine if I am at a social gathering. I have an excellent relationship with my children (the 2 in question and my 2 little ones at home). I believe I am a wonderful mother and have been doing the best I can raising my children (my eldest is a junior in HS, has been an A student throughout her school years, and is going to pursue a career as a veterinarian. My son is pursuing becoming a graphic artist. I am told by my babies' pediatrician they are way above average in everything they do), and because my father passed his genes on to me, my parenting ability is under CPS investigation?????? I am being punished because of how I was born??????

It seems as if every week CPS has new regulations. Today they need XYZ. Tomorrow, XYZ wasn't good enough and you need to prove XYZ by providing ABC. The cycle continues.... How can you prove CPS is completely wrong when it's their personal opinion that makes or breaks a case??

Traceeshobbies 2 years ago

This website is so great in so many ways. Why is CPS able to illegally deny our constitutional rights? What makes them special? I was a caseworker and could not do it the way they said. I believe in honesty, love and family!! you can not treat every body the same, You can't make decisions on just words or whats in reports! You need to have enough sence to know for sure whats best, not just act on a guess!!! 99% of the time they just like the drama of causing problems. Most of the people working for CPS are not working because they care or want to help families, they just want a pay check!! I cared to much to keep this position!!

tomskids 2 years ago

Great, Great, Great Lens. If I can ad my own quote "Apathy is the same thing as encouragement". I thank you, personally for not being apathetic. Keep up the good work.

4blessings3131 2 years ago

we could really use your help our 4 kids got taken by cps on nov 12th 2001 our kids are ages 5,3,2,and a month and 15 days old they have been placed with my parents that are unsafe for them this has been brought to dhs' attention and they still refuse to replace them either back into our home or to my husbands mother's home until we fight to get them back home with us our new court date is feb. 6th 2012 we could really use all the information you can give us we are very poor but are able to take care of our family that has been broken by cps we could really use your help please please help us

sunshine_smiles73 2 years ago

@PlacidPoet: I'll say a prayer for you. My children are being kept from me because of a misdemeanor against my fiance 3 years ago. We are in the process of getting his "record" expunged. CPS told it doesn't matter if it gets expunged. He would be required to send a statement in writing explaining why he was charged with a misdemeanor and why the need to have it expunged! Expunged = NOTHING EVER HAPPENED...GONE...NON EXISTENT. If that's not good enough for CPS, I don't know what else to do.

sunshine_smiles73 2 years ago

@theVikar: Wow! Even in NZ. Here I thought it was only the US that has corrupt laws and no concern for a family's well being. It all comes down to the might $ buck.

sunshine_smiles73 2 years ago

I am reaching out for any available resources. I have been fighting the State of California for 3 years and I do not know how much more I can take. 3 years ago, my fiance and I got into an argument. No abuse took place. However, as I am sure you all can guess, I dialed 911 out of concern for his own safety (he was in a downward spiral talking about suicide), and the next thing I see is him being handcuffed and charged with domestic violence. Prosecutors charged him with a misdemeanor. My ex-husband got wind of the arrest and threatened to file for full custody of our 2 children. My fiance's attorney who was handling this so-called "domestic violence" case told me she could take on my family law case because both cases go hand in hand. Not knowing any better, I agreed. Several weeks after retaining her, she informed me the initial hearing is going to be postponed to a later date because she didn't review any of my documents. Instead, she took $10,000.00 and didn't go to the initial hearing to file a continuance. Her associate went and told the judge he didn't know where I was. The judge gave my ex-husband full physical custody. My "attorney" has since been suspended from practicing law and has been convicted of money laundering and several counts of client misconduct. Unfortunately, she has yet to be sentenced.

For 2 years following the hearing, my ex-husband cut off all communications with me and my 2 children. I never saw them again. This past August, I received a call from CPS in California (I currently live in WA) informing me my children were removed from my ex-husband's home and placed in protective foster care.

I had my children for 14 years prior to losing custody, yet CPS is only looking at the 2 years I was not with them. They say I am at fault for not seeing them, but refuse to see court documentation stating my husband kept them from me. So now, CPS has to investigate me to see if my children can be placed with me.

My ex-husband ADMITTED the allegations brought against him were TRUE. He had been physically & emotionally abusing my son and daughter for the past 2 years AND has sexually molested our daughter!

Get this, CPS is conducting re-unification between myself and my children AND between him and my children. CPS is considering placing my kids back with a man who admitting abused my children and who is a child molester, but told me my children will not be placed with me out of fear for their safety because of a misdemeanor 3 years ago. Gotta love the system!!

I have looked and looked all over for a way to prove my side. Nothing happened to be labeled as a domestic violence incident (apparently, according to the LAW, it doesn't matter), my so-called attorney misrepresented me (in fact, she forged my signature on my documents and filed them w/o my knowledge), and that my children have given statements stating they want to be with me and want their father's rights completely terminated.

How can it be that CPS tells me they do not deal with the criminal aspects of a crime, just focus on the placement of the children, but won't place my children with me because of a misdemeanor "crime" that happened 3 years ago with my fiance and are considering placing my children with a admitted felon??

If anyone can give me advice on what I can do to fight this, please let me know.

bigfootpcs 2 years ago

I am a single father of four children, and i have never had any open cases by CSD (childrens

services), but recently they got involved in my family because of some false reports made on us, by my ex wifes

cousin. This woman has a history of making false reports and i believe she is pschizoprenic, and has a long family

history of mental illness. CSD came into our lives a couple of weeks ago, and since then, has lied to us, family

members, made threats and even upset social workers in california. Now they have opened a case on us, and forced my

fiance to leave our home, because of a 12 year old california case where her and her children were abused by her

exhusband who is now in prison for it. CSD insists she did wrong doing but California states otherwise. They state

she done NO wrong doing, and i can prove it. She is the best mother figure my kids have ever had and they love and

miss her dearly. They have us under a very strict set of rules, which does not allow me to work or hardly even pay

my bills. They are not helping us in anyway, nor does my court appointed attorney seem to be helping. The worker in

California is telling us to subpena him to court and he will testify that this oregon worker has falsified

information to support his investigation because no other reason exsists to continue his investigation. Please help

us, we are being railroaded by the system, and i dont know what to do. My lights might get turned out and i fear

csd is going to take my kids if i even so much as try to defend myself. They have already told me that in so many

words. Please help. This is destroying our family and our Christmas together. Now they are passing the buck onto a case worker instead of investigative worker because they are satisfied with the false information that they have gathered against me, and are moving onto a service plan. From what i understand, i should not agree to it at all.

nikki1976B 2 years ago

Hi My names Kim,

I want to reach out to you ladies, gentlemen, parents, guardians and to family's that are going though a rough and hurting time in your life. Please call me, I might be able to help with your legal issues in the U.S. and parts of Canada, I can be reached at 253 330 4731 please don't be afraid to pick up that phone. What ever you do, don't sign papers with out a lawyer that's your right and your kids too. if you know someone that needs legal assistance send them my way. I will be able to help possibly in more ways than you can think of at present. Thank You.


If you have a p.c. that will help I can converse with you back and forth and we can talk. I have passion about others and their problems.

nikki1976B 2 years ago

if i could please call me i really would appreciate it thanks for your time and you caring tears run down my eyes as i sit here and see this cause I'm hurting for those family's as well as mine.

I pray that we as a nation can do something about this madness and stop the incriminating cause it's not right what they do. please don't put this in the thing unless you feel it should go in. this is just something for you thank for showing me you care. that really means a lot to me you touch me when you wrote to me I couldn't believe it. I

I was in tears when I saw that you wrote me cause it let me know that I matter to you and you don't even know me or who I am. I know that God sent you my way and God could put a total stranger out their that has heart. Please don't ever change cause your what we need in this world a angle that came from the heavens and your just in discuss, Stay bless and love you in christ.


nikki1976B 2 years ago

Hi my name is Sook,

I live in the state of WA, My daughter had made allegations against myself that "I tried to drown her". I had given her a pill from her doctor, and was using a 12 0z. water bottle to help her swallow it down and she struck out at me with a punch and a slap to my face. My boyfriend was accused of putting a mark upon her neck which was in a scratch like form. All this was told to CPS by my daughter after they were informed by the school of my daughters statements. CPS interviewed my daughter at school without informing me first or talking to our lawyers as we had advised the school previously that my daughter was represented by a legal firm and that they were to notify me in any event. The school administrators scoffed at my daughter telling her that she was twelve years old and that she did not have a lawyer.

My daughter came home and told me about it. I told her to be honest with me , âdid you accuse usâ? She said âno", she was lying because later on she came back and told me the truth and said "I didn't know that this was serious mom" but it was. Prior to that my daughter had run away and she was having problems in school by not doing her assignments in some of her classes,

I received a phone call from the school saying my daughter, had ran out the school doors and the staff had gone looking for her. She also has told the Assistant Principle to' shut up' and even called her the "B" word and felt no remorse about it..

I have been searching for help sense, for my daughter since she was in the 5th grade. I told the CPS case worker and the school that I'd bought The Total Transformation Program for $300 hundred dollar which has a book an on-line help advisor, and CD's for a parents aide, but that wasn't enough.

I started taking her to consouling telling them, âlook their is something really wrong with her and she needs help she needs medication or needs a neruological evaluation , Nobody took me serious I was a joke to them because my daughter displays a different personality to everyone else , she is sweet ,so nice , a good girl. what they don't see is her outrage, anger , her punching holes in the wall in her bedroom , punching holes in her bedroom door. Her trying to electricute everyone in the house and her self.

They are not there when she goes on her tantrum. I was trying to get help sense last year so it would not get to this point and it now has and now everyone wants to tell me that there's help. Hey that's GREAT where were these same people earlier.When I called all these people nobody knew anything. I

don't want my daughter to have a rap sheet on her cause no one takes heed to what I say. I mean I even called boot camps . I even tried calling and contacting Murray Povich and Tayra Banks as my child likes the TOP MODEL show. All my efforts got me nowhere.

I have CPS saying they want to help but they sure have a nice way of showing it. They threatened me and told me to sign my name right here that would have me agreeing to have cameras in my home for 6 months as well as 6 months of community service before there was even a hearing, before causeo , allegations, no formal reading of allegations, no serving me paper on my rights, they acted like I was a drug dealer. I've never used any type of drugs in my life. I don't drink .I don't like the taste of alcohol let alone the smell.

After our first meeting at the police stattion where I went to speak with the dective, I was supposed to meet with the CPS worker for at least 20 minutes I was still in their being badgered and hounded to sign papers to admit my guilt and fault, she would not let me read the papers or let me take it to a lawyer to read over she just wanted me to sign the paper. NEVER SIGN ANYTHING before you read it AND LET A LAWYER READ IT TOO!!!!!!

Now that they took her from me they want me to have my boyfriend move out and telling me that my daughter is going to live in another county (in the state) and she will be given a new name, new parents and new SSC number.

The CPS worker was telling her she is going to loose and her mom would be going to jail.

The CPS worker said she did her investigation but she hasn't done anything but hound me like a Salem Witch Hunt. The CPS âAGENTâ has also told me that she will beat me too. I was told by the CPS âAGENTâ that this âwas all my fault and that's why my daughter looses her temper, because of my bad parenting and neglegence.â I know I am a good mother I don't hurt my babie I am there for her and I discipline her when it's needed.

I love my daughter and only want her to have a good home and a good life and just enjoy her childhood. Just for her to be a good kid and to remember her life, be able to see that she had a good life. I just want her to be happy but when the states and schools give them power and ( they ) our children don't know the responsibility that goes with that power then choas reigns. Children then want to run and say I'm going to call cps, i'm going to call the cops on you because your making me do this (thing I don't want to do). I'm just going to make up something. I'm going to mark myself up so you get in trouble. What they don't realize , is that they are the ones that will be hurt too, in this process,that they are the ones tearing the families apart and by the time they realize how serious it is they belatedly comprhend that they've made a huge mistake and when they try to correct it by saying I lied, I made it up. It's to late they have started a mess that they can't undue.

CPS doesn't listen to what we say and they play games and think that this is a contest and most parents don't know how to get help or what they can or can't say or sign.

We really live in a messed up sociEty and we are being punished for a crime we didn't commit. The only crime:WE THE PEOPLE gave the state to much power to run over us we are the victums by the state and by the cps. We are the ones that are getting abused by the NEW BROWN SHIRTS and beaten on and that's not right. I just got my babie taken away from me this month I need to know how to fight it this agency They came to my daughters school and just kiddnapped my babie and handed me no papers no phone calls nothing.THIS IS AMERICA????? INNOCENT BEFORE PROVEN GUILTY??????

But they(CPS) have no problem calling my x and updating him on what's going after getting information from the school after I'd told the school not to affilate my daughter with any information that deals with him and no information is to be given out to him. How or why the school felt that a divorced xxxx, who is not the biological father needs to be contacted I donât know? Next thing I know the cops and the CPS are talking to my x.

I found out my x and CPS has struck up a deal about if you can get her daughter away from her I will support you as a foster parent, with financial aid, food stamps,etc. which would be $86,000 a year, vision, dental, and medical for you and her.When I heard that I was like what in the world so my x is sleeping with the enemey with a devil deal going on and then he talks to me like I'm not checking on everything he says and that he provides information to the CPS AGENT that I DON'T KNOW where some stuff is coming from.

I found out that when I talked to Central Intake a woman named Mary another AGENT for central housing for dispatch and indexing of information and a vehicle for delaying YOU from finding out the truth they lied to me too. Mary told me she was safe and in another county and in a protective foster home.

This was after My X called at 7:00 P.M. she wasn't in the foster home like I was told. 9;00 P.M. The AGENT comes over to my house asking ME did I know where my daughter was? It's 9:00 P.M. And you're 6 hours late coming to tell me that my daughter's missing and you're asking ME do I know where my daughter is? The Agent gets on the phone afetr I informered her that I'd talked to CENTRAL INTAKE (WHOOPS!!!) NEVER DIVULGE what can become crucial evidence for your case. Anyway The AGENT PRETENDS TO BE ALL CONCERNED donât buy it.


mytakenchild 2 years ago

My name is Carrie J. Strickland, I live in Michigan. My family as well as other family's within our state have been living a nightmare through the encumbered practices of Attorneys using the Division of Family Court as their personal playground resulting in multiple catastrophic occurrences.

Many that have been affected are able to identify the activities, links and or common involvement of these particular key individuals. Within these groups of individuals they have demonstrated noticeable similarities of corrupt deception while lacking in extremely degrees of professionalism.

Their desire for capital gain, arrogance and power is a sure demonstration of their true lack of concern for children, deliberately oppressing our children by put them in harms way! They have unlawfully taking away all of my rights to my daughter without warrant, as they have done this to many others and are using our children as collateral in efforts of keeping us silent about their activities.

Due to this web of deceitful collaboration by thee participates they should at the very least be reprimanded for their actions, and these individuals should face a full investigation by an outside agency into these displayed and provable unethical tendency's of abuse of power according to the Michigan rules of professional conduct as well unlawful activities according to the Constitutional litigation, the State and civil laws and ethics.

Many rights and Laws have been broken within these cases, preformed by some individuals. We have been falsely tricked into believing that they are guarded by their educational background and held title, furthermore, after a full investigation I am sure that some sort of prosecuting measures and restructuring will be in order for their surreptitious crimes and cruel actions committed against the children and parents of our victimized family's.

mytakenchild 2 years ago

For my story go to, soon it should be web address,

pati4u1982 2 years ago

my name is patricia im 29 have 5 bueatiful babies who were just taken from me by cps. On the 12 of june i was put on probation and on the 24 of june 2011 a cps caseworker showed up at my probation visit asking for a consent to my case i said no he asked for me to take a ua so i said i would. He than ignored me went to the supivisor and got permission to overrule my no consent and was given a paper on two previous dirty uas. All of a sudden he has me crying cause their guing to take my kids. What happened to the house checks to see if their clothes are clean food in the refrigerator are they well taken care of. At the age of 10 i was on probation a dad who beat me a mom who didnt know how to raise us. I started drugs at 10 was sexually active at 10. I was sent away at 12 and released at 16 to a sister who was bipolor. I staarted my own family and changed it all for them my oldest is a cheerleader and a girl scoot at ft. concho my sons are a and b grades the teachers love them. I was in an alternative school for being kicked out, My kids dont cuss. They send me letters beggin to come home on the 10th of july 2011 judge weatherby told me that at one time i may have been a good mom but no more all on my own ive rasied them with a promise to let no one harm them. I showed millions of pictures even took recorded cds of our life. i'm a recovering drug addict i fight it every day one day at a time they havnt done nothing to no one. Please if you can give me addvice or help i beg you. i cant live without them their my world.

theVikar 2 years ago

@mrducksmrnot: Here in New Zealand we have CYFS Child youth & Family! the role & concept is the same! I agree with you 100%. To Control & take away parental rights.

Settingmeup 2 years ago

I have an open CPS case and they are setting me up for failure. My Counselor/Life Skills worker has broken confidentiality with me and I have talked to my CPS worker because not only that, she misses appointments, is late, or says I write the wrong dats. My CPS wprker said to me that she believes my Counselor over me because she "knows" her and not me. I told CPS I really needed someone I can confide in and trust to get help so there is no more threats of taking my Kids. They denied me seeing a diffrent Counselor. Beach of confidentiality is VERY serious and If I cant trust her, how am I suppose to get the help I need to save and keep my Family together? They are setting me up for failure. They dont include my Husband on things, they lied in the PPC hearing letter, its all false but told me its no"big deal" to have it corrected. I am trying to find a Lawyer here to help us. I have NO choice but to work with these sneaky ppl who really dont care about me or my Family. Ive had 18 false calls from Inlaws and they are involved because of an arguement that happened here. And IM the ONE WHO CALLED CPS FOR HELP!! BIG MISTAKE!!!! Any suggestions? i have requested meetings, they deny them to me. I feel as if Im fighting the WOrld alone. This is not fair.

mrducksmrnot profile image

mrducksmrnot 2 years ago

DSS (Dept. Of Social Services), CPS (Child Protective Services) or whatever it may be called in your area of residence here in the United States was put in place for several reasons. 1. To control the next generation 2. To take away a Parent's Rights without due process of the Law and 3. As a money maker for BIG Government at the expense of We The People.

cpsmommy 2 years ago

@lisakaye66: I think az likes to take every kid thay can get there hands on they took our twin daughters srtight from the hospitial. And now they want to take them away from us for good.

cpsmommy 2 years ago

I Have a cps case going on since march. They took my twin daughters from the hospitial without coming and doing a home visit. They didnt get the father and I into classes entill may. We have and are doing every thing they have asked us to do. We went to cout just last month and cps asked for more time and my daughters lawyer asked for the right to be taken away. They have no reason to we finished our parenting classes. And all the other things they have asked us to do. Every thing from move from were we lived and doing clean uas. So what right do they have to take them away from us.

jltyree 2 years ago

I have 2 children that were taken away from me this week by CPS and the court due to my husband being falsely accused of child molestation in another county. My ex-husband (which is only the father to one of my kids) made accusations with CPS stating that my husband was being left alone with my kids which breaks his bond of not being allowed to be alone with a minor. I now have visitation for 3 weekends a month and I barely get to even talk to my kids on the phone. All of this started because my husband's ex-wife coerced his children to say he had molested him. He had filed for full custody of all 3 of them the week before the accusations were made. It's obvious of the reasoning behind the allegations, but CPS still has 2 founded cases now against even though he has not been found guilty through court. What happened to being found innocent til proven guilty? Anyways, my ex-husband claims my children were in danger being around my husband. My ex waited 5 months to deem they were unsafe and go through CPS and the court!!! There is so much evidence to prove that my husband is not guilty, but it seems that no one wants to listen to us. I would love for some help on this because I can't seem to find any. This case is in Virginia. Thanks to all who help and God bless!!!

roxie73 2 years ago

im trying to fight social services at mo they made up lies bout me took my eleven year old son away to foster carers in dartford i get to c him once every two weeks but never at xmas always supervised its like they treating me like a criminal i thik the government need to take a look at the system.

ThomasNKlotz 3 years ago

Today, however, I share news about corruption within the nation's child protective services agencies that appears to have claimed at least three adult victims, including two in Georgia who were fighting to expose its dark.

Family Law Chicago

lisakaye66 3 years ago

PLEASE help me! Az stole 3 of the greatest kids. I am a single mom and Dk how to fight them & get my babies back.

They are liars and mean to me. Please help!

gherishjhoven 3 years ago

you got good one for this...

JJNW profile image

JJNW 3 years ago from USA

What a wonderful thing you are doing with this lens. A good cause. *** Blessed by a SquidAngel! ***

TriviaChamp profile image

TriviaChamp 3 years ago

Very informative. Blessed.

ResJes profile image

ResJes 3 years ago from United States

I have a friend who's little sister was taken away on false accusations - it was devastating to the family. She was just a baby too. This is an important topic and I'm grateful that there is a lens discussing this issue.

lawpost profile image

lawpost 3 years ago

One of the biggest problems with CPS is that they start from the assumption that persons reporting alleged abuse have honest motives, complete knowledge of the situation, and are otherwise normal, healthy, well-adjusted people. Accordingly, CPS approaches investigations from the position that an accused parent needs to disprove the allegations. Poor training, poor qualifications, and big egos of individual CPS workers compound the problem and reduce the possibility that CPS will get it right.

KANEsUgAr profile image

KANEsUgAr 3 years ago

Yes, my fiance grew up in different foster homes, and was abused alot. Hes still messed up because of it. My mom constantly had one of the neighbors calling cps on her. She was a great mom, and didnt desserve it. Luckily we were never taken away.

peetred lm profile image

peetred lm 3 years ago

Wonderful lens. As a family who was falsely accused of abuse, we were lucky to have known enough about our rights when first being contacted to stop any further action or communication with CPS. Other families are not so lucky. I hope to have a lens and share our story soon.

Othercatt profile image

Othercatt 3 years ago

One thing I find horrible is that the way society reacts when they find out your children have been taken by DSS. Even if you did nothing wrong, you're still viewed as a bad parent.

PlacidPoet 3 years ago

i have a huge case against me and my wife. they took our kids then came into our home without a warrant. I was arrested for rape then the charge was dismissed with prejudice and they still are using the charge against me in the custody case. there is alot involved in my case and an extreme amount of lies and fabrications. we need help and don't know where or how to get it. we are poor, please tell me that wont be the determining factor to regaining our children.

jvsper63 profile image

jvsper63 3 years ago

I came across this just browsing and had to look..Thank you they do make to many mistakes If a child is abused yes they should be taken away . But sometimes they go to worse places..Much to often!!!

AuthorNormaBudden profile image

AuthorNormaBudden 3 years ago

This lens is featured at Child Abuse Victim Asks, Why Me?

Shylohjacobs 3 years ago

Thank you for sharing this, although sad. And here I thought my magnetic cell phone holder was my biggest problem when there are kids like this out there suffering. No one should be forced to take drugs.

ChaunyWrites 3 years ago

Wow! you are awesome for simply taking the time to write this, thank you so much on behalf of the children in our world, I cannot thank you enough, I feel so warm inside just reading this, I'm awestruck, speechless, and amazed to know that such a one as yourself still exist in the world today, and here i thought my heart was alone on earth.

LisaAuch1 profile image

LisaAuch1 3 years ago from Scotland

Lucky Leprechaun Blessing - Happy St Patricks Day

sheriangell profile image

sheriangell 3 years ago

Just reading the comments here on your lens is an indication that you are fighting a "good fight". Bless you for following your passion and dedicating so much of yourself to such a needful cause. Blessed today by a Squid Angel.

hveshdon 3 years ago

Its nice to know that there are people out there that are standing up for those who are falsely accused. Most people just hear the news and think good riddance, rather than question whether or not they even did something wrong.

tiff0315 profile image

tiff0315 3 years ago

Great information! My husband is a social worker and he sees so much violence every day, but there are those who are falsely reported to cps

taylerjordin 3 years ago

In 2001 Washington state took my then 2 and 4 yr old children saying that I was abusive and neglecting both of them. I didn't have the money to fight the issue and even after moving back to Oregon was still being accused of things that I couldn't have done because I hadn't been back in Washington and yet even thought I tried to provide proof that I was in Oregon they still put it on the papers that I bruised my 4yr. old daughter. I was young and stupid and was deeply depressed from all of this going on that I decided that it was best that I sign off my rights to my now ex-husband. It took me a few years to finally come to terms with the fact that it was going to be a while before I got to see them again and in the meantime I have tried (and continue to fail) to save up money to retain an attorney for when my daughter turns 16 so if she should want to be with me she could (unfortunately I haven't been able to get ahead ever since all this started so there is no way I can get an attorney). My holiday this year turned out to be almost as horrible as it did the year they took my kids. I received an email from a 2nd or 3rd cousin of mine (whom I don't even know) informing me that Oregon child protective services had custody of my daughter and they were trying to find family members who would/could take her. I obtained the number to the social worker in charge of my daughters case and have since been on a rollercoaster with them to give me my child back of course with no luck. The worst part of it is that in digging deeper I found that my ex-husband has been in jail since 2007 and charged with 5 counts of sodomy against a child under the age of 15 and come to find out further via a relative that my daughter was the victim (at least 3 yrs. this went on that was known of for sure)and it caused her severe trauma not only that she wants to be with me and they won't let her and to make matters the search for family that will take her they are going to have her move in with my sister who in my opinion barely takes care of her own kids. My daughters reactions due to the trauma she endured has caused her to require constant attention and also requires that there be no other kids in the household as she fights horribly with other kids and now has a tendency to try to get older men to do things they shouldn't do with a child. I have been working on trying to get her back even with all her problems because she is still my child and I still love her no matter what but you gotta love how the system don't care about the parent who never actually did anything let alone the child who all she wants is her mother....If there is anyone that can help me I really need it I have been treated like crap and continue to be treated like I'm a bad person.

hotbrain profile image

hotbrain 3 years ago

Excellent lens on a very important topic! Blessed by a Squidoo angel.

Linda BookLady profile image

Linda BookLady 3 years ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA Hub Author

@sarah1030: Sarah, please join us on our message board where we can give you feedback on your case.

sarah1030 3 years ago

My child was taken from me when she was 2 months old, due to family and a visiting nurse making false allegations. She has been hospitalized twice for failure to thrive, they are saying this is my fault for not feeding her. However, she has been diagnosed with GERD, which causes failure to thrive if not treated in the right way. since she has been taken from me they have changed her formula 3 times, and her acid reflux medicine was changed from Zantac to Prevacid. Since these changes were made she has been doing great. The problem they are saying her condition was non medical when clearly it is. Allegations were also made that I do drugs and drink all time. They gave full custody to her father, who hardly ever has her. His family has her more than he does. I am at a complete loss. I want my child back. Children services says they have made every effort to give her back to me, but that is not the case. All they have done is take my baby from me. And now because they did not do a full investigation on me, I am going to miss all the most important things my daughter will do the first year. Can you please help me?!?!

mhicke 3 years ago

I live in ky and I am a victim of horrific domestic violence, and so is my two year old child that I share with my abuser. I was recently forced by the court to give him my child. He made false allegations to CPS to take my child. The system has failed to protect us. CPS has conducted a poor investigation. I had to write the state capitol for an appeal and it was granted pending the outcome of my trial. My trial is tomorrow. I am facing trial also in December for custodial interference. I was afraid to give him my child and a warrant was issued for my arrest. He is also on the sex offender registry in our state.

Mrmakingusmile LM profile image

Mrmakingusmile LM 3 years ago

I love your work, very impressive. Thank you for making me smile.

Ann Hinds profile image

Ann Hinds 3 years ago from So Cal Level 3 Commenter

I think that this is so important that i added your link to the Child Protective Services on the Helium Topic Page. While it is important to Helium to have all sides represented, I wanted to make sure that your information was available. This is not a page that I get paid for but as a topic where other articles will be attached, the side of CPS abuse has to be represented. The link to to topic page is I wish that this info had been available when we went through this.

Linda BookLady profile image

Linda BookLady 3 years ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA Hub Author

@jiprue: Yes, you can fight this. Please join us on the message board ... we will work with you throughout your ordeal with CPS.

jiprue 3 years ago

yes my children were recently removed from the home due to a report of abuse from my daughter having a bruise on her face when i was investigated they didn't believe me when i told them that my daughter startled me when crawling into my bed and out of reaction i smacked her. the social worker and state policeman kept trying to tell them that i did it out of anger. this happened five days ago and they said my court date won't be until the middle of December. they were informed while here that i am on medication for insomnia. is there a way i can fight this. this is the first time ive ever hit my child due to my belief of not spanking and use time out as a means of punishment. im in a deep state of depression due to this so if anyone has suggestions of what steps i can take to get them back in the home sooner id be much obliged and very appreciative .

Ann Hinds profile image

Ann Hinds 3 years ago from So Cal Level 3 Commenter

Linda, this is a very important topic and having been subject to the lies, I really understand. It took 7 months to get our grandson out of foster care and another year to complete the adoption. Our retirement savings are gone but we have a happy, well-adjusted child. This is the biggest crime in our country. I am the adoption channel manager on Helium and this will be the next topic page I add.

starhorsepax profile image

starhorsepax 3 years ago

A very telling moment on television: An episode of Cops where the police had to arrest someone and take the child in to CPS. A female officer, reassured the child it would have a bed and toys and comfort. She carried the infant in. At the site of the cameras they got very irate and refused the camera crew entrance. The female officer came out in TEARS. A police officer, and said they didn't even have a bed or blanket. This is CPS? Most of that show is the same old cops and robbers, forgotten in an hour. But that one made a permanent impression.

CrossCreations profile image

CrossCreations 3 years ago from St. Louis, MO Level 1 Commenter

Excellent resource and support for all, thanks for being such a great advocate. Lensrolling to my lens about parent alienation and faved. Best to YOU!

ElizabethSheppard profile image

ElizabethSheppard 3 years ago from Bowling Green, Kentucky

Wow. I was not aware of this problem. I think it is great you are an advocate for people who are poor and mistakenly accused. Great lens!

SourHead 3 years ago

Great piece. your lens is insightful and awakening. I'm all for supporting causes with integrity.

Squidoo_Queen 3 years ago

I'm seeing more and cases like this in the UK too. Thankfully they have people like you helping them and getting more attention to this.

norma-holt profile image

norma-holt 3 years ago Level 4 Commenter

Abuse of parents is common in Australia also. We had the Lindy Chamberlain case whereby she was jailed for life for murdering her baby while all the time a dingo took it, as she claimed. How do you undo the hurt? *-*Blessed*-* and featured on Sprinkled with Stardust and also on Child Abuse

glenbrook profile image

glenbrook 4 years ago

It's sad that these kind of abuses are happening in a supposedly free country.

MattMiracle 4 years ago

i live in ohio my baby was taken from my ex almost 2 years ago she was on drugs while she was pregnant ,she had the baby about 4 weeks early.i was in jail at the time cps took the baby from her it was the right thing to do i was happy i know my baby would be safe. i got oput of jail last june since then i been fighting cps i have pass every drug test i did everything that they have ask. I went throght programs for them. im fighting cps so hard the head guy there chuck has been there for 23 years this is the first case that he has went to court an fought this hard you would throught that he was a lawyer how i know this was his first case is he told the court that it was his firat time doing this. see cps is in a small ohio town where every body knows everybody they go chruch together they hunt they went to school together so i don't have money to fight them i need about 5000 to 10000 thousand dollars i only work part time to i went with a court appt. lawyer big mistake i loss the case they took my baby from me i did nothing wrong but my pass caught with me they wouldn't look at everything i have done it didn;t matter i foster parents already chang my baby's first and last name is ther anything i can do??? im trying to file a appeal it doesn't look good. i know if i had the money for a lawyer when this first started i would have won

New-York-Personal-Injury-Lawyer 4 years ago

There are certain things which do not fall into the category of LAW. Family Law is a delicate subject and it should be handled with care.

There are several cases of child abuses as foster care as well.

itsmyopinionk 4 years ago

@Linda BookLady: I am thinking I wont tell them maybe they wont find out and maybe if they do they wont care because he is over 18 but I was told I probably shouldnt live with a guy let alone one so young. My baby was taken because they thought i used drugs when i was pregnant and because i am disabled they think i cant take care of him

itsmyopinionk 4 years ago

@Linda BookLady: I am thinking that I shouldnt tell them but maybe they will be ok with it

momsboyfam4 4 years ago

@crystaldtadlock: I would have to say thats where we need to unite with each other no matter where you are at or where your from the more of us against the system the harder for them. try 9-12 patriots website good luck and god bless

momsboyfam4 4 years ago

@itsmyopinionk: first of all why was your child taken and do you have a attorney? if not you can try calling the attorneys listed on our website. it is under the falsely accused link of good luck and god bless

Linda BookLady profile image

Linda BookLady 4 years ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA Hub Author

@itsmyopinionk: I don't know. Every case is different. Have they used this against you in court yet? What do you think the social worker and judge are thinking about it?

itsmyopinionk 4 years ago

@Linda BookLady: can i stop them from keeping him and still live with my boyfriend?

Linda BookLady profile image

Linda BookLady 4 years ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA Hub Author

@itsmyopinionk: Yes, they will try to convince the court that they should keep your baby, and will use everything they can against you, including the young boyfriend. See my site, FightCPS, for help in preparing for court. Good luck!

itsmyopinionk 4 years ago

I live in Tacoma Wa. CPS has my baby. I am 40 years old and am living with my boyfriend who is 19 can they stop me from getting my baby back?

crystaldtadlock 4 years ago

My story is quite long and upsetting. I am reaching out to ANY source of knowledge or help that may be offered.

I had a "friend" whom I have known for approximately 4 years and whom I would travel from my home in Wichita, KS to Eskridge, KS quite regularly to visit with and would allow her to spend time with my daughter. I met my husband and we were married on December 19th, 2008 and this woman was at the wedding as a witness for us. After the wedding my friend approached me about a vehicle I was selling so I agreed to allow her to make payments on the car. After several months of no payments I began asking about it and asking when she would be paying on the vehicle, she began telling me I should divorce my husband and get back into a relationship with my child's father who was very abusive and controlling. This went on for about 6 months and she kept telling me that my husband was poor and could not care for me or my daughter and regardless of the violence my child's father was financially able to care for us and that I should just "get back with him". After I continued to refuse she then began asking about my husband and if I think he would touch my daughter inappropriately. I told her no, and besides we both worked and he was never alone with my daughter to even be able to do anything like that. The woman dropped it and then in July 2009 my family and I moved to Aurora, CO.

While in CO my mother lived with us and is disabled so she does not work nor drive. She provided daycare while my husband and I worked. After several months we decided to move back to KS due to the cost of living. Upon return to KS, my "friend" offered to help and watch my daughter, I was 4 months pregnant, until we got settled and got our own place. We agreed upon a time for her to bring my daughter home and I spoek almost daily with my daughter and my friend. After she had my daughter for 3 weeks I get a call that my child is in Police protective custody in Topeka, KS which is 2 hours from my home and that they could not give me any info over the phone.

The following day, which was Monday morning, I recieved a call from an SRS worker in Wichita stating they recieved a call tipping them that my daughter was being molested and that after they had went over everything they advised the tipster that they would not be removing my child. I then told the woman that my child was in SRS custody in Topeka due to being taken to the hospital for an inspection. She couldn't believe it and after talking with police and such I was told I should get my daughter back as there was no evidence.

I have went MONTHS without seeing my child, my child is STILL in Topeka, the story as to what happened to her keeps changing and getting worse and worse. Now I was involved in the abuse and I locked her in her room and beat her. SRS in Topeka gave my child to the woman who made the accusations who, conveniently, is all of a sudden foster care certified. She then told the courts that I abandoned my child at birth and she turned a room that I have photos of being an office into a bedroom!

I hired an attorney who FORGOT about my trial date and he took all of my money and then emailed me that he never said he would do everything he could for me, that I couldn't afford the "OJ defense". I have all of this in writing. He even told me that he REFUSED to file a motion for change of venue for me. Since all of this is going on SRS where I live in Wichita has now taken my newborn. None of the interviews done with my daughter were either video or audio recorded. At trial the woman who has my daughter said that my child told her she had done these sexual things with her sister while we lived in CO. I called SRS on my child's father who lives in CO, my oldest resides with her father there, and SRS said there is nothing indicating that she has seen inappropriate things nor has ever done anything of the nature.

I am trying to find someone who can help represent me. I am appealing the substantiation by SRS. I have had to fire the attorney I had who would not even speak to me. The crazy thing is, I WORK for an attorney who does bankruptcy and even she told me that this guy should give me my money back because he wasn't doing what I was paying him to do. This is my life. I am losing both of my kids and my child is being filled with all of these HORRENDOUS false memories. I need to help her and get her away from this crazy woman as well as prove mine and my husband's innocence. If you know of any attorney's locally who may be able to help me. I gave this other attorney all I had and he states he never intended to call witnesses NOR provide the OJ defense for my case. I have nothing to lose except my family so I am reaching out to any and all who may be able to help.

Thank you for your time. I realize this is a lot of info but the story is worse and much longer. I left out much of the story out of respect of your time.

Crystal Tadlock


momsboyfam4 4 years ago

"Happy Fathers Day" to all the father's that have stuggled without their families and god bless

momsboyfam4 4 years ago

@helplessfamily89: please feel free to share your story and join our site thank you and god bless

momsboyfam4 4 years ago

@Linda BookLady: god never gives us more than we can handle we think that it is alot but that's how god shows us and teaches us patience and lets us know that he shall and will not forget about or forsake us

justholidays profile image

justholidays 4 years ago Level 1 Commenter

Oh my... Living in Europe, I thought it was a story that we could only find in movies... and now I discover it's for real. What could I say except that I was touched by this page and your experience as well as your battle. I wish that, one day, things go better for the sole interest of children, parents and potential foster families. And I thank you for informing the whole world about this!

dbestgirl 4 years ago

I am a single mother of 2. girl that is 4 and a 6 month old baby boy. My son caught RSV in his daycare at the age of 3 months old, during that time the doctors had told me no smoking in the home which i did comply to and smoked outside. When my son got better i did proceed with smoking in my home. He then had gotton Bronchitus at 5 months old and was hospitalized agian. Then came DHS or CPS as some people would call them. and claimed i had put my child in danger of my smoking in the home. I really dont know what to think about all this, first of all they say its okay to smoke around my 4 year old but not my baby. because they are claiming that he has a respitory problem and i was told not to smoke around him and that i continuely did so. Well thats not true! I never knew he had a respitory problem.... I new he had RSV and i did not smoke in my home at that time. They never told me he could never in his life be exposed to smoke. during the time he was born intill the present i have had 4 manditory reporters in my home a total of nine times. 2 school teachers, the headstart program superviser, and a local nurse. Not one of these manditory reports ever thought my kids were in danger or ever neglected. I could see if i was told never to smoke around him agian and that he had a respitory problem.... and that he never could be exposed to any second hand smoke.. and then continueally did not listen and kept doing this.... I could see that that would be a case for neglect. This issue is stemming from me smoking in my home. They say I neglected my baby boy!!! But i dont feel that i have neglected my child at all! They found me guilty of neglect for critical care of my child and did not put me on the registry. Well i just can not except it.. So i am writing an appeal letter and appealing this matter. I know smoking is a boarder line thing... but I would like some second oppions> and please be honest... Do you think this is a case of neglect? Thanks for your oppion.......... and yes now that i do know my child does have a respitory problem i have since quit smoking... Thanks for taking your time to read this.......I know one question you probably all want to know is how much did i smoke in the home... yes i was a heavy smoker, but my child was in daycare 40 hours of the week while i worked and when he was home it was time for me to make supper, bath my kids, have some mommy time and off to bed. I mostly smoked when my children were in bed and in a seperate room, never in the same room as my child. Thanks again for your oppion on this matter... am I wrong to be appealing this? and was my child neglected?

JetHowe 4 years ago

hi...I wish that I knew about this site a lot kids were taken away by Cps false accusations my rights were terminated and then after that the cps workers that were involved in my case were fired due to an investagation about so many children these workers were taking from families and putting them in foster adopt families and about a child that was taken from them and put in a foster home where the boy died due to starvation...CPS literally lied in court in my termination hearing...the Judge congratulated me on my success on turning my life around and told me he was proud of me as I had remarried and was financially stable and had a good home but he still terminated me stating that it took me too long to turn my life around....since then my daughters have been adopted and my son is in long term foster has been three years since my rights were taken and I am still financially stable and clean and children were taken for alleged neglect and after their biologically father had sex with a 15 year old in the room my children were asleep in...I had recent cps involvement before this due to headlice epidemic that was happening in my daughters school every time I got rid of it they would send her home again because she kept catching it this led to too many days of school missed so Cps was called in....after their bio dad went to jail for what they did i was harreassed by cps..lied to by them sent to inpatient were my cps worker camr to visit me and after I had done my 60 day court ordered inpatient treatment for alcohol and said I could return I DID then cps told the court that i left the treatment center without thier permission...they had also told me when I was in inpatient that I would have visits with my children which they lied on my own with the support of my family was able to get sober...cps did not like this because I did it without them....I guess my concern is is there anything I can do to get my son home or can my new husband either adopt him or apply for foster care......and I always wanted be a nurse and I hear that I can never do that now because I was terminated?

missjenkins25 4 years ago

@patrickrpg: i feel really bad about what happened and i know the pain that you feel and i dont know you but i will talk to you i understand they have done some things to me too

Linda BookLady profile image

Linda BookLady 4 years ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA Hub Author

@liljenn1978: Liljenn, the CPS supervisors are as bad or really, WORSE, than the caseworkers. They are successful family wreckers who got promoted. I would go to the meeting of the Board of Supervisors in your county. When there's time to get up and talk, I'd get up and talk about the violation of my rights and what the CPS supervisor said that you found insulting. If you do this you will only be given a couple minutes to speak so practice in advance and know what you're planning to say. Also I'd write a letter about this to my county area's supervisor (on the County Board of Supervisors) right away. That's what I'd do. The Board of Supervisors are in charge of the county offices. In your state they might be called something different than Board of Supervisors ... but I'm talking about the people in charge of the entire county, not just CPS. Hope this helps!! They will want to keep the county from having lawsuits and they will be able to get bad CPS workers and CPS supervisors fired or demoted.

liljenn1978 4 years ago

i am currently under investigation by CPS, The crazy thing is I knew it was coming due to another caseworker of people that dont like me called a friend of mine, told her all of the allegations about me.. That is soo against my rights of privacy!! 1 day after that cops and 2 cps workers came to my house accusing me of unsanitary living conditions, drug abuse and neglect on my 5yr old who has health issues!! I did allow them in knowing i had nothing to hide. I gave them all of my sons doctors names numbers and addresses!! I went for a drug test!! mind you this all happened on the 27th of May at 4:30pm.. I was told to arrive at the drug place no later then 12pm on the 28th, why is it that when i showed they told me i was there a day late!! CPS is at this time not giving me answers as to why they wont give me an amendment on the paper for the UA.. I was there on the 28th at 8:00am.. I did call the supervisor of the caseworker who broke my rights to privacy. that guy asked me why I was soo upset?? He said I had no idea who I was talking to, He also asked me if I wanted him to pacify me. I am totally disgusted with these people... They can not even prove any wrong doing,, why I am getting the feeling I need to get a lawyer, I have a bad feeling from this supervisor!! I ask for forgiveness I am rambling trying to get it out!! PLEASE I need help I dont know what to do!!!

patrickrpg 4 years ago

I donât know how much longer I can go. I have lost all tha I love in life. I have lost my children and I lost my wife. I donât know how much I can take. I canât find the people I need to help, and when I do I canât afford them anyway. Itâs not a matter of if I ever see my kids again it will be never. I Canât eat I canât sleep. Every time I close my eye I see them sleeping, so swet and sound. Like I use to when I was with them. I use to watch my wife sleep so sound and when I was tried I laid down beside her. I put my arms around her and told her how much I love her. No all that is over.

I have no choice I canât see them, I have no choice I have to let her go. As much as it hurts ( like no pain I have felt before.) I have noone to lean on I have noone to talk to. The pain just wonât go away. My ONLY friend is a bottle of pills. I donât know how many more nights I can sit in the backyard with tears rolling down my face begging God to help, praying I could take back the thing I have done. There is no hope.

I love all four and will ever more.

patrickrpg 4 years ago

I've been calling these lawyers fow weeks now! What part of I had to leave MY JOB do they not get??? I can't afford 10,000 7500, 5000, or eve 2500! I need help and can't find it. This is how CPS wins, they know we can't afford a proper lawyer, we don't make this kind of money, hell we barley make end meet as it is.

I need help and all I get is a price I can't pay. What is worng with this picture?!

Linda BookLady profile image

Linda BookLady 4 years ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA Hub Author

@patrickrpg: Patrick, no matter how bad it looks, things will get better. Remember 'this too will pass.' I know you're depressed - who wouldn't be? But by living through this pain and making your experience public you could help a lot of other people not to have to endure what you went through. Please look to the future. We are trying to make a difference and could use your help. The more you write about what they've done to you, the better you'll feel. Writing is very therapeutic... much better than those antidepressants. Also, try St. John's Wort instead of pharmaceuticals... it is a herb - natures remedy for depression.

patrickrpg 4 years ago

There are things in my life I wanted to keep secret. Some things that hurt beyond belief. Some things I never wanted to talk about again., but everyone should know the truth about Texas CPS, and me.

When I was taken from my father, CPS, and two police officers took me to a small office and started to tell me things about my father and step-mother. First they asked if either had ever touched me in the lower regions, and/ or anything else. Then they took out a doll and pointed to parts and asked if she had done anything of what the described with the doll. I was 12 and was not going to be treated like a child. For Four to eight hours a day they would tell me what my father did to me, then ask âWhat did we say your father did to you?â After a few weeks of this I told them what they said, then they would bring in another police officer with a tape recorder, and ask â What did you father do to you?â I told them the truth which was âNothing.â

Some times they would feed me but only when I cooperated. For months they tried this, and for months I told the truth. One day I started to believe what they said, and when the tape recorder came I said one of the things they told me to say about my step mother. That next Monday I was brought to a court room where my step-mother sat. The CPS worker went up to the stand and told them everything that they were telling me to say. They played the tape of what little I said then turned it off. I wasnât allowed to speak.. They sent her away to prison for 10-15 years. It was my fault. I never got over that.. Itâs hard to talk about.

A few days later They went back to what my father was suppose to have done. Every day Mon. _ Fri. they did this for to years. They sent me to shrinks, and counselors, and they all told me the same things and tried to get me to tell them what they wanted to hear. After they took me from my abusive uncleâs house ( I ran away) they sent me to Waco Methodist Home, where they locked me in a 6X4 room, feed me Imipramine.

the possible side effects of imipramine?

fast, pounding, or uneven heart rate;

chest pain or heavy feeling, pain spreading to the arm or shoulder, nausea, sweating, general ill feeling;

sudden numbness or weakness, especially on one side of the body;

sudden headache, confusion, problems with vision, speech, or balance;

feeling short of breath, even with mild exertion;

swelling, rapid weight gain;

confusion, hallucinations, or seizure (convulsions);

easy bruising or bleeding, unusual weakness;

restless muscle movements in your eyes, tongue, jaw, or neck;

urinating more or less than usual;

extreme thirst with headache, nausea, vomiting, and weakness;

skin rash, bruising, severe tingling, numbness, pain, or muscle weakness.


And after and only after I told them I was having this problem they started asking me about my father again. I still told them nothing ever happened. Almost a year went by while I was locked in this room, and everyday they did the same thing. After I woke up one afternoon in the middle of the common room, foam dripping from my mouth and no control over my body I realized I either had to say what they wanted or die. The next day one of the councilors told me what to do. When they came to tell me what they wanted I ask for a lawyer. With in hors the councilor and my CPS case worker was fired, and a new CPS person took me to another home, then they only tries to tell me what they wanted once a month until I called a lawyer for the foster parents cell phone. That night after I dug up my quota of stumps, I went to the bunk house to find the door locked and they refused to let me in.

I Walked from Lampasas to Temple TX and caught a ride with a preacher for the to Fort Worth. After two days of staying at Union Gospel Mission I was greeted by four of Fort Worthâs finest and returned to CPS. At 21 all records were to be sealed, and no one is suppose to read them. After I found my father was out and safe I thought it would be safe to return, it was a good job and got us a nice house. Life for once was good. Yes I know I should have never used a belt. I more than likely need parenting classes, after all I didnât exactly have the best childhood and/ or people to teach me how to be a good parent.

Now Imagine Kevyn or Melissa in that type of environment. How long of some one telling you what your father did to the. How long do you think it would take for an 8 year old or even a 6 year old would stand under that type of pressure. It took one 7 year old I know from a home in Springtown TX, about three weeks, then he believed it. He was 11 when I meet him but he said that he knew it was BS but it he still felt that it was true. This is why I had to make sure the kids got out of Texas. I donât know about Virginia but I know Texas is evil, and has, will and if they can brainwash children. I spent 7 years with them, and only because I was older and knew better, I survived.

After foster care I was homeless for five years, then found enough odd job to rent a small apartment. I struggled till I was 26 when I joined the Navy. Even then for the first year I was a drunk. The Navy AM that had made the BAR as his recall number. It wasnât till I meet my wife that life started to straighten out. I had two girls with her, she had a boy before we were together. I remember sitting in bed preying to God she was ok, my fear was if I ever lost this family.

One day I got a job offer in Dallas, and things were fine till I lost the job. One night I found my 8 year old with a wire wrapped around his finger and stuck into a broked light and the plug was in the wall. I paniced, I use a phone book in my hand to knock him away from the plug, than out fear slapped him. I thought he was dead, but he was ok. The next week they came back CPS forced me to leave, then a few days later they came and took them from my wife. They held them for three weeks before she was even allowed to see them. Then one of them said I had made him do things to his sister. I never done anything like that and I never could I love my girls more than that. The last thing my wife asked was about my father and what he went to jail for, I never told her he was in jail. They found it and used it against me.

Iâm broke, I canât get a lawyer because I canât get the retainer, hell I canât buy a Coke. They sent my kids away, My wife wonât talk to me, and I have nowhere left to go. The VA gave me 30 days of antidepressiants but it wonât be enough. Tomarrow I go to buy a sirng, and will set it by where I sleep so when they come for me all they will take is my corpse.I canât go through this and I canât put my girls through this. Itâs the only recourse have. This is what CPS does to children and this is what happens when we grow up.

helplessfamily89 4 years ago

My three year old nephew was ripped from my arms last night by dcf in massachusetts. His mother had taken off on a vacation leaving my nephew in my care. Ive always been there for my nephew since infancy and me and him had a very close bond so he had no problems staying with me. I stayed at my mothers house because I live in a studio apartment. In 1996 my family was involved with d.s.s with a allegation that my father my sisters step father has sexually molested her. I was only 6 or 7 at the time so do not recall much of the 2 year long ordeal. My parents fought and used all the money they had to clear things up. My sister and brother and I were never removed from our home during this time period. The case was overturned at a fair hearing by the department themselves in 1998. When dcf found out my sister had "abandoned" her son to go to kansas they insisted I go to court to receieve custody of my nephew. Thinking its the best interest of my nephew temporarily we go to court to get custody. Because of the allegations against my father which were overturned they claim my nephew cannot under any circumstances stay in my home. A few weeks prior we had showed dcf all paperwork and court documents stating the case was in fact overturned. At that point that had told us that the concern they had for my nephew being in our home had been dismissed and it was "all set" for my dad to stay in his own home. While we were at court dcf claimed that they never said that and regardless of the fact that the case was overturned it didnt matter there was still a history with the department therefore the child was unsafe. We told the department that my father would once again stay at my studio apartment until everything was straightened out. The next evening they came to the home and took the baby from my arms. How can you possibly tell a three year old child everything will be ok when you dont know yourself? I never felt more heartbroken in my life as he cried for me and my mother reaching out to us as those heartless soulless demons dragged that baby out of a home where he was loved and well taken care of. My family will fight until we get this baby back we never once abused him or ever put him in harm he was very well taken care of and very happy. Please pray for my family and our unfair treatment by the evil department who want nothing more than to tear families apart.

VarietyWriter2 profile image

VarietyWriter2 4 years ago

Blessed by a SquidAngel :)

LaraineRoses profile image

LaraineRoses 4 years ago from Lake Country, B.C. Level 1 Commenter

I am aware that these this goes on and am happy that you are fighting against CPS. They should consider more what the children say and want. Keep up the fine work!

momsboyfam4 4 years ago

Hello my name is Yvette and myself and my fiance are being falsely accused of child abuse and we have been fighting cps for almost a year now. We have two beautiful boys and the system has just been railroading alot of people that really love thier children. "Child Protective Services" just care about a job and paycheck. please feel free to read, join, and if you have a story please I encourage you to post on my site please help our family fight cps thank you and god bless you. Children are a blessing from god and the devil is trying to keep them from their parents.

Ahser 4 years ago

Thanksgiving of 99 was the last time i saw my son and daughter. I had them at my home and the morning after thanksgiving i drop them off at the mothers house and i never saw them again. A couple days later i called to tell her what time i was coming to get them for a wensday visit. She said "no your not he told me what you did to him". NOw he was only five and she wasnt even a year . i was Accused of touching and putting a bear up his anus. Plus like that wasnt enough i was Accused of giving him a knife and telling him to kill his sister.There was an investagation and it showed that nothing happened so no charges were filed. OK heres the fun part.My Ex wifes stepdad work for Cps and so did her brother. I had to pay for my Lawyer both Criminal ( for the investagation) as well as the the one in family court. All of her attorneys were provided for her free of cost. Mine were not, needless to say i ran out of money and could no loger pay for one. My KIds were stolen from me by Cps

peggyc 4 years ago

My heart goes out to families that struggle though this.

ImOutOfOptions 4 years ago

My family and I have been in a battle with CPS of Arizona for the custody of my brother and sisters. CPS took them about a month ago since my father was arrested and allegations of child molestation were filed against him by my 18 year old sister along with my brother. My father and mother have been divorced since 2007, my father was given the custody of my siblings by a judge who didn't bother looking into his background. My father was an abusive person throughout all of our lives with him. On December 22nd we found out my dad had been doing inappropriate things around my brother and sister so we decided to come up with a plan to get the kids away without alerting my dad. Since he moved to Kansas about 16 months ago, we thought he'd leave and then we wouldn't be able to do anything. During this time we kept the kids at my 18 year old sisters place. Then my sister decided to take the kids and confront my dad about the abuse, my dad called the cops telling them my sister had kidnapped the kids. Well the cops were planning to arrest my sister for that but they found out my dad had a warrant. That's when my sister filed the charge of molestation. After this CPS took the kids and would not bother telling us anything. On January 6 or 7th my mom was interviewed by the social worker and was asked if she knew about the molestation. My mom told them sincerely that she didn't know until my 18 year old sister had told her in September of 2009. When my mom found out she went to the courts of Colorado (that's where she lives), notified a lawyer/detective that the state had assigned to the case. I am not sure what that person said to my mom but he didn't do anything. My mom had talked to an officer and that officer told her they needed my sister to file a charge against my dad. My sister refused. She said my dad had threatened to kill her and my mom. Well the CPS turned my moms story around saying my mom knew about the abuse since it began. Besides being rude the social worker told my mom that if she didn't have custody of our half brother she would have taken him and would have kept him for herself. A couple of days later the social worker called my mom, again being really rude, they told her when the first court day would be and told my mom to her a lawyer. My mom can't afford a lawyer and she told them so. The social worker asked her what she planned on doing and my mom said I don't know but I will not quit until I have my kids back and the social worker laughed. I find the lying, rude and laughing part upsetting the most. She's an educated person and she doesn't act like one. Also on January 19 my 10 year old sister told us that the reason I wasn't allowed to take care of them til everything was settled was because, in the social workers words, "we're crazy" referring to my 18 year old sister and I. I had never even met her til the court day on January 12. And even then it wasn't a proper meet and greet. She walked into the building looked at us like we were from another planet sat down with their lawyer whom by the way kept giving us dirty looks. I decided to file a report against her at the Administrative Health Services I believe. But they told us that they couldn't do anything about it since the case was already in court. They also notified the social worker and told her what we had done against her. She called my mother and asked her if she had done that my mom said yes. And then the social worker asked why. Well my mom told her why. That was the first decent conversation my mom had with her since they met. She wasn't rude. And after two weeks of waiting for them to give us the court appointed lawyers number the social worker finally gave my mom the information needed. We have seen my brother and sisters twice and those two times they've told us some really bad things that have happened to them while in foster care. I'd like some advise one what to do. I'd also like some support to help my mom get my brother and sisters out. My dad put us through hell. We have made mistakes, no one should judge us because no one is perfect but we try to make the right choices.

SummerBorboa 4 years ago

My Children Are Being Abused In C.P.S. Foster Care

*Please Forward This To As Many People As Possible*

Is there any one out there who can help us in any way? Please our time is up Feb. 10th, itâs probably too late and putting it to God and the Universe is our last hope.

Summer Borboa

1675 9th Street

Firebaugh, Calif. 93622

Phone (928) 916-1918


My name is Summer Borboa, and I am writing you this letter today regarding my 3yr old son Shawn and my 2yr old daughter Trina. They are currently placed in foster care thru C.P.S.

There has been times I would go to visit my babies and my son would have bruises on his head, choke marks around his throat. When asked what happened he replied mom did it and pointed to the foster mom. I would call my worker down to see him and she would assure me she will make a report. Later when I would ask her about it all she would say was there was never anything filled, so there is nothing to tell. Another time I went to see him he had two black eyes (pic. enclosed) again when asked what happened he replied mom did it and pointed to the foster mom. Again I called my worker down, and she said Summer heâs a two year old it happens. Another incident when I went to see my babies my son had lice so bad his head was bleeding.

Now my daughter, when she was about a year old she was hospitalized with staff. No one contacted me. So when I found out (on the 3rd day) I contacted my worker to let her know Trina is allergic to sulfa drugs which is the drug used for treating staff. So on top of being hospitalized with a staff infection she was being pumped full of an antibiotic she was allergic to. All my worker could say to me was it slipped my mind to call you and tell you what, do you want me to say. And to top it off Trina sleeps in a room in bed alone with a grown man, who brags about sleeping in bed with her.

I completed a 3 month inpatient drug program and numerous other classes that C.P.S. has asked of me. Still my reunification services got denied, and my court appointed attorney has done nothing to try to help me get my children back. When it was time for my trial he didnât tell me I could have anyone come testify on my behalf. When I asked him he said it was not important to have any witnesses. I also asked him to help me fill out my appeal papers, which he refused. When I did file my appeal he called left a message on my voice mail saying how dare I file papers without asking him, what do I think Iâm doing filing for an appeal. I recently asked him to drop himself as my attorney and he refused.

My next court date is set for February 10, 2010 and I have no idea what to do. If there is any way anyone could possibly please help me, or have any advice it would be greatly appreciated.

I would like to thank you for taking the time out of your very busy schedule to review my letter.

Thank You,

Summer Borboa

Annette Traylor-Smart

1675 9th Street

Firebaugh, Calif. 93622

(928) 916-1918

To Whom It May Concern:

Growing up in a family of police officers we put our faith in justice and a court appointed attorney.

Iâve had my daughter calling me after C.P.S. visits with her babies because her 3yr old son Jun-Jun (Shawn) had hand prints on his throat and bruises on his head and ears. Another time both his eyes were black (pics. enclosed). When Jun-Jun was asked what happened, he pointed to the foster mom and said âmom did itâ. One other time she called me because Jun-Jun had lice so bad his head was bleeding. On 01/13/2010 at a visit Jun-Jun showed his mom a cut on his leg and when she asked him what happened he told her, âmom (the foster mom) put me in bath of cold water and I donât want cold water and was trying to get out of the bath and I got ouhieâ.

On 08/28/2009 I had a grown man brag to me about sleeping in bed alone with my 2yr old grand daughter and how he used to sleep with the last little girl they had too. While the foster mom is bragging to me about the 5 bedroom 2 story house she had built with the money she gets from babies, and how she is close personal friends with Arnold Schwarzenegger. We called the attorney and everyone at C.P.S. that we could get to listen. Not only did the attorney do nothing neither did the social workers.

C.P.S. weaned the children from their mother and hen did a bonding study. Her attorney has done nothing to help her. The Judge went as far as telling my daughter and giving her the form to file for an appeal for her family reunification services. Her attorney refused to help her fill the forms out and file them. When She filed the appeal on her own he called saying how dare she file an appeal. (Which was later denied because we didnât know what we were doing and he refused to help).

My daughter has done various classes that C.P.S. has asked of her. But they are giving my grandchildren to these foster parents forever and we will not be allowed to see them again.

C.P.S. has covered up physical abuse and wants to let the people that are abusing my grandchildren adopt them. I cannot believe this case with C.P.S. two children, a mother, and a family has come to this.

We are asking if there is anyone that can please help us to please contact us as soon as possible.

Thank You,

Annette Traylor-Smart

SARAHKINNARD 4 years ago


anonymous 4 years ago

The Childrens and Parenting Group that this lens belonged to has survived all the recent changes on Squidoo and is now a Lensography. This lens is now featured at Children and Parenting HQ.

And of course this visit gives me the chance to re-Bless this excellent lens.

asdowning 4 years ago

I had a cps show up at my door one night, she said someone called in a report but they didnt leave their name. She said they reported that my son had not gone to school because he had gone to get a flu shot, and then had to stay home and clean house. Also they reported that his stepfather had verbally and physically abused him. I just cud not believe what I was hearing. I told her the only truth to that was my son did get a flu shot and he did stay home because it was to late to return to school. My son had called his dad after he had just gotten the shot and told him he proably wouldnt be going to school, so he needed to pick him up at home. I asked her what time the call had come in and she said it was around noon. So I thought to myself who know about my son getting a flu shot and staying at home, well the only person was my ex. I told her that we didnt get along and he hated my new husband. So she tukk note of this and said she had to meet w/ my son and talk. Not sur wat to thnk!

anonymous 4 years ago

I have a degree in social work, specializing in Child Protection. I was never able to fulfil that role much (I can think of one job I didn't get because my first response to an imaginary scenario was not to call CPS but to see if I could ascertain myself whether that was actually necessary- a BIG no-no for social workers mandated to report.) I don't believe its possible to objectify subjective realities trhough the courts or any other system- the whole system is out of context because everything happens 'after the fact' and its backwards in that parents in the system are guilty until proven innocent. I think I've been on all sides of this coin- having a degree in child protection, having had a step-child accuse her new stepfather of abusing her with no reponse from CPS except 'family court', and I've also had my own parenting called into question when I found God and my family thought I was crazy for that. Boy do I have a lens to write -:) Great topic. 5* fav Love Darcie

dec08mess 4 years ago

my baby was placed in p.c in dec.08 i was clean when i had him .i had been clean for quite a while there reason for taking was my past drug and criminal history. how is it possible to take a child when there is no current drug use or danger?

busywithout4kids 4 years ago

This is in continuation.... two of my 4 kids are with my sister and brother in law. they went through foster parent training to help out and they have my two sons. It is Amazing how much assistance and support they get. THey are constantly going to new classes to be better parents, They Just got approved for a couple thousand dollars of tutoring for my son at sylvan learning center. But my thought is.. when they were working with me since 2006 where was all that support with me? It is backwards. THey should be giving the parents support and assist us with getting our lives turned around. they keep talking about reunification, but I swear they are back stabbing incompentant idiots that are just destroying families instead of there phone saying. Building strong families. Not in my case. I will not give up without a fight and I agree with the other poster.. i'll take this to supreme court and go to Oprah about it as well!.

busywithout4kids 4 years ago

I have been dealing with CPS since 2006. my kids were taken away then and they did there intake and it came back as unfounded alligations. I voluntarily cooperated with them. The closed my case. a few months later my sister called cps on me because my house was out of control. They were taken into custody and I have been fighting to get them back for the last year. I have 4 kids involved. I am a single mother. there dad moved and deserted his kids after we got divorced. I have been doing everything asked of me but it is never good enough. my counselor is outraged at what is going on. He keeps saying I am getting the raw end of the deal and he keeps me having faith I can get them back.

to be continuted on the next post

CCGAL profile image

CCGAL 5 years ago

This lens is probably the most moving of any lens I've read. I cannot read it without weeping.

qlcoach 5 years ago

CPS is suppose to save children. Unfortunately it does a lot of harm. I can relate because 40 years ago I was a fostercare and protective services worker. Wow. You brought back some painful memories. Hope you will visit my new lens about emotional healing. Gary Eby, author and therapist.

MoosesMommy 5 years ago

um hi, I am a 38 y.o single mom to a 4 y.o WONDERFUL little guy, today he is 4!I DESPERATELY need help or at least a point in the right direction to get help. My mother, who couldnt even manage to raise me, has went in a VERY discietful way and basically KIDNAPED my baby after having filed for guardianship of him. She wanted for him to stay "the night" with her and I agreed after TWO days of her pestering me...with the understanding that he was to be home the following day. What I didn't know was that close to a week BEFORE this she had filed. so the next morning when I was expecting my son home I instead answered the door to a sheriff officer who was there to serve me the papers. This was just a couple of days before Christmas, and she has only "allowed" me to see him 3 times since!! I dont know how to go about getting my boy back and every road I have been taking just ends with another dang brick wall. HELP I BEG YOU, or feel free to call (209)818-5024.

h_renee 5 years ago

I worked in a childcare facility for almost a year in a class of 3 yr. old. I absolutly loved it and could not wait for my 1 year review to be teacher qualified. I want to be a preschool teacher, its been my dream for along time. well 2 months before my 1 year i showed up at work and was told to leave due to the fact there was an allegation against me for slapping a 2.5 year old girl 2 days before. I of course told them it was not true and I would never do that. I contacted cps and the caseworker could tell me nothing due to the fact I was the alleged perpitrator and she wanted my side of the story. well, I don't have a story because I did nothing wrong. She said I wasn't able to go back until the case was closed. she said they ahd to interview everyone present that day. Ya, they never did, and they never contacted my work place. I have been trying to get back in touch with cps since and have heard nothing. What the "F" kind of system are they running! They ruined my chilcare career!!!

Momtothezoo profile image

Momtothezoo 5 years ago

I so understand your fight, though I have been on the other end of the problem as a foster parent. I have fought for the rights of children to have a voice in the courtroom. I saw for myself about my children my not just meeting their parents, but spending time with them to really get to know them. Some, I saw were really trying but others were obviously snowing the court...those I went after. I was able to help in many cases but I was drained emotionally since I had the children in my home as well. We adopted one such child and raised her to adulthood ourselves. You can find her story (Part I) on my lens: Keep up the good work!

OhMe profile image

OhMe 5 years ago from Pendleton, SC Level 6 Commenter

Not only is this lens very interesting and emotional but the comments that you have been getting just makes my heart ache. Good luck to you.

LairMistress profile image

LairMistress 5 years ago

Wow, this is some intense information. I don't know what they're teaching social work students these days; but CPS abuses both birth parents and good foster parents (see a case here in WA state, ); rips away children on false accusations, and doesn't do enough for children who are in abusive situations. I know a Muslim family who lost all their children on false accusations of abuse (some of them by a grandparent who disapproved of her daughter's conversion to Islam). CPS seems especially to target families who are socially and economically vulnerable (poor, homeless and unemployed, immigrants, same-sex couples, people of color, religious minorities, etc.), while giving upper-class parents plenty of leeway. They seem to have become, as I wrote elsewhere, an "under-the-table adoption agency for poor kids." There is real child abuse out there, but it's got to be handled better than this...anyway, thanks for writing!

anonymous 5 years ago

Welcome to the Children and Parenting Group

allinfoisfree profile image

allinfoisfree 5 years ago

I've heard a lot of horror stories. Years ago I had a friend where his mother in-law was the accuser and she ended up taking both of his kids away from him and his wife. His advise, on hindsight, was always have your own lawyer with you from the outset.... 5 *'s!

Macs_wife 5 years ago

I am FED up! we took in my troubled sister who only starting having problems for a year or so because she fell into the wrong crowd. We laid rules down for her to follow and it did not sit well with her, having rules was something she was not used to. She thought she was never going to go to be able to go home to her troubled friends and boyfriend. Well she decided to tell her friends she was being abused and has got our whole family in an uproar. Luckily our whole family is backing my husband and everyone knows it was a huge lie she has told to get home. Cps has changed every allegation paper every time we go to court. Something new is added or taken out, or our words are twisted to make her look credible. They are saying my husband has to take these counseling classes before he comes home HOW!! when he is not guilty why should he submit himself to that! My husband is a United States Soldier!! he fights for freedom and this country why has his country turned on him!

anonymous 5 years ago

You really are inspiring. This is a brilliant lens. I would love to hear Mom_Muze story listed here in your comments. I live very close to Riverside County. I have a lot of problems with Child Support Services and I think all these counties need someone to answer too! I mean a REAL someone to answer to. There are so many cracks and flaws that are swept under the rug that no one takes the time to examine each case on an individual basis to really get what's in the best interest of the children.

Brilliant lens! Great original topic, a great way to get people to speak out !! You deserve 10 stars! They would only let me give you 5?

AlisonMeacham profile image

AlisonMeacham 5 years ago

What a moving and excellent lens. My first career was as a lawyer. I was a litigator specializing in helping those abused in children's homes and foster care. I saw many things and heard many accounts which changed the way that I thought about the care system and indeed about life in general. I often felt that there really wasn't much that I could do at this stage as the damage had already been done, but I hope that in some way I made a difference to some. Heartfelt Angel Blessings to you.

anonymous 5 years ago

Linda, this is very moving. I was in foster care for 2 weeks - not because of anything my parents did but because my Mum had to have an operation and there was no one to care for me and my baby brother. It was in the days when Dads could not get paid time off for anything like that and we were too poor for Dad to lose any money. It was a nightmare and I was hit - I was only 5 at the time. So I know first hand the "darker side" of fostering.

Angel blessings for you and the work you do and for the fact that this is an excellent lens.

Franksterk profile image

Franksterk 5 years ago

Excellent lens about a topic that needs all the exposure it can get. Thank you for putting it together and for all the work you do for wrongly accused parents and their children. 5 stars. Bear hugs, Frankster aka Bearmeister

beautifuljoon 5 years ago

With the good comes the bad, it is no suprise that the government is out of control when it comes to "protecting" children. I remember when I was 13 and CPS visited me for the first time. A man took me out of class and sat me in a room alone with him. He informed me that my parents didn't know about it and I could say whatever I wanted to him. He asked me if my dad beat me, my dad is the sweetest guy in the world, so I looked at him funny and told him "No." After asking me some questions he got really upset and started pushing me really hard to say things that weren't true. "Your just confused, " he would say, "Your parents are extremely abusive aren't they? We can give you a good home that you don't have to deal with other brothers and sisters- just tell me they hurt you. COME ON! I know they are abusive!!" The guy was really trying to make me lie. I still don't know why. He didn't get me to though.

Thank you so much for sharing with us! I enjoy your lenses.

EpicFarms profile image

EpicFarms 5 years ago

Kudos to you for taking on such a worthy cause! I am sad to say I have seen this happen myself, most recently by a caring parent who dared to spank his misbehaving child outside of a restaurant. It took the poor man an entire year to get his child back, and pretty much ruined his life. I know my daughter had one speed - "wide open" - and always had all manner of scratches, scrapes, and bruises from bike wrecks, trees, etc.. Thankfully, they were never misinterpreted (but I definitely worried about it!) 5* to a wonderful champion for a noble cause :o)


dc64 lm profile image

dc64 lm 5 years ago

How sad to read these comments from parents who are desperately crying out for help. I was a foster child, and it was awful. I can't imagine having someone ripping my children from me and placing them in the terribly flawed foster care system. I'm lensrolling this to my Life as a Foster Child lens.

Jessica-Burde profile image

Jessica-Burde 5 years ago from Lehighton, PA

I wish I had found your site a year and a half ago. CPS finally closed a case against, after taking away our children for over a year. In Sept. of 07 they concluded that we weren't abusive, and we didn't get our kids back until Sept. of 08 b/c of red tape and paperwork.

What your doing is great, and if know of any way I can help others in the same or similar situations, please let me know.

raz99336 5 years ago

I am currently dialing with CPS over faults allegations against my husband and i over drug use. im trying to find out if i can have the person that lied about my husband and i have to take a drug test because this person was thrown out of my home because she was caught with drugs in my house and thrown out because of it and her report was out of revenge for throwning her. Can I have CPS test her too?

jackiev 5 years ago

Recently, my mother and my husband had argument, where she threatend to have her husband beat my husband up and call CPS on us for no reason. A few days later, they did. They stated that we had a history of domestic violence, our kids aren't supervised, and that we let the house and our kids get filthy. None of these are true. My stepfather did this as an act of vengence because my mother lied and said my husband said f*** him. I have a voice recording of him confessing to calling CPS and to topit off he's manic depressive schizophrenic with complusive cutting disorder. My mother is bi-polar with compulsive cutting disorder. Now CPS came and took my kids away a few days ago and I have court tomorrow. The police said that we should get them back after court, but I am so scared that they may be indefinitately stuck in the system. My aunt, went and filed a complaint against us because we no longer were giving her access to our kids. I don't even know where to start for help.

wherearethey2 5 years ago

hi, I may very well be the one person to ever have asked cps for help with my children and have every family/parental right denied! I have been harrassed and jailed for reasons I do not know to this day! I have had restraining orders placed on me to keep me from my children! I have had basically everything that is not legally allowed to happen in these kind of cases done to me! I have watched the court reporter take whole pages of statements out of the final court transcripts! I Have not seen either one of my children since 2005! I have now had a second true finding against me without my atty to recomending an appeal, and when I managed to get one started the judge dismissed it! I was not made aware of that event untill the day after it could be requested again! I have been falsely accused of molesting my children and told to attend special counciling to address it and process it- there I was told that if I did not say I did IT that they would fail me, too much for this box need help

eunicedavis32 5 years ago

hey im eunice i was in foster care and got pregnant with my daughter at 16 almost 17. im 18 now and my daughter went to foster care at 6mths. they claimed they couldnt find a foster home 4 us, so i let her go stay with my boyfriend and his mom. but when i turned 18 and got out of cps at 18, she all of a sudden went to cps. it was so unfair. my boyfriend was abusing me though, and my foster mom snitched.i have been required to due domestic violence counseling, anger management, therapy, parenting class, get an apt, and a psycholigical eval, also a mhmra assessment. just because i took meds in cps. i was abused in foster care and i dont want them 2 take her and do da same thing. my trial date is set for next week. i have never done anything 2 her. just because i was in cps and gave birth , dey couldnt find a place. so dey tried 2 take her. she hasnt been with me from the hospital.ive been breaking my neck and spendind mad money 2 get her back,they say if i get all my certificates

giacombs-ramirez profile image

giacombs-ramirez 5 years ago from Montana

Linda, I'm so moved by this lens and the work you are doing. When my son was young and WOULD not wear a seat belt I used to live in fear that if we ever got in an accident I could lose him for being a "bad parent."

sararacheleray 5 years ago

I have recently been investigated by CPS because our Foster son (a 17yr-old Honduran gang member) was caught smoking weed and decided in order to get the heat off of himself he told our foster care agency that we were smoking weed, my husband was abusing me, that we don't feed him or let him leave the house. This was so outrageous that I wanted to take them to court! My husband and I are probably the most loving and caring and best foster parent's their system even has. Well, they couldn't gather any evidence AT ALL that any of this was going on but the CPS worker was so determined to also take away my beautiful 2yr-old daughter that he threatened to file an abuse and neglect case against me for my choosing not to get my daughter vaccinated and for choosing to treat any and most of my child's health problems (which she has none) with holistic doctors!!! WOW! My lawyer told him if that was all he had to bring it on! and that she couldn't wait to see him in court!

LarryBass LM profile image

LarryBass LM 6 years ago

What an excellent Lens you've crafted here and SO revealing of the facts LindaJM! What crazy amount of these ugly tragedies are happening daily, all over the place, with these powerful agencies ruining so many people's lives?

You see Linda, I too, have been spit on and kicked in the private parts by these bastardly organizations that have ultimate power over us and our children and our lives.

This kind of dirty, rotten, scamming, dasterdly stuff REALLY, Really, Hurts! Makes anyone dislike the way things are being run these days. :-(

Keep up the powerful work you are doing here sister, it is NOT going un-noticed, by a long shot!

Your's in justice for a change,


bether 6 years ago

In December of 07 my 2 beautiful children were taken by CPS due to false alligations made by my mother. I have done everything they have asked of me. I have proven them wrong over and over, yet at every new court date they come up with something to keep this whole thing going. When does it end. I am so frustrated. My children are 4(girl) and 11(boy). My parents are filling my boy full of things and using him to make up alot of things. What can I do? My four year old was close to being returned but the judge granted them an extension to gather more info. Every court date is like this. I feel like i'm guilty until proven innocent. I thought it was the other way around in the court of law? HELP!!!!!

anonymous 6 years ago

i am in need of help they took my 12 year old daughter today i am out of state that they took her in and they took her in minnesota i have to leave my job and use my rent money to go back to minesota just to find out what is going on. they said it is becouse she wasnt inroled in the state of minnesota she is inrolded in an online achademy they said that that doesnt fly and took her. someone plz help me what do i do? julia baldwin

anonymous 6 years ago

I have never delt with anthing,so troubling in my life. I live for my children they are my life. CPS is the Satans little children they will lose in the end. I can't belive they get away with what they do. Boy's I will fight for you untill the end mommy loves u and we will win.

anonymous 6 years ago

Please help! They took away my breastfeeding baby girl & my 2 yr old boy because I called 911 since I thought someone broke into my house! We moved stuff from our 3 bedroom house into a furnished 2 bedroom townhouse so it was packed, but I got a moving truck and was in the process of emptying the house out to go into storage. My husband wasn't in the country so when the deadbolt locked when I tried to get back into the house, I feared someone broke into my house when I was in the moving truck in front of my house because there had been some robberies in my neighborhood. I called 911 since my babies were sleeping in the house. I warned the dispatcher that I was moving & the house was a mess, but they said it wouldn't matter. When the police arrived, they didn't find anyone, but they took everything away from me. Things on the floor & our smoke detector not working made my house a hazard, so they condemned it. Then they took my kids since they said I endangered them.

anonymous 6 years ago

Hi I am a doctor and the reason I am writing is because I do know doctors make misteaks , But I have a story that your not going to believe . I witnessed a child abuser abuse her child at a party three other doctors that were there saw her too. So after I saw that I told the grandparents and the father of the child all of that . We called CPS and in 2 months they closed the case . They didn't say why they just did . Others at that party saw it too . So in court the father testified about that when he tried to get some custody of his child CPS wrote a letter that cleared her but that child soon after had bruises all over her body and at that time that child couldn't even crawl cause she was still a new born . Does anyone know how I can save this child from abuse . The father of that child even has an audio tape that his ex even confesses to child abuse . can anyone please help me and that child from the abuse from her mother .

anonymous 6 years ago

I am currently fighting for my children. I lost all of my children 11/28/2006 because my son had a fractured rib and my explination was not good enough. CPS than took my new born 7/18/2007. I only got to hold him for 1 hour after he was born. I was not alowed to change his diaper alone because since I was melested and rapped as a child there was a great risk of me doing it to my son. CPS is now terminating my rights. I have done everything they have asked to the T. My counseler advised me to leave my 52 week program because I was getting abused in it. Just on that alone. They want to terminate but still alow me to have weekends unsupervised. The father of my older two beat my daughter with the belt recently and left bruises. I was forced to call and make a police report or cps would take them from me. I had a socail worker come to my home in merced county telling me I am not going to remove your kids. Your have been treated wrong. But still I dont know what to do. Please Help!

anonymous 6 years ago

Maybe someone can help me with this one. I went to court yesterday on behalf of my grandaughter whom I have had custody of for 10 years,I ask for a court appointed attorney, I realize they aren't great but at least they are councel for the court systems. I was denied, yet mom and dad were granted attorney's. Neither parent active in this child life for all these years. My son was in prison and mom has lost 2 children to this agency that were adopted out due to abuse and I had custody of this one for abuse also. When my son went to prison I begged CPS to place this child with me but they would not I hired an attorney and got custody of her on my own. At this time my funds are low and they have me jumping through hoops with all kind of counceling and so forth,even if I had a job I could not work I am tied up 3 days a week on the service plan and a 4th day I see my grandaughter for 1 hour. I do not understand how I am not intitled to councel when I can not afford my own.

anonymous 6 years ago

Yesterday I was visited by CPS for the first time in my life and I know who called in the false statment in was my husband's ex-wife who has not been in her son's life for about 2 years now. And all of a sudden she want's him back so we go to court next month. The worker was really mean to me right off..He knocked on my door like he was the police or something scared me and the kids to death. My step son who is 4 was crying don't let them take me mommy. He would not even talked to me until I produced the children. Like I was hinding them somewhere. Well he sent me into a panic attack I could not even let him into my house I was so upset. So then he said he was leaving and he would be prosecuting me. I done nothing wrong I was getting ready to have a panic attack and I could not deal with him. So I had my step son's thepist call CPS to tell them to come back but the guy was not in the office and was not coming back the rest of the day. I am so scared now.

anonymous 6 years ago

my son jaydon age 5 was taken cause false call from a person upset with me now my son is 9 and only get to see him on his birthday and xmas. he is missed so much and loved so much i want to be heard I am willing to go as far as I hafe to even to the STATE CAPITAL OR TV OPRAH ANY TALK SHOWS, They would not even let me fire my court appointed lawyer and hire my own. they would not even let my mom have a chance as foster parent and she went to school for foster parenting.

anonymous 6 years ago

This is not new. I am 30 years old now. When I was 12 I was pulled out of my class in school and sent into foster care. They claimed and made me admit that my father was sexually molesting me. Which was not true. They put me in foster care and proceeded to find evidence against my father. None was ever found and he was never charged. But I was abused while in the foster care home and began to run away from every home they put me in. They placed an order on my father that he can not come within 500 feet of me. Mind you even when they decided that there was no evidence they did not lift this. I was in the foster care system until I reached 18 years old. I did not stay in a home long enough for them to get any paperwork together to place me for adoption. And by that time I was considered a problem child and no one really wanted me in their home anyways. Despite what they said I did see my father but every time they found out they would just pull me back out of his home.

anonymous 6 years ago

My 17 year old 6'1 son came home sunday night screaming at me he was not going to sty in my house anymore, I told him to go to his room and he was grounded he then started screaming at me when i tried to stop him he pushed me and sprained my thumb left the house when I finally got him to talk with me about a 1/2mile down the road he informs me he has had an accident with my car. Upon arriving home he and his father got into a fight where he recieved a black eye while i in no way condemn this matter my child was removed from the schools the next day brought to the hospital where his girlfriends mother was with him and i was not notified, 3 days past before i was allowed to see my son and this was only do to the fact I called the court and told the judge the CPS worker was keeping me from seeing my son. My son wants to come home and he stated to all parties he is not afraid of his dad as he has never hit him b4 but the girlfriends parents continue to involve themselves in this matterHELP

anonymous 6 years ago

Florida CPS:

Out of Dade City. They LIE.

They took my nieces son, asked for a family member to adopt, my wife and I stepped forward and they adopted him out to another unrelated family anyway.

Start calling the hotlines and dropping the dime on judges and congressmen and mayors and governors. Maybe then something might change.

acamk067 6 years ago

So many with the same problem. Does our government no care about the people they say they're protecting? We've been fighting a battle with CPS for five years on and off all due to false allegations made by my son's ex wife. As stupid as she is she doesn't realize if the state takes the kids from my son she will not get them either. It's already documented that she is NOT to ever have custody of them, yet CPS takes her calls and continually harrasses my son. Her way of retaliating against him. I can only wonder if there are laws against this form of harrassment and what kind of money would it take to get her to either stop or be jailed for the injustice she does to her own children at the hands of a corrupt system?

anonymous 6 years ago

In my past I always fought against CPS for other young women without help. The table has turn and now I am fighting for my son and myself. One year ago I had pulmenary edema and was admitted to the hospital,I gave birth at 26 weeks to premature boy.I left work on a leave of absence with out pay. During the time in the hospital i fell behind on the rent and was evicted from my home. I called a few homless shelters and was turned away. Then i went to my mother house to stay until i could return to work.While I contined to attend my sons doctors appointments an insurance company representive sent a leter regarding my son insurance. I responded to the letter this woman wanted to set up taxi service to and from the doctors office in which i denied the offer.She then contacted the doctors office with appointments she had made on my behalf in which I didn't know about. When the taxi show up at the house I was not there.This woman contacted the doctors office and then CPS.

anonymous 6 years ago

I need help. In February, 2008, I was arrested for child abuse. My 16-year old son (6'0 tall) called me a fu%%ing bitch. I slapped his mouth, he then took my shoulders and threw me to the floor. I called the police to have him removed from the house, but they insisted I call a family member to come get him. I called his father.

His father is $58,000 behind on child support, and at that time only had visitation per my supervision (public place) for 2 hours each week, due to his drinking and drug use- and being caught for lying to the court about what he'd put the kids through. I have three kids by him.

Shortly after my son was picked up by his father and Aunt ( father has no driving privaleges for many years yet), State police came to my home and arrested me.

I plead guilty as a plea bargain so the event would stay non-public, and I was put on probation for 6 months.

In April, I took my children to a hotel (a yearly tradition for them to swim). I had drank vodka before going to the hospital (there was no walk-in clinic in town) to have them checked for lice, as I was told I had it a few days before that.

The hospital staff said I probably should not drive, so I voluntarily handed my keys over, yet they initiated a call to police. The police did not arrest me, and they even gave us a ride back to the hotel.

I called my ex-husband and asked if he could help me get a ride back to my house. I realized I would be better off taking public transportation, and told him to forget it.

Several hours after arriving home, child protective services came to investigate. The next day, they removed my children from my home, and I was arrested a few days later when I arrived for an appointment I had set with the probation officer to explain my contact with the police.

Child protective services removed the children on a basis that "I was hallucinating about bugs, convincing the children they had them; driving drunk with the kids, and other"

My ex-husband has been secretly (no taxes, or income to prove) working for his sister for the last two years. She owns two houses on a small farm, one which my ex lives in- all bills paid by her, for compensating his labor.The sister volunteered to be the relative foster parent. Now my children are with him full-time (secretly- cause it isn't ordered that way, just not provable).

He abused me for many years before I finally ended up in a homeless shelter with the kids. Now he has his support lowered to almost non-existent payments, which he only pays when a show-cause hearing comes up- generall 4 times a year, approx $2000 yearly. He hired (or his sister did) an attorney to say he no longer makes $20 an hour, he is only part-time minimum wage. He has avoided taxes (NEVER has paid!!) and the lawyer recently documented this was due to alcoholism!

I'm stuck...and scared, and victimized just as I have been for the past 16 years of being a parent to his children which he gladly uses as an outlet for his abusive nature toward me.

I have a court appointed attorney, and a trial date tomorrow for assuming just cause for the children's removal. The attorney (Stacey Rentfrow) says it doesn't take much for the court to decide to keep them wards of the state...and she thinks they have enough. I really don't know what to do.

sherri1960 6 years ago

Yes I too am involved with a CPS case on false allegations. I had no idea that this organization was above the law. They lie,you are guilty until proven innocent, not innocent until proven guilty. I am so glad a friend I have, told me about this web-site. Even though you are not a in person organization or can speak to some-one, YOU ARE THERE FOR ALL OF US! Your knowledge is a great tool for all of us. I do understand fully why you could not talk to each and everyone of us. I am so greatful for this site. WE CAN COMUNICATE WITH EACH OTHER THROUGH THIS SITE. TELL OUR STORIES AND SEE THAT WE ARE NOT ALONE. All of your children have become a victim of the worse of the worst abuse there is Child Protective Service. They protect your child to DEATH in some cases and in others they turn a blind eye. They remove children that are not in danger and leave behind the ones that are. This AGENCY HAS TO BE STOPPED FOR THE SAKE OF OUR CHILDREN!!!

wyojustin 6 years ago

I am currently fighting supposedly allegations provided by DFS here in the state of Wyoming that my 6 year old daughter is being emotionally abused because my spouse talks to people in a manner that does not suit some people in my community. People we know just ask how are kids ore doing and she responds with good, but we are still potty training my 6 year old daughter. Not thinking of how embarrasing that may sound to her. We stopped that immediately after we thought maybe that would embarrase our daughter but maybe it woudl help as well because she is now wearing big girl underwear. We have been fighting numerous allegations with DFS for 2 years now and I think they just can't prove enough yet to take her. I need help in knowing what to do. She currently is seeing a licensed and specialist therapist here in town that has helped her significantly since we have had her and also has grown close to. What to do?

JENNSAUCE 6 years ago

Fighting cps; I live I breath it, i dream of it. It is my wish that cps be done away with. now reality- look at the 6Th amendment of the constitution, if it were revised to include civil case as well? it would end much confusion on false and unproven accusations or allegations. how do you prove innocents if you don't know where to start? are all of our rights really gone? this sadness me so much. I am a mother of three wonderful boys 7 yr, 6 yr, 3yr. All of my children were removed from school and day care April 18, 07.after a long struggle returned home DEC 15, 07. many say oh you're lucky and yes I truly am!! against the recommendations of cps my boys are home my next court date in June,08. I hope to have our case resolved. as a military family my husband is being demoted due to family hardships. he has been on deployment for 6 months, upon returning home he will not be allowed to live in him home, see his children freely, and forced to re due all classes and services he did before the deployment. none of the accusations have been founded. I am considering resending my signatures from ever thing and seeing where it takes us? is this wise if I have the possibility of having the case dismissed of course against the recommendations of cps.

bellasmom06inTN 6 years ago

I just am learning to do this, but Im glad to see you here. Keep up the excellent work :)

jesebelle999 6 years ago

PLEASE HELP ME. someone. i don't see on here advice for fighting a CPS case but they are about to take my month old son from me because of AN HONEST ACCIDENT. please, somebody help me...WHERE is the information on how to proceed with the case?? i am NOT abusing him! he's all i have; my heart, my soul my ENTIRE reason for living! tell me what to do! i have a court appointed attorney and he's NOT DOING ANYTHING TO HELP. he doesn't even have a defense, at this point! please please please help!

melodyblessing30 6 years ago

Hello, im studying to be a dental student. My aunt is constantly calling cps and saying im doing drugs four months ago i was forced to take a drug test. They will not tell me who is doing this because they have rights I know its my aunt she does'nt like the fact that i live with my grandparents she very jealous that my grandfather gives me money. She wants to declare my grandparents incompetent so they can be placed in a nursing home and sell the house and get access to my grandparents money. I don't not mind taking drug test but I would like to sue here for making false alligations or if its at all possible get a restraining order im sick of dropping work to ask questions when there a waste of cps time. If anyone has any good advice please reply this scares me

Admiral Nimitz profile image

Admiral Nimitz 6 years ago

I too, am among the many thousands of people trying to get family members out of the clutches of CPS/DCS. I have been fighting California for 4 years now trying to get 3 of my nieces, there was a fourth, but she went AWOL and fled the state to be with me in 2006. It seems the only way to get out of the system is to run!! Please visit my lense to read my story, I hope you'll be able to find it, it is new "Foster Care and Department of Children's Services separating families" or Thanks and God Bless all of you that are missing kids!

babs2eg 6 years ago

Im dealing with it to. They want my husband to do counciling and also me. They come by my house to check if hes there. Im trying so hard to keep my kids and people keep calling the cops or dyfus. I cant take it no more. I just want my family back and for them to leave me alone. We have no jobs and losing my house on top of it. Im so tired of court and seeing them all the time. Can someone please help me.

tfrazee71 6 years ago

I have been thru the system before and did everything they asked, and have gotten them back after being going thru drug court n/a meetings and weave and all the loops alone out there by my self, Getting job and housing on my own i worked very hard to keep what i have, After 5year of being clean and being a better person and parent , All it took way someone to call and make false statements, So I drug tested clean and am still fighting , for my children , I have been excuse of being were I started off before just because of my pass, They thought to take my children away with no proof just because of what some one said. I did everything to fight for my baby's and again I worked so hard for nothing, After this whole thing ends I will neede help just from the wreak life am going thru today with out them, Help any one out there.

andria2 6 years ago

Im 16 yrs old an have been takin away from my mother about a yr ago an now they are tryin to take my son away from me this has ruined my life....i have no one to turn to but my mom an sons father an they have now put my sons father in jail for harborin a run away PLEASE some1 help

staycie038 6 years ago

My husband and I have been fighting Luzerne County Children and Youth Services of PA for 3 yrs. He is trying to gain custody of his daughter my stepdaughter. natural mother placed her in the states hands, he has complied with everything they asked and it is not good enough, she will be adopted soon.

Laynee 6 years ago

My husband and I have just had our first run in with DYFS. This is a real nightmare. We are in the process of trying to retain an attorney. If you have any suggestions, please e-mail us back. We still have our children (3 Teenagers w/good grades and doing well). We want to keep it this way.

BFunivcom profile image

BFunivcom 7 years ago

Much needed information.

"No matter what happens, you're smarter than the government. You're more flexible than the government. And you have more incentive to make your life work well than government employees have to make government work well - or even to make it work at all." - Harry Browne


Dayastime 7 years ago

When I was almost 8 months pregnant I got Toxsemia. I didnât know what it was at the time, and I took an over the counter cold/flu medicine. A two days later I ended up at the hospital, and my blood pressure was out of control. I was flown airevac to another hospital where they performed an emergency C-section. Somehow my babyâs hip was dislocated, but thatâs another mystery of another story. After giving birth to my daughter, alligations were reported to CPS that I tested possitive for Methamphetamine. It was later determined as Amphetamine(which was the medicine I took). My daughter was removed from the hospital, later she was placed with my parents. My other children were left with me and their father. After false UAâs on both of us tested possitive for Methamphetamine, my other children were removed and placed with my parents. I requested copies of our UA results and was denied. CPS forced us to allow my parents Guardianship for 1 year, and to seek drug treatment, stating that if we didnât follow this agreement they would come take our children and sever our rights. Then our case was closed as unsubstansiated. We are afraid to bring the children home because of the threats CPS made. We are are now going to seek legal advice. Please pray that the attorneys can turn this whole thing around so that CPS will be gone out of our lives.

anonymous 7 years ago

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RolandK_Mary 7 years ago

this is a superb info and resourceful lens! good work.

catch-cheating 7 years ago

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Linda BookLady profile image

Linda BookLady 7 years ago from Post Falls, Idaho, USA Hub Author

Taxcutter: If you've filed a complaint against CPS, you can send it to me at: webmaster at - and I will consider putting it on the front page of the site so others can learn from it (and admire it!)...

taxcutter 7 years ago

Sometimes you just have to take action, and I did. Listed below is a lawsuit I filed to supend CPS laws among other things.

Case No. 4:07cv3171

This was written in a way to allow it to become a class action suit.

MOM_MUZE 7 years ago

We have a horrific story we would like to share.

Can you help us get this out into the open?

This could be a presidence setting case if we can sue riverside county.

Please help


anonymous 7 years ago

i am having problems with dpss they took my children and are now trying to adopt them out my oldest is in a group home and they falsly accused me of abusing my children so i come to your site for help and etc i appreciate it all because now im going to start my own group thats nation wide

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